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RUSH: Ray in Livermore, California.  Great to have you, sir.  Hello.

CALLER:  Hey, deplorable, bitter clinger dittos.

RUSH:  Hey!  Great to have you.  We’ve seen a bunch of our deplorable T-shirts at Trump rallies, by the way, a bunch of Never Hillary T-shirts.  Maybe you’re one of them.

CALLER:  Yes.  Yes, sir, I am.  I called before the news broke, but I have a question I thought was interesting, and I’d like your opinion.  You talk about Twitter being the sewer, and it is. Your analysis is perfect.  Twitter went up for sale and four major media companies have looked at it and all of them have passed.  Now, Twitter hasn’t earned a dime in profit in some ten years of business.  In fact, they’re losing huge amounts of money.  What is your opinion on why these big corporations — Disney and others — passed on Twitter.

RUSH:  You know, what?  Twitter is the most amazing thing. I don’t think there is… Look at all the mentions Twitter gets.  The news today? Half of the news that’s reported is what reporters find said on Twitter.  I don’t know how Twitter loses money.  But the number of people signing up and using it is down because it’s apparently complicated for some people. Major corporations didn’t want to buy it ’cause Twitter hasn’t been able to shut down the trolls.  They have not been able to clean up the sewer, and I just don’t think corporate ownership wants to identify with that.  That’s my guess.

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