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This is my question of this election: What has she accomplished?

Hillary Clinton has been on the national stage since Watergate. Most people, even those closest to her, can’t answer that simple question. This week, Hillary took a stab at it herself.

She listed her titles. First Lady. Senator from New York. Secretary of State. Mother, grandmother. And, she reminded everyone that she’s been a woman all her life. But listing her positions and her gender don’t answer the question: What has Hillary Clinton accomplished?

There is an answer to the question. But it won’t help her. Hillary Clinton has been embroiled in more scandals than any public figure you can name. Except her husband.

Just listing her scandals would take more time than I have. Whitewater. The White House Travel Office. Billing Records. Selling Lincoln Bedroom stays. Running the “Bimbo Eruptions Team”  intimidating women who accused her husband of unwanted sexual attention. The Clinton Foundation’s “pay-for-play” bribery schemes. The homebrew email server. Benghazi. Selling out our national security. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Deceit, bribery, blackmail, money, and power. Everything revolves around her core lawlessness.

That is her singular accomplishment as the Queen of Corruption. The sleaze that surrounds Hillary Clinton has made her very, very rich. At our expense. That’s about all she’s really accomplished. 

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