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“We were inspired at Rush Revere to do the next Rush Revere book on the presidency, and I am ecstatically excited to announce today, right now, the latest book in the Adventures of Rush Revere series: Rush Revere and the Presidency.”

“I want to tell those of you still on the fence: The reason Hillary Clinton set up that private server was to make sure that any Freedom of Information Act request of the State Department would not reveal what she’s doing, because the real news is that she and her husband were selling U.S. foreign policy. Foreign entities, foreign governments, foreign wealthy individuals were paying big money for that. That’s what she was hiding; that’s what’s being investigated.”

“Who sets up a charity and gets rich?  Charities give money away.  But it hasn’t worked out that way with the Clintons.  And this is how you go from leaving the White House ‘dead broke’ in Hillary’s terms, to now having a net worth of $350 million plus.”

“You people that supported Bernie Sanders, where are you today? Do you realize how the whole deck was stacked against you from the Democratic National Committee, the presidency on down? Everything about the Bernie campaign was nothing more than an exercise in futility.”

“The Bush DUI drop happened on the Friday before the election, and it steamed over the weekend when it was allowed to settle and fester, and there wasn’t a whole lot the Bush team could do to reject it, given news cycles over the weekend.  And it could well be that if there is something the Clintons have yet to drop on Trump, it could happen tomorrow.”

“During the nineties we had Bill Clinton who was misleading and lying to the America people practically all the time about matters of substance.  But because he’s the president, people believe him, people believe the president.  It’s in the book, it’s in the cards.”

“It’s not about emails, folks.  It’s about corruption at the highest levels of our government for all kinds of reasons, including personal enrichment by the Clinton’s.” 

“We obviously have all been thinking a lot about the presidency and what it means to us and how much we invest in it, how important it is to us individually, personally, how important it is to our country and how unique an office it is around the world.” 

“We invest so much passion, effort, desire, in presidential elections, those of us who care and are involved in this.  It has a profound meaning.  And living through it, particularly living through this election, inspired me to go back and really examine the whole office of the presidency.”

“George Washington was inaugurated as the first president of the United States in 1789 to be the leader of the American people.  The role of president was created to serve the people instead of the people serving him.”

“We want every young American to learn the story of our incredible founding, what makes this country such a miracle and why it is so important to preserve it as founded.”

“The efforts to undermine the greatness of this country are constant and they have been around since the country was founded. It’s an ongoing effort to preserve liberty, to preserve the Constitution, to preserve the presidency, all of these institutions as defined, the court, the three branches of government, the separation of powers.”

“Let me be charitable and withdraw that Obama has done any of this on purpose.  I know some of you people may not want to hear that, can’t contemplate it.  Okay, let’s just say he’s incompetent and doesn’t know what he’s doing, he’s an avowed socialist, socialism doesn’t work, we’ll give him the benefit of the doubt. But nevertheless the economy is in the crapper, and it shows no signs of rebounding.”

“Nobody’s ever flipped on the Clinton’s. Except Lewinsky and the blue dress, it’s never happened.  There hasn’t been one tell-all book from anybody in the first two Clinton administrations. There hasn’t been a tell-all story or book from the Obama administration.  These people do not rat each other out.” 

“Does Mitch McConnell think Trump’s gonna win, does he think it’s safe to support Trump, or is McConnell just trying to save the Senate for Republicans?  Guess we’ll find out in due course.” 

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