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RUSH:  Here is Ron in Cincinnati.  Ron, you’re up first today.  Great to have you.  How you doing, sir?

CALLER:  Great to be here.  Thank you for taking my call, Rush.

RUSH:  You bet, sir.

CALLER:  All right.  Hey, I’m wondering if any of this, which is all really interesting information, you just asked is any of this gonna sway the election.  You said you bet it is.  This makes the Never Trump Republicans really people that I’m very interested in.  Is this gonna sway their ability to vote for Trump?

RUSH:  No.

CALLER:  Okay.  What is, then?

RUSH:  Nothing.

CALLER:  How about this.  How about this.  Our Constitution allows for congressional oversight.  Which side’s more likely to find themselves up against impeachment? If Trump is really that bad, can’t those people look to get him out, where Hillary, you’d never pull her out.  She’s above the law.  He’s not.

RUSH:  Wait a minute.  We haven’t answered your first question sufficiently yet.  You let me answer it with one word and then you moved on.

CALLER:  I’m sorry.  I apologize.

RUSH:  You didn’t say why.  This is where the host usually exhibits brilliance is after the question why, and you didn’t ask it.

CALLER:  I’m sorry.  Why?

RUSH:  Your instinct about impeaching Trump by the Republicans is right on the money.  Do you know that?

CALLER:  I do know that.

RUSH:  Do you know how shrewd you are in contemplating that?

CALLER:  Well, nobody’s looking at the Constitution, Rush, and if we look at the Constitution, they were brilliant.  They gave us —

RUSH:  But that’s not —

CALLER:  — the ability to handle this.

RUSH:  Yes, yes.  Do you want Trump to be impeached?  Is that what you’re saying?

CALLER:  Well, I don’t care.  I know that Hillary can’t.

RUSH:  No.  You know that Hillary won’t be, is the difference.


RUSH: So our previous caller, his first question, do you think the latest FBI announcement will have any impact on changing the minds of Never Trump Republicans to where they could vote for him.  The answer to that is “no.”  I don’t see anything that could happen that could turn Never Trumpers into Trumper voters.  They’re two dug in on the whole concept that Trump is not even a human being in the realm of politics. That Trump is just the worst guy ever to want to be in politics.  He’s just repulsive, he’s repugnant, he’s crass, he’s all these things.

They have lived off of that for a year or more, and in their minds it would be a vast compromise of principle to change their mind.  Look, folks, these people that you’re asking me about, the Never Trumpers, they have never been guided by or governed by the premise that Hillary Clinton needs to lose.  If they were on the same page as we all are, that the country, that our country needs for Hillary Clinton and the Obama agenda to lose and be stopped, they don’t see that.  They never have.

The Never Trumpers, many of them are establishment types or — and very important here — wannabe establishment types.  Wannabe establishment types are especially dangerous, because they are suck-ups to boot.  They will do whatever it takes to be accepted by the establishment.  So they read the tea leaves and if the establishment and the people they admire in the establishment dug in against Trump, no matter what they are going to do likewise.

So they will either not vote, and some of them are even saying they would vote for Hillary.  There’s some former Bush officials that are really trying to destroy Comey right now, for example.  There are some former Republican officials, various elective offices, whatever, who are likewise trying to destroy Comey.  Many of them, beginning with the primaries last September, a year ago September, 13 months ago, said that they would vote Hillary.  A number of Republicans, elected, went on record saying they would vote for Hillary over Trump.

Others said that they would vote for the Libertarian.  Others said there’s this guy in Utah, McMullin, is that his name?  He’s on the ballot as a conservative, so a lot of the Never Trumpers think that’s a safe place for them to go.  What they’re doing is trying to remain steadfast and loyal to what they believe they lead, and that is the conservative movement.  And in no way, shape, manner, or form could the conservative movement or a conservative, a Burkean conservative could never, ever vote for some low-life like Donald Trump.  It might affect their fundraising, which they need. It might affect their cruises, which they need. There could be any number of reasons for it, but in their minds it’s rooted in principle.

So, no, no matter what we learn about Hillary, they already know it.  These people know.  They’re just not as bothered by it.  Remember, these are establishment types.  This has all been a very educational awakening for me, by the way, folks, and this is a conversation for after the election.  It’s not really relevant right now.  But this whole notion of what is the conservative movement and who is and who is not in it and what is a conservative.

What matters now, the only thing that matters right now is that whatever you think of the conservative movement and whoever you think is or isn’t one, no matter who you think they are, they cannot unify around the concept of beating a Democrat.  That’s what you have to learn.  If that’s the movement you want to be part of, then you have at it.

But if they can’t unify around the concept — and not just anyone, but this one, which is nothing more than a continuation of the Obama agenda, if we have Republicans, slash, conservatives, who cannot get it up to stop this, well, just be advised they’re a minority.  But there’s nothing Hillary could do, nothing Comey could announce, that would make them vote for Trump.

Now, Peter Thiel, what he said at the National Press Club today bears repeating.  He said Trump supporters are not endorsing whatever personality defects the guy has, that’s not what it’s about.  We’re not enamored of Trump’s braggadocio narcissism.  We’re not enamored of Trump’s lifestyle.  None of that.  We’re just fed up with current Washington leadership.  It has failed and it needs to be turned upside down and emptied and re-shaken.  And that’s what the vast majority of Trump supporters actually believe.  I thought Peter Thiel articulated it well.

The impeachment, very quickly.  Don’t be surprised if Trump wins, these same people I was just talking about, there is a number of them in Congress, too, don’t be surprised if they prepare articles of impeachment on Trump in the first six months, for whatever he does.  And try to make the case, go to the Senate, try to get a trial, try to get a conviction in the Senate, Democrats will vote for it, no doubt.  The objective of the people who bring impeachment charges, if the Republicans do this on Trump, the objective will be to get one of them back in the power structure.

Now, the vice president would be Pence so it would be an effort to retake power after having lost the election.  Things are really, really fluid here.  They’re exciting as they can be, too.  I wouldn’t make book on it.  It’s a possibility.  The only reason I mention it’s a possibility, I’ve heard it suggested as a tactic.  As far as they’re concerned, they can find Hillary actually did commit murder somewhere, and it would not make them vote Trump.  The Never Trumpers that we’re talking about, no matter what is learned about Hillary, they will not vote for Trump.  They will not vote to keep her out of office, is what it boils down to.

They won’t vote for Trump, “Well, I’m not voting Hillary.  There’s no way I’m voting for her.”  Well, yeah, maybe not actually pulling the lever, but you are causing her election to happen if you don’t vote for Trump.  Trump’s the only person that can possibly beat her, and if you don’t support that, then you own it.  You’re gonna be a partial owner of the Clinton administration.  But as I read them, look, I follow them, I read them, I think they’re as anti-Trump today as I’ve ever seen ’em.  They don’t stop at anti-Trump, either.  Where do you think all these attacks on conservative media are coming from?  They’re not coming from the Democrats exclusively.

Anyway, yeah, got time to squeeze one more in.  Nathan in Lynchburg, Virginia, great to have you on the program.  Hi.

CALLER:  Hey, Rush.  A pleasure speaking to you, sir.

RUSH:  Thank you, sir.

CALLER:  Hey, James Comey’s career is definitely over with.  He’s put himself in a damned if I do, damned if I don’t position by his lack of integrity.  I truly believe that the honorable thing that he can do at this moment is to go ahead and make the recommendation like he should have in the first place, let the chips fall where they may, resign from his position, and move on to give the FBI some credit, give the credit back to the FBI.

They have been tainted so bad by Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party and this administration that even the second in command, like you mentioned, Governor McAuliffe, which is not the best governor in the world.  I’m obviously from the state of Virginia and I don’t like him, and I think there’s corruption all around him as well.  What do you think he should do, Rush?  If you were James Comey, what would you do?

RUSH:  To think about that.  I’m usually one of these guys analyzing what does happen and putting it in focus and context.  I think what Comey is doing now… Let me rephrase.  I hope this is the reason.  Because who really knows?  But I hope that what Comey is doing now is a variation on your express desire, and that is, “Okay, you know what?  Let’s just treat this as we would any other investigation.  We’ve got stuff that we need to look into.  I’m reopening it, I’m putting it out there, and I don’t care what it shakes out at.”

I’m not… And I think it’s maybe a correction for a number of reasons from his first press conference in July.  I don’t know that, and he could hear this and come out and say, “No, no, no! It’s not what this is about at all.  You guys are complicating this way beyond what it needs to be.”  Like everybody else, I’m surmising and speculating. But I think that he has come down on the side of getting it right, for whatever reason, whether they found evidence here that they just can’t ignore anymore.  I mean, let’s face it.

That list of things that Hillary did in his first press conference, they were saying they were gonna ignore it.  It was prosecutable!  He invented law by saying that there wasn’t any intent.  You can find intent all over these emails. And, by the way, speaking of intent, what if the Huma emails here…? I’m trying to say too much, too soon.  One of the things, and I made this mention on Friday, is of all of these leaks from WikiLeaks, for example, there’s not a single Hillary Clinton email.

Had you noticed?  It’s all John Podesta and people to whom and from whom he is emailing.  There’s not a single Hillary Clinton email in this dump, in any of these WikiLeaks dumps!  What if on the Huma (I should say, the Weiner) laptop, what if there are Huma emails back and forth between her and Hillary? And what if…? What if they go a long way toward indicating that there was intent and knowledge that they were doing something illegal?  I think that’s why the panic on the Democrat side.

And make no mistake, they are in panic.

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