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RUSH:  Donald Trump is on the stump again today.  He was in Jacksonville, Florida, still is.  Now, I mentioned at the beginning of the program that we’ve got a story that is all over our side of the media and is being ignored in the mainstream media.  And it is this story of the FBI investigation into the Clinton Foundation which has been going on for much, much longer than anybody knew and it’s much deeper than anybody knew and it’s much further along. 

They are to the point of withdrawing immunity. Witnesses are at the point of turning on other people.  It is serious, and it’s gonna continue regardless of who wins the presidency, folks.  This investigation is going to continue, and it’s going to have serious ramifications for people.  It ought to be a factor in people’s assessment of the candidates and how they vote. 

But Trump mentioned the Bret Baier report.  Trump in his rally in Jacksonville took all of this and actually transplanted it in the mainstream media because they’re out covering his rally.  I have just a couple of sound bites and then we’re gonna go to Peter Schweizer, get his reaction to all of this.  Here’s the first bite, Trump in Jacksonville just a few moments ago.

TRUMP:  The FBI is conducting a criminal investigation into Hillary Clinton’s pay-for-play corruption during her tenure as secretary of state.  In other words, the FBI is investigating how Hillary Clinton put the office of secretary of state up for sale, in violation of federal law. 

CROWD: (booing)

TRUMP: The investigation is described as a high priority.  It’s far-reaching and has been going on for more than one year.  It was reported that an avalanche of information is coming in.  The FBI agents say their investigation is likely to yield an indictment. 

CROWD: (cheers and chants “Lock her up! Lock her up!”)

RUSH:  Now, very important to use the word “likely.”  Nobody knows.  Bret Baier has mentioned that the possibility of an indictment was referenced in the sourcing, the reporting that he did on this, reported last night on Fox, but that’s how far along they’ve gone.  These two investigations actually should have been one investigation.  One investigation ends up being a distraction.  The email server and classified documents and how much is being passed, that essentially is a distraction from the real investigation, which is of the Clinton Foundation.  One more Trump here.

TRUMP:  It was also reported that the laptops of Clinton’s top aides, which had been slated for destruction, were not in fact destroyed.  Good job by the FBI.  Further, they have found new emails as part of the 650,000 emails just recently found.  Finally, it is believed that no less than five foreign intelligence agencies successfully hacked into Clinton’s illegal, insecure server, which contained classified information, creating an ongoing security threat to the United States.

RUSH:  That’s Donald Trump in Jacksonville today.  

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