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RUSH:  Well, now, this is great.  Hillary’s in Ohio.  She’s in Kent in Ohio, and she’s out there, “The FBI’s got nothing.”  (laughing)  “The FBI’s got nothing!  We should focus on choosing the next president.”  That’s exactly what we’re doing, Madam.  That is exactly what we’re doing.  “The FBI’s got nothing.”  It’s the exact opposite.  Although, as I have been totally purposely distorted and lied about and misrepresented in all kinds of conservative media, it was never my theory; it was a cynic’s theory who had emailed me that this whole thing is trumped up to take WikiLeaks off the news. That there’s nothing to see here, it’s all a joke. 

That got purposely attributed to me as something I actually believe when I clearly stated, if I said it one time, I said it 10 times, this is a cynic’s view and that I’m not a cynic.  But let me ask you a question.  I asked this as just a test question when people came up to me over the weekend, I said, “Let me ask you a question.  What happens –” ’cause they’re all excited about it.  “Oh, this is great, this Comey guy is finally doing something right, and you know there is something there, Rush. You know they wouldn’t do it if there’s not something there.  There’s gotta be something really there.” 

Let me ask you a question.  How are you gonna feel if Wednesday or Thursday Loretta Lynch bops out or Comey bops out with another appearance and says they have wrapped up the investigation and they found nothing?  How are you gonna feel?  No, this Wednesday or Thursday, before the election.  If this week, if they announce, if Comey comes back out, “Hey, you know, we’ve gone through those 650,000 emails on the perv’s laptop and, while we thought we saw something and it warranted an investigation, there’s nothing there.”

And everybody I asked that question, their faces fell, and they said, “Do you think that’s what’s gonna happen?”  I said, “No, I don’t know what’s going to happen. I don’t know what’s gonna happen.” 

“It can’t happen, Rush, this investigation, it can’t happen one way or the other before the election, they can’t conclude it.”  They can’t?  Who are we talking about here?  Who are we talking about?  No, we are not talking about the FBI.  We’re talking about the establishment.  We are talking about the elites.  We are talking about the people who run the country.  Are you telling me they can’t do something like this?  Do you know — and it is unrelated, and I — (interruption) No, no, no.  I’m not predicting it.  Do I need to shout this?  I’m not predicting it! 

I love to probe people’s minds.  I am a critical thinker.  I like to make people think rather than just react.  So I throw out contingencies, possibilities, to get their thinking on things.  Their faces fell and they all said, “Rush, do you realize the reaction?  If people would realize they’ve been had, that they had been –”  Yeah, that and more.  But the idea that it’s not possible, you had better broom that.  You think it’s not possible?  But, again, I’m not predicting it!  It’s not my actual prediction.  Nothing more than a think piece.  

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