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RUSH: Obama’s out there trying to say (impression), “This is all rumor. It’s all innuendo. There’s nothing to it, and this is not how we do it. This is not what we are. This is not how America works.  You don’t… You don’t you don’t make political progress on innuendo and rumor.” Oh, you don’t?  You don’t make progress on innuendo and rumor?  Ever heard of Trayvon Martin?  You ever heard of blaming Sarah Palin for what happened to Gabby Giffords? 

Come on.  What do you mean?  You guys traffic in innuendo.  You want to hear innuendo?  I’ll give you something. I’ll give you not just innuendo, I’m gonna give you out-and-out lies.  I referenced this yesterday.  Here’s Obama.  He was on a syndicated radio program yesterday, but since there aren’t any other radio programs I’m not gonna mention which one it was.  It doesn’t matter. Since it’s not this one, it doesn’t exist.

But Obama was there anyway, and this is what he told them.  It was… You would say it was an African-American station, network, what have you.  Therefore an African-American audience, and here’s your president, folks. This is him. “We don’t traffic in innuendo. We don’t traffic in rumor.  That’s not… That’s not who we are.”  Right?  Well, listen to what he told the people who listen to this network yesterday.

OBAMA:  If Donald Trump wins, here’s what will happen immediately.  He will immediately work with a Republican Congress to pass massive tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans.  They will immediately work to cut millions of people off of Medicaid because they’ll just block grant it and there are a whole bunch of states where if the governor doesn’t want Medicaid and Congress isn’t financing Medicaid, suddenly people just don’t have health care.  Right away I guarantee you they’ll start cutting back on funding for things like Pell grants and support for historically black colleges and universities.  Right away, they will roll back the Affordable Care Act.  Right away, I guarantee you they’ll dig up Michelle’s garden.

HOST: (bursts out laughing)

OBAMA: No, I — I — I — You think I’m jokin’?

RUSH:  He’s not joking.  He’s not joking.  They’re gonna dig up Michelle’s garden.  Trump hasn’t even talked about… Pell grants?  For crying out loud.  But we’re gonna pull all the Pell grants. We’re gonna cut taxes for the wealthiest Americans and we are gonna block grant Medicaid and we’re gonna get people off of it and we’re gonna roll back… We’re gonna cut all the aid for historical black colleges and universities, and people are gonna lose their health care.

People are losing their health care now, Mr. President, because of you!  I’m trying to maintain my composure here, folks, but this gets really, really challenging to do. (impression) “We don’t deal with innuendo. That’s just not who we are. That’s not how we deal with America anymore, innuendo and rumor.” (snorts) Well, how about outright lies?  Trump’s no more gonna cut back to black colleges and universities… This is just classic.  This is out of the same playbook where they used to tell seasoned citizens, “If you elect the Republicans, they’re gonna kick you out of your house!

“And then they’re gonna cut your Social Security. They’re gonna come to your house before they kick you out of it and they’re gonna find every uncashed Social Security check and they’re gonna take it away from you. And then they’re gonna feed you dog food! They may give you a can opener, but they’re give you dog food,” and that’s how they would campaign.  And senior citizens have no choice but to believe it because what if it was true?  They couldn’t take a chance. 

But then after so many years passed and Social Security was never cut and people were never kicked out of their houses, finally it ceased to be effective.  But I tell you, this is… This is… I think they’re desperate.  I think they’re in panic. 

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