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Hillary Clinton says she cares about women, children, and minorities. So she should be President.

Let’s examine that.

First, women. Did Hillary Clinton “care” when she lied to the mothers of Americans murdered in Benghazi? And as a supposed feminist leader, did Hillary “care” about sexual abuse victims? Not when she had a rapist to defend. She blamed the 12-year-old victim. And not when women accused her husband. Then they became “bimbos,” and she intimidated those women into silence.

Next, children. Hillary said she was disturbed when undercover Planned Parenthood videos showed aborted babies, dismembered in order to harvest body parts. But within days, Mrs. Clinton fully defended Planned Parenthood. Election-year politics erased her “caring” for children in that case.

Finally, minorities. About a week ago, Eric Garner’s daughter Erica had harsh words for Mrs. Clinton. Mr. Garner had died in 2014, after New York police tried to arrest him for selling loose cigarettes. Through WikiLeaks, Erica just learned that Hillary was scheming how best to “use” her father’s death to score political points. That was the extent of her caring.

There’s something missing from Hillary’s stories about how much she cares. Where are the firsthand testimonials from people, about how their lives were improved or changed by something Hillary did? Where are the people she supposedly cares about?

They don’t exist, folks!

The truth is, Hillary Clinton cares about power. And money. And money. And money. 

 And herself.

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