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RUSH:  Here is Louis in Los Angeles.  Hey, Louis, great to have you on the program, sir.  Hi.

CALLER:  Hi!  Yes, I’ll get to the point.  Okay, I was in Russia three years ago visiting my adopted baby — and, of course, I was with the families and what not, and we went through the news cycles and what not, and what I’ve seen is Russia is ready for war.  They have been upgrading for the past five years, and no thanks to Hillary and Obama because they really screwed ’em over. The Russian people are really upset with them.  I mean, they are really, really mad.

RUSH:  Russian people are upset with who?

CALLER:  With Obama and Hillary.

RUSH:  It’s too bad they can’t vote.

CALLER:  That’s true.  Well, actually there are a lot of Armenians here, there are a lot of Russian people here, Ukrainian people here.  I live in Los Angeles and there’s areas where there’s a large population of these people, and that’s why I have an adopted baby, and she’s Russian, and I care for her dearly and she has a little boy and I’m madly in love with both of them.

RUSH:  Right.  So your point is that we are in a position or situation here that is fraught with danger with the Russians, because they’re ready.  They are loaded and ready, and they’re taunting us, and we’ve got people toying around with things in the geopolitical sense.  For example: Blaming the Russians for the WikiLeaks stuff. Apparently the Russians have nothing to do with it.  At least that’s what Assange is saying, and it’s supposedly really ticking off Putin and the Russians, who don’t like being blamed for this. 

Who knows, folks.  But let’s just… I’ll just put it this way.  If it isn’t true — if the Russians have nothing to do with this and Obama and Hillary are running around blaming ’em — that’s the kind of thing amateurs do.  That’s the kind of thing people with no responsibility and no hands on the levers of power do.  Those are people that don’t face the consequences of what they say, and they do! These two people do.  Obama and Hillary both have to deal with the consequences of what they say. 

She’s a presidential candidate, and he is the president.  You know, blame it on the Russians? You have Harry Reid do it, you can have somebody on CNN — you could have some commentator — do it.  But if you’re gonna send the president out to do it or Hillary out to blame the Russians and they’ve got nothing to do with it and you know they’ve got nothing to do with it? That is irresponsible as it can be.  And if they haven’t called Putin and say, “Look, we know you got nothing to do with this, we’re gonna blame it on you anyway…”

I don’t think they would do that ’cause Putin’s not the kind of guy you toy around with like that.  I just think it’s an illustration of the genuine rank amateur incompetence that both Obama and Hillary pose.  

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