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“President Obama is out claiming that people not voting for Hillary, men not voting for Hillary, is due to sexism and that men need to try to get past that.  Well, what was it when men didn’t vote for her in 2008 when he opposed her in the primary on the Democrat side?” 

“The cheating and the violations of ethics and laws taking place by Democrats in this campaign, it’s maybe not unprecedented, but our knowledge of it is unprecedented.”  

“Jeff Zucker at CNN terribly disappointed, doesn’t know what happened to Donna Brazile, got rid of her and so forth.  What a crock.  Everybody knew what was going on.  The synergy between the Drive-By Media and the Democrats is undeniable and to act like you didn’t know what Brazile was when you hired her, for crying out loud.”

“This guy Kadzik was warning the Hillary campaign of what the nature of the investigations into her were.  In other words, this would be like a detective telling a suspect what’s coming so the suspect could make moves to escape.  That’s what’s happened.”

“So much of the polling samples that we get, the poll results are based on historical precedent that are being projected to current day, such as the African-American turnout for Democrats.  There are assumptions made that it’s always gonna be there.” 

“Medicaid, Medicare, Social Security all need to be reformed and reworked, but nobody’s gonna ever wipe ’em out.”  

“Trump is only down one in Michigan.  Hillary cannot be all the places she needs to be, folks.”

“If the secretary of state has a foundation and is soliciting money for it, and you are Achmed Salib Sahim Skyhook Maktum from some middle Eastern oil state and you’re gonna contribute, what do you think you’re gonna get for it?  You’re buying something.  You’re not just giving them money because you like them.  The Clintons have been selling United States foreign policy, both as Obama’s secretary of state and on the come with Hillary as a potential future president.” 

“Bill and Hillary Clinton leave the White House and they’re so poor in the year 2000, they steal furniture from the White House.  Today their net worth is $350 million, and all they’ve done is set up a foundation — a foundation they’re supposed to use to give money to charity. They have become immensely wealthy.” 

“Way back, long ago when I was still spinning records as a disc jockey, George Will was an idol of mine. And now George Will said on TV last night that he hopes for a Hillary Clinton landslide, because a Hillary Clinton landslide will emancipate the Republican Party from talk radio. I can’t tell you how devastating that is, but he said it.” 

“Folks, I don’t mind sharing with you how frustrating it is to do this show every day.  Don’t misunderstand. When 12 noon gets here every day, I’ve got it ready to go.  I’m loaded for bear. But then stuff keeps happening, and it’s newer than what I had. So I feel compelled to throw it in, and I get all out of whack here.”  

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