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RUSH: Where is Obama?  Obama is in North Carolina.  North Carolina, folks, wait ’til you hear what Obama is saying in North Carolina.  I’ll get to it in just a second.  But North Carolina is interesting, because I have two different stories about how Trump is way ahead in North Carolina, WRAL, the TV station in Raleigh has him up seven, a relatively new poll in North Carolina has Trump up seven. 

The other polls, the PPP and all the usual that you’ve heard of, ABC, Monmouth have a toss-up leaning Hillary, right?  I mean, the divergence in polling data in North Carolina is indecipherable.  You’ve either got Trump really, really gaining ground and up seven and black turnout falling away, or you’ve got just the opposite, depending on which poll you listen to.  But Obama went there.  He’s there today.  That tells me that they’re worried about North Carolina. 

Do you know what Obama’s telling the audiences that he spoke to today?  He said the day Trump takes office, Medicare checks stop, Medicare or Medicaid?  Medicaid will stop day one.  Then Trump is going to slow down Pell grants, and then he said Trump, they’ll probably even dig up Michelle’s garden. 

Now, stop and think about this for a second.  This is Democrat playbook from 60 years ago modified.  Republicans are going to kick you out of your home by cutting your Social Security was what every four years they said to elderly people.  It finally stopped working because there were never any Social Security cuts and old people never were kicked out of their homes.  Now, this is desperation.  Do you happen to know was it a black audience, was it a university audience? 

I think it was at Chapel Hill, I think it was Chapel Hill, which is Moscow west.  University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, I think that’s where he was.  To tell people Trump’s first day in office, Medicaid is effectively over, that’s health care for the poor, the infirm, the elderly, Medicaid.  Medicare is elderly; Medicaid’s for the poor.  It’ll end.  Pell grants slowed down.  I mean, this from a guy who said he didn’t want to get involved in the FBI stuff. They are desperate.  I don’t know how else you categorize this.  And it’s dead lies.


RUSH:  This is unbelievable.  So Obama is at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill — that’s their main campus in North Carolina — and it is as leftist as any institution in this country is.  And here’s what he told the crowd there.  It’s made up of students and who knows what the mix is, of all types.  If Trump’s elected, day one Medicaid checks stop, Pell grants slow down.  He also said that grants to predominantly black colleges will be systematically reduced and then cut off.  Yeah, Trump’s gonna defund government funding of black colleges.  He’s gonna end Medicaid.  And then he’s gonna dig up Michelle’s garden!  All on day one.  


RUSH:  Something else Obama said at Chapel Hill: “If Trump’s elected, he’ll reverse every single thing I’ve done on jobs, on health insurance, climate change.”  Yeah, that’s kind of the idea, is to reverse everything you’ve done and more.  That’s kind of the idea.

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