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Bad news for Hillary Clinton from Politico. Turns out, the first full weekend of early voting in Florida, brought disappointment. African-American turnout is nowhere near what it was in 2012.

Florida Democrat Congressman Alcee Hastings told Politico that the Clinton campaign hasn’t been “doing enough in the black community.” He meant they weren’t spreading enough cash around. Hastings says he’s been screaming about it for months, but his screams were ignored.

Congressman Hastings wondered how much Clinton had spent on TV ads in Florida. The Politico reporter told him: $57 million. Hastings was “aghast.” He then revealed maybe more than he intended, about how “walking around money” is spent, to get black voters to the polls, you gotta pay’em.

The Congressman told Politico that for a fraction of what Hillary spent on TV ads, the campaign could have hired people to work on the ground. Like � “Mike” � Hastings said. He described “Mike” as a felon who can’t find a job. Because of his conviction, he can’t vote. But for $300 a week, Mike would have worked for Hillary. “And though he can’t vote, his mama, and his cousins, and everyone he knows will” vote. That would make a difference, Hastings said.

Well, Mr. Hastings, turnout is down. Hillary might listen to you now. Maybe it’s not too late for her to hire unemployed ex-cons to pay to get black people out to vote. 

But to me, your advice seems a bit insulting! Probably to them too. 

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