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RUSH: I got an email question last night.  I’m so thankful for this.  I’m thankful every time somebody shocks me back into reality.  You know, you sit here and you do this long enough and you assume that everybody knows the foundational basis of everything you talk about, and I could not be faulted for thinking that everybody who listens here regularly is up to speed on what this Hillary email thing’s about and the FBI reopening the case.  I got an email last night from somebody with a very simple question. 

“Rush, I still don’t understand what this is about.  Could you tell me why it’s such a big deal?”  I’d be happy to.  Especially now that we have more data.  I can tell you what this is all about now.  This has… It has grown.  It used to just be about Hillary Clinton and Obama and whoever else that she was emailing trafficking in classified information.  That’s not just what this is about.  What this has become about is what has been going on at the Clinton Foundation.  The reason Hillary Clinton used that private server was not convenience. 

The reason Hillary Clinton set up the private server in her basement, in her home in Chappaqua, was not because she didn’t want to go to the hassle of setting up a government account.  She set up a private server because she wanted to shield and hide what she was doing as secretary of state related to her foundation.  That should have been nothing.  Once she became secretary of state, essentially the foundation should have been in the equivalent of a blind trust.  But it wasn’t.  Hillary continued to solicit donations.

She had others soliciting donations from foreign governments and foreign leaders while she was secretary of state to her foundation for the express purpose of selling influence.  This is what she’s trying to hide.  This is what the Democrats are desperately trying to prevent Comey and others from finding and releasing.  This is about so much more than simply trafficking in classified data.  Were it not for the Clinton Foundation, there probably wouldn’t be a Clinton email scandal because James Comey would have wrapped that up with his July press conference.

What has happened since the July 5th press conference is that FBI investigators looking at Anthony Weiner have found evidence of nefarious activity of the Clinton reelection team, the Clinton campaign and the secretary of state’s office coordinating fundraising for the Clinton Foundation.  And that has ended up on Anthony Weiner’s computer and Huma Abedin’s computer.  And here’s the rub.  The FBI agents on the so-called Hillary email classified document team, have now asked for permission from Loretta Lynch to see Clinton emails dealing with the foundation, and Loretta Lynch is blocking them. 

That’s what this is all about. 

I’m so thankful for the person… It’s a friend of mine who sent me an email last night.  Loretta Lynch, the attorney general, is blocking the FBI from examining Clinton emails in connection with its investigation of Clinton Foundation.  You have heard that there are two investigations, one of Clinton and her classified data emails, and the other of the Clinton Foundation.  And they’re examining the selling of access.  They are examining Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton and Chelsea and anybody else there, actually soliciting donations to the foundation.

And soliciting payments to Bill Clinton to make speeches and become a consultant while she was secretary of state.  This is an ethical violation that is far beyond anything Richard Nixon even dreamed of.  She is selling access while secretary of state to foreign governments and foreign entities.  She is essentially putting herself up for bid.  She’s putting United States foreign policy out for sale, and there’s also an on-the-come aspect of this.  Donors are assured that Hillary’s gonna run for president and that she’s likely gonna win — you know, years ago when this all kicks up.

And it’s those emails that the Clinton classified email FBI team has run across, and they want to see them, and Loretta Lynch and the Justice Department is blocking the FBI from examining Clinton emails in connection with its investigation of the foundation.  That investigation is every bit as serious as whatever Hillary was doing trafficking in classified data on her homebrew server.  In fact, Andy McCarthy looking at this says that were it not for the Clinton Foundation, there probably wouldn’t be a Clinton email scandal because Comey’s already put that to bed.

He put that to bed in July.  He said, “Well, yeah, we found these violations, we found these irregularities, but we didn’t find any intent.  We didn’t find any knowledge of Mrs. Clinton breaking the law.”  But that’s not the case at all with what has been learned so far about what they were.  The Clinton Foundation… Jim Kallstrom, former New York office head of the FBI was on Fox the other night, and basically called the Clinton Foundation a Mafia-like operation, an organized crime operation. 

And it may well be.  I mean, he would know.  Kallstrom is the guy who bugged John Gotti’s Ravenite Social Club and got the good on La Cosa Nostra in that regard.  “It is essential is that the FBI’s Clinton Foundation investigators get access to all the thousands of Clinton e-mails, including those recovered from the Mills and Samuelson laptops. The agents must also have the time they need to piece together all the Clinton e-mails (from whatever source), follow up leads, and make their case,” ’cause everybody knows what’s gone on here.

It’s just now a matter of collecting evidence and being able to make a case.  So that’s really what this email scandal has evolved to.  Again, it’s about much more than simply Mrs. Clinton as secretary of state dangerously and haphazardly trafficking in classified data.  It has become an investigation into the Clintons leveraging her position as secretary of state to raise money for their foundation and for them personally — as in personally hired to do speeches or become consultants for companies — in exchange for what? 

I mean, what? If the secretary of state has a foundation and is soliciting money for it, and you are Achmed Salib Sahim Skyhook Maktum from some middle Eastern oil state and you’re gonna contribute, what do you think you’re gonna get for it?  You’re buying something.  You’re not just giving them money because you like them.  The Clintons have been selling United States foreign policy, both as Obama’s secretary of state and on the come with Hillary as a potential future president.  This is serious, serious stuff. 

And a lot of people have email fatigue. “I’m so sick and tired of hearing about the email.”  This is actually quite large, now, folks, and it’s not going away no matter who wins the election.  It most certainly is not going away.  You’ve got some FBI agents who are livid at the Department of Justice shutting them down trying to find out evidence about this.  There are two different U.S. attorneys offices working on this case. The Eastern District is in Brooklyn.  The Southern District is the Manhattan.  The Eastern District, which has the case?

Loretta Lynch ran it for six years, and everybody working at the Eastern District was one of her hires. So there’s political simpatico there.  She’s now the attorney general, made so by Barack Obama.  It was Bill Clinton who made her U.S. attorney for the Eastern District in Brooklyn. So she is politically tied inexorably to Obama and to Bill Clinton — and, by extension, Hillary Clinton.  That’s why she met with Bill Clinton on the jet on the tarmac in Phoenix.  That is why. The fix is in.  They’re trying to get the fix in. 

The FBI investigators who want to see the evidence that the FBI looking at the Clinton Foundation has found and dredged up, are being denied ’cause they say, “It’s two different investigations. We’re not gonna let you see it.”  This is why also that there is, shall we say, “unsettled attitudes” within the FBI.  There are agents who know full-well that they are being stymied in their effort to discover the truth about one of the candidates running for president.  I mean, it’s a volatile situation.  I have no idea how it’s gonna turn out.

But that’s why this email thing has become so important.  It’s about the Clinton Foundation now and what was and has been going on over there.  


RUSH: Let me repeat again what this FBI investigation is.  I hate to be redundant, but remember, folks, if you heard me in the first hour there are new people tuning in all the time.  A question last night I got in an email from a friend: “Rush, I don’t get this email. What is this, I thought it was over with, there’s nothing to see there.”  Well, it is true that Comey put to bed back in July the whole notion of Clinton trafficking in classified data with her emails, but it’s become much more than that.  What this is really all about and the reason this has been reopened is the Clinton Foundation, folks.  Because of the laptop of Huma Abedin and Carlos Danger and a number of other things FBI investigators have found, they’re now looking into — let me just tell you the reason Hillary set up that private server.  This is it in a nutshell. 

It’s not because she was lazy.  It’s not because she just wanted to have something close by and make it more convenient.  That’s not why she set up her email apparatus separate from statedepartment.gov.  The reason she set it up is because she’s trafficking in questionable behavior.  The Clintons were selling access via their foundation while she was secretary of state.  They’ve been doing it since she founded the foundation.  Don’t misunderstand.  It’s the reason they set this up is to sell access to themselves. 

Hillary becomes secretary of state after failing to get the Democrat Party nomination in 2008.  She begins selling access via the foundation.  If you wanted to buy Hillary Clinton or if you wanted to buy U.S. policy, you donated to the Clinton Foundation.  She couldn’t have that action taking place on State Department servers.  Freedom of Information Act requests that would have nothing to do with that would have produced it. 

She couldn’t dare have any of that discovered.  That’s why this server exists is to hide what the Clintons were doing in two areas:  getting rich personally off their foundation and selling access to the United States government with Hillary as secretary of state and then on the come as perhaps the next president.  So they are soliciting donations while Hillary is secretary of state.  Clinton’s staff members are soliciting donations to the foundation using Hillary’s private server.  This is what has been learned. 

There’s an FBI investigation of the Clinton Foundation separate from Hillary’s server.  There are two different FBI investigations.  The people who have been looking into the server and Hillary’s trafficking in perhaps classified information have come across evidence that connects Hillary to the foundation.  They have asked that team at the FBI for evidence that they have found.  And Loretta Lynch, the attorney general, is refusing to furnish it. 

So the FBI investigators who are seeking evidence on the Clinton Foundation and what Hillary was doing in connection with her private server are being denied that evidence.  Loretta Lynch is trying to shut it down.  That’s what this is all about.  The reason Hillary did a private server, if you know nothing else about this, ’cause it’s gotten into the weeds so deeply now that people may have exhausted their emotional reservoir to even care about it, but I’m telling you you should, and for this reason.

The reason she set up, the reason she and her husband set up, the reason she and her husband and her campaign set up a home email server was to be able to sell access and solicit donations to the Clinton Foundation while she was in service to the United States government as secretary of state, a clear violation of law, ethics, you name it. 

Who knows what she’s promising donors. Who knows what Bill Clinton is promising donors, who knows. But they’re selling access, they’re taking money, they’re taking personal money to make speeches to be consultants at companies, whatever, and their foundation is getting donations from people who have business with the United States government. 

She’s secretary of state.  This is how, ladies and gentlemen, over half of the United States uranium supply ended up in Kazakhstan.  A Clinton donor gave enough money to Bill Clinton — do you realize this guy that arranged for the uranium transfer — he’s a Canadian — arranged for the uranium transfer from the U.S. to Kazakhstan, donated a hundred million to the Clinton Foundation.  His name is Frank Giustra.  At the end of this sordid tale half or more of our uranium supplies in Kazakhstan brokered by the Clintons on behalf of a donor.  It happened while Hillary was secretary of state. 

Well, she can’t have the emails that her husband and her staff are sending back and forth regarding this.  She can’t have that on State Department servers.  That’s why this private server was set up.  For those of you who’ve resisted, this is who the Clintons are, it’s who they’ve always been.  Whitewater, you go back to Whitewater, chump change Candy Land compared to what they’ve been doing lately.  And it’s got to stop.  Selling access to the United States government, selling access to government officials, secretary of state, potential president, it’s worse than unseemly. 

But this is why the issue is not going away.  It is why she set up the private server, is to be able to engage in all of this without it ever being discovered via standard Freedom of Information Act requests of State Department servers.  It wasn’t because she was lazy.  It wasn’t because she didn’t know.  It wasn’t because she was ignorant about how computer systems work or networks were set up.  It wasn’t because she wanted it to be convenient.  It was to hide what they were doing!  It was to hide and to obscure exactly what they were doing.  


RUSH: Here’s Herb in Deerfield Beach, Florida.  Hey, Herb. What’s up?  What’s happening?  What’s going on?

CALLER:  How you doing, Rush?  You mentioned earlier that the DOJ, Justice Department, is gonna block or is blocking the FBI investigators from seeing any of the foundation emails. Yet they gave ’em a warrant to search Carlos Danger and Huma Abedin’s laptop.  So they may come across a whole treasure trove of emails — and, sure enough, something could pop up that has to do with the foundation.

RUSH:  Yes.  There are two investigations.

CALLER:  Right.

RUSH:  Let me take another stab at this, see if I can make it less complex.  There are two investigations, and there have been…  We only recently learned of an FBI investigation into the foundation, but it’s been going on for a long time.  It’s being conducted by completely different team of FBI agents that are under the purview of prosecutors at the Eastern District of New York in Brooklyn, which is the office that Loretta Lynch used to run for six years, having been appointed to run it by Bill Clinton. 

Obama then plucked her from the Eastern District of New York to make her attorney general.  The six years that she was there, she staffed it. All of the prosecutors and the staff people are her employees still at the Eastern District.  And as I understand it, that’s the office that has the foundation investigation.  The FBI works for the DOJ.  The email investigation of the Clinton server that everybody knows about is happening I think out of the Manhattan office, or at least under the auspices of the Southern District of New York in Manhattan. 

That office has come across emails. In the course of its investigation of the classified aspect of Hillary’s behavior, they have come across emails on this Carlos Danger thing and the laptop that he and Huma were using. They have, after that discovery, asked the other team for everything they’ve got on the foundation.  It’s that that’s not being shared.  The data that the Eastern District FBI team has on the foundation, it’s not the FBI stopping it. It’s Loretta Lynch. 

Loretta Lynch’s Justice Department is blocking the FBI from examining Clinton emails in connection with its investigation of the Clinton Foundation, an investigation that is every bit as serious.  And here’s… The rub of this is that were it not for the Clinton Foundation, there wouldn’t be a Clinton email scandal because Comey already put to bed the fact that there was no crime committed. Well, there was no intent to commit a crime as she was trafficking in emails that might have been classified.  Those had nothing to do with the foundation. 

We didn’t know that while that was going on the FBI had another foundation investigation going.  When the classified data email team came across the Huma Abedin, Carlos Danger series of emails ’cause they were investigating him, they found that Huma having told them they had submitted everything may not have been truthful.  So they need further evidence in addition to what they’ve got, and that’s where they’re being stonewalled. 

Andy McCarthy at National Review Online, who used to work at the Southern District of New York’s Manhattan office, has detailed all this in a column today, and he says: “Clearly, that is why agents on the FBI’s Clinton Foundation team wanted to get their investigation out of the [Eastern District]’s clutches and move it to the U.S. attorney’s office in the Southern District of New York” in Manhattan. The Southern District “has a tradition of relative independence from the Justice Department and a well-earned reputation for pursuing political-corruption cases aggressively…”

The U.S. attorney at the Southern District is Preet Bharara, and he is known for prosecuting Republicans and Democrats, politicos who have engaged in corruption.  “[T]he Clinton Foundation agents were said to be barred from ‘prosecutor shopping’ by FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe…” This is the husband of the woman who Terry McAullife sent $675,000 for her campaign for the Senate.  McCabe is number two at the FBI.  McCabe is telling the FBI team on the foundation to go pound sand. 

We’re not letting you move over to the Southern District to move your investigation over there.  We’re gonna keep it here at the Eastern District and you’re shut down, essentially.  Over at the Department of Justice we have Peter Kadzik.  This is the guy who went to school with Podesta, who is essentially a plant at the Department of Justice, who is and has been keeping Podesta and Hillary aware of every stage of the FBI investigation into her emails before things happen.  So the Hillary team has this wired at both the FBI and at the DOJ.

And it’s McCabe who is refusing to let the FBI prosecutors from the Eastern District move their case to the Southern District, where there is a more cooperative U.S. attorney.  Folks, it may sound complicated.  It’s really simple.  Hillary Clinton set up this server to hide what she was doing and her husband were doing in regards to their foundation while she’s secretary of state and a presidential candidate.  She didn’t want anybody to see what she was doing.  It wasn’t — again, as I say — because of convenience.

It wasn’t because she’s ignorant about how networks are set up.  It wasn’t because she didn’t know.  It wasn’t because somebody advised her.  There was a conscious effort to hide what they were doing from Freedom of Information Act requests or any other effort to learn what Mrs. Clinton was doing.  In fact, you could almost say that the investigation into Hillary and whether or not she’s trafficking in classified emails is a detraction that they don’t mind at all, because Comey already said there’s no intent to commit a crime, nothing there.

That masks what they’re really doing! Folks, I don’t know how to properly characterize this in legal terms, but this is dirty! Here are two people who set up a foundation. They leave the White House and they’re so poor in the year 2000, they steal furniture from the White House, Bill and Hillary Clinton.  Today their net worth is $350 million, and all they’ve done is set up a foundation, a foundation they’re supposed to use to give money to charity. They have become immensely wealthy.  That’s what she’s hiding. 

That’s why that server is in the basement, and that’s what they are still — to this moment — trying to protect and prevent from being discovered.  How was she, how was her husband, how was her staff soliciting payments from foreign governments, powerful foreign individuals? They were being solicited to donate to their foundation and to hire Bill Clinton and Hillary to do speeches, personally enriching them while she’s secretary of state and a presidential candidate. 

This is the direct selling of United States foreign policy, and who knows what else.  That’s why  that server was set up in the basement.  We didn’t know about the FBI team investigating the foundation ’til recently, but it’s been out there, and it’s been trucking away, and now there has been some discovery by the original investigation into the classified data aspect of this, and they’re being shut down. 

“Loretta Lynch’s Justice Department is blocking the FBI from examining Clinton e-mails in connection with its investigation of the Clinton Foundation.” That’s what they found with the laptop of Anthony Weiner and Huma Abedin.  The Clinton emails are critical to the foundation investigation.  When you strip it all away, that’s what this actually ends up being about.  In fact, the Wall Street Journal had a report last week, and they said that for over a year the FBI’s been investigating the Clinton Foundation for potential financial crimes and influence peddling. 

Now, that’s blockbuster!  And the Journal broke this story late last week.  Listen to the final three paragraphs of the Journal’s story.  “In September, agents on the foundation case asked to see the emails contained on nongovernment laptops that had been searched as part of the Clinton email case, but that request was rejected by prosecutors at the Eastern District of New York, in Brooklyn. Those emails were given to the FBI based on grants of partial immunity and limited-use agreements, meaning agents could only use them for the purpose of investigating possible mishandling of classified information.”

Remember when we told you that Cheryl Mills was granted immunity and she turned over her laptop, and the FBI was gonna destroy the evidence after a cursory examination that she was proclaimed Hillary’s lawyer to create lawyer-client privilege so that she couldn’t divulge anything she knew?  This whole thing has just been a giant stinker!  And because of these grants of immunity and so forth is why the Eastern District is telling the other team, “No, you can’t see the evidence cause you’re not entitled to it because we got it after we gave ’em immunity. So, screw you.” 

Well, “Some FBI agents were dissatisfied with that answer, and asked for permission to make a similar request to federal prosecutors in Manhattan.” And that’s when Andrew McCabe told them no and said you can’t go prosecutor shopping. 

“Not long after that discussion,” where McCabe shut them down and said no, you can’t have access to the evidence that you need, “FBI agents informed the bureau’s leaders about the Weiner laptop,” and that’s what prompted Comey to issue his letter on Friday and to say he’s reopening the case, is because what they have learned, not about Hillary trafficking in classified emails and documents, what they have learned about what was going on with the foundation, potential financial crimes and influence peddling. 

It’s blockbuster stuff that the Hillary team at Justice and the FBI is attempting to stonewall.  And Comey and that team is trying to get it out.  That’s where we are.  Hope that helps.  

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