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Monmouth Poll: Trump +11 in Indiana

RUSH:  Holy smokes.  Do you see this, folks?  Trump, Monmouth University poll… I think it was Monmouth.  I’m not sure.  Trump with an 11-point lead in a poll out today in Indiana.  


RUSH:  Okay.  As a friend of mine says, “The mammoth poll…” Ha! The mammoth poll.  It’s the Monmouth poll, the Monmouth University poll. Indiana: Trump plus 11.  It was 402 Indiana likely voters, the margin of error plus or minus 4.9%. Up 11 points Indiana, one week before the election.  

Rubio Trouncing Some Guy Named Patrick Murphy

RUSH: You know, there’s action in Florida, too, folks.  The Democrats have poured all kinds of money into this state to try to defeat Rubio, because they think Hillary’s gonna walk away with Florida.  That doesn’t look like the case now. 

So they’d actually taken some money out of Florida and put it in — Schumer did — some other Senate races.  And Rubio is still dwarfing somebody named Patrick Murphy, who is his opponent. Is this the guy…? You would know.  You watch local news and sports? (interruption) You don’t? (interruption) Okay, then no… (interruption) It’s not the same guy, or you don’t watch it?  (interruption) It’s not the sports guy? (interruption) Okay.  I thought maybe a sportscaster here had become a candidate.  Not the…? (interruption) He’s a conservative Democrat?  Okay, I didn’t… (interruption)

Anyway they initially had poured a lot of money in here to defeat Rubio because they figured Trump’s gonna take Florida down the tubes and they want to make sure they took Rubio down the tubes.  Now neither of those are happening.  Rubio’s still got, what, a 10-point lead? Is that right?  So they’ve taken some money out of Florida and they’re shifting it around in blue states.  They’re taking the money to Wisconsin and Michigan in Senate races.  The Democrats are.  Now we got this 11-point lead in Indiana for Trump a week before the election. 

Somebody once said that the polls start getting more accurate about now. (interruption) No.  It wasn’t a… Never Trumpers didn’t say that. (interruption) I said it? Oh, yes, that’s right.  I did.  I said that.  I thought you meant somebody else might have said it, too.  No, I said it. That’s true.  

World Series Game 5 Ratings Beat NFL Sunday Night Game

RUSH: Have you noticed the baseball World Series pregame shows?  They do the anthem as they always do.  Not one player is sitting down, standing down, taking a knee, not one player is disrespecting.  And the American flag is so big it covers the entire field in Chicago and in Cleveland.  Major League Baseball is doing the exact opposite what the NFL is doing, and their ratings were through the roof last night over the NFL Sunday night game. And ESPN, which you can’t deny it’s gone all political, they can’t do anything without having a political overtone or some snide, snarky political comment usually about Trump, 621,000 subscribers cancelled. 

Budweiser Pulls Amy Schumer Equal Pay Ads

RUSH: Now, I said there’s other news out there that has not really a whole lot to do with the campaign, but I want to get this stuff in rather than have it go by the wayside, not get mentioned.  You know, I’ve always told you that advertising is one of the greatest indicators of our culture.  The reason is advertising agencies and others who come up with ways to separate people from their money have to be good at it.  There are an infinite number of products and services out there all vying for your money, and they produce advertising commercials designed to get you to spend your money on their stuff. 

Socialists hate this, by the way.  To them this is unnecessary rampant consumerism, which is destructive and unfair because not everybody has the same amount of money, so it causes hurt feelings.  People that can’t afford to buy that new car still have to watch the commercial.  It’s just not fair.  It creates longing and desire, it may even inspire crime since they can’t have it, they go steal it.  I’m not kidding.  That’s how socialists look at it, liberals. 

But nevertheless, advertising will tell you where the culture is because the people that come up with these ads have to know or have to be good at detecting what’s cool, what’s hip, what’s persuasive, which means they have to be very good at identifying where we are socially and culturally at any given moment.  Well, Bud Light — have you noticed there are a lot fewer beer commercials in NFL games, by the way?  You haven’t?  I have.  Do you also know that World Series Game 5 last night out-rated Sunday Night Football for the first time in like 30 years?  I am not.  And the Sunday night game was not a dud.  Dallas and the Iggles.  You got two perhaps up-and-coming star quarterbacks and it was a good game.  It went into overtime.  It was a good game and the World Series out-rated it in the overnight metered markets. 

Well, Anheuser-Busch, InBev, the parent company of Bud Light, Budweiser, Michelob, and all that, they have pulled their latest commercials starring Amy Schumer and Seth Rogan.  They have pulled these commercials weeks ahead of schedule as sales of the beer declined in the third quarter.  “Adweek reports that AB InBev pulled the ads ‘a little earlier than expected.'”

Though a spokesman said, “There’s nothing to see here,” which they always say when there is a lot to see. 

“Canadian actor and Inside Amy Schumer comedian urging Americans to join a mock ‘Bud Light’ political party, in a play on this year’s presidential race. One advertisement in the campaign, ‘Equal Pay,’ received a strongly negative reaction online. In it, the pair decry decry the gender wage gap while Schumer plugs the beer by proffering that it ‘costs the same, whether you’re a dude or a lady.'”

The ads are ineffective.  So you have two liberal actors, a liberal comedian and a political premise resulting in declining sales of the beer.  Now, obviously a leftist ad agency put this together, and they produce ads for this foreign owned InBev, Anheuser-Busch is now not owned by an American company, and they push a leftist political agenda trying to do this humorously, and it doesn’t work.  What does that tell you?  Does it tell you anything?  I mean, it could.  

ESPN Loses 621K Subscribers

RUSH: An ESPN — are you ready for this? — ESPN lost 621,000 subscribers last month, the worst month in company history.  What has ESPN been known for lately?  They’ve gone all political all the time, and what have they been doing going all political?  They have been ribbing into Trump.  They have been laughing at, impugning, making fun of Republicans and Trump, and look what’s happened.  

Now, that’s not all due to Trump or politics.  A lot of it is people cutting the cord, cable TV is too expensive, they’re trying to find cheaper ways to watch.  There’s a number of reasons in there.  But like the NFL tried to say, “No, our ratings aren’t down ’cause of Colin Kaepernick and a bunch of players disrespecting the country, no, no, no, that would have nothing to do with it.”  Right.  The signs are all there, folks, that a lot of Americans are fed up to the gills with where the arrogant left is taking the country and how they’re behaving.

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