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“Have you seen the jobs numbers? There are 94.6 million Americans not working. To put this in perspective, do you know what this number was when George Bush left office in 2008? It was 80,380,000. Fourteen million people have lost jobs and are not working in the Barack Obama administration in the eight years that he’s been in orifice.”

“Our foreign policy has been up for sale by Hillary as Secretary of State — and who knows what Hillary has already sold to donors on the come, donating to her on the pretext she’s going to become president. And all for personal gain, personal enrichment. I think it’s reprehensible, and I think it’s criminal, and I think this activity has no business being rewarded by the person involved being elected president of the United States.”

“Mel Gibson sent me a screener of Hacksaw Ridge. This movie is so good. The critics are going to call it camp and predictable, because it is a movie devoted to what you and I would call traditional values. It’s about a conscientious objector who wants to serve but will not even touch a rifle. It’s about the Army’s efforts to drum him out. They don’t want people like this. It’s fascinating, and it’s the kind of thing that makes you feel good about the traditions and institutions and the values that you hold.”

“I think it’s absolutely disgusting. It is beneath these people to be doing this kind of thing. But I guess it shows their desperation. Obama’s out there talking about how Trump would be comfortable with the Klan? And Hillary Clinton is out there talking about how the Klan’s biggest newspaper has endorsed Trump. There is no such thing.”

“These people know no bottom. Democrats are, I think, incorrigible when it comes to the depth to which they will sink.”    

“The definition of ‘compromise,’ if you’re a Democrat, is when the Republicans stand down and totally agree with Democrats. That’s what compromise is.”

“One of the candidates literally has nothing to do with anything that’s going on in the country in terms of government or politics. There’s not a Donald Trump fingerprint on anything. So Hillary hasn’t been able to run around and blame Trump for what’s going on. That’s all on her. That’s all on Obama.”

“You never hear about all the wealth on the left, but it dwarfs how much wealth is on the right now, and Wall Street banks — and New York and California wealthiest-of-the-wealthy money — is all bankrolling the Democratic Party today and the Clintons specifically.”

“Hillary doesn’t even bring up Obamacare. She can’t talk about Obamacare. The signature achievement for Barack Hussein O, she can’t talk about it because it’s a disaster.” 

“Millennials are tightwads, but they’re tightwads because they don’t have any money and they don’t have any money because of the Obama economy. Though, that’s not what they know. They don’t blame Obama for anything. They don’t hold Obama accountable for anything, nor Hillary actually. These are classic propagandized youth.”    

“The vast majority of mainstream media polling units use polling data as a weapon. They use it to make, to shape, to bend public opinion, not reflect it.” 

“In a rally Obama used his name 207 times. Yes, in 84 minutes, campaigning for Hillary, he talked about himself 207 times, 110 times in his Miami appearance, 97 times he talked about himself in Jacksonville. He then went on to defend his record on the economy and energy and Obamacare because Hillary can’t.” 

“Hillary does not talk about the Obamacare record or the Obama economic record or the Obama energy record because she can’t, because there isn’t any aspect of it that people are saying give us four more years.” 

“Nobody wants four more years of health care like this. Nobody wants four more years of the job circumstance like this. Nobody wants four more years of wide open borders and everything that means.” 

“There’s any number of ways to analyze the data that we have… On the Electoral College map, CNN has made four adjustments since their previous update, and all of them now are in Donald Trump’s direction.” 

“I would love for so much of this conventional wisdom to be stood upside down and on its head after this election is over. I just would really, really love seeing that.” 

“We are trying to take masculinity away from men. They have spent their lifetime in schools trying to pound into young boys’ brains that being a man is a bad thing.” 

“The performer’s ego is how you deal with the reality that increasing numbers of people don’t really care about you. Performer’s ego fools you. You lie to yourself and you believe yourself into thinking that everybody still loves you like they once did. That’s why Obama talks about himself 107 times, because he thinks that’s what the crowd wants to hear.” 

“The second largest area of outage on the DirecTV — what do you think it is? Just take a wild guess. Florida is the biggest outage on their map. What do you think the second biggest area of the country with DirecTV? North Carolina is right.” 

“RealClearPolitics just moved Michigan into the toss-up category from leaning Democrat. That is big! Michigan?” 

“Hillary trumpets the fact that she’s got 30 years of experience and that’s why she should be elected. What has she done? If you listen to Hillary 30 years ago and Hillary today, she’s still complaining about the same things. She’s still promising to fix the same things.” 

“The FBI is investigating the Clinton Foundation seriously and are at that stage where they are confronting people with the evidence they’ve accrued, to the point that some might be deciding right now on whether to come clean and flip or take a hit and go to jail for the Clintons.” 

“What would Harvard do if they learned that gay men’s soccer team members were rating newly arrived recruits who were gay on the men’s soccer team? Hey, it’s just a think-piece question. I’m just asking it. I like to ask questions to blow up people’s logic.” 

“People in Pennsylvania are telling me they’ve never seen yard signs for any Republican like this. I don’t know what to make of this, because I don’t know how much of it is legit.” 

“I’m not claiming to know a heck of a lot of people or even a cross-section, but I don’t know a single guy voting for Hillary. I don’t know a single guy who has been shamed into voting for her.” 

“It’s one of the most important presidential elections in our history. Living through this so many times is what inspired me to want to write the next Rush Revere book about the presidency, because it gave us an opportunity to write about George Washington, our first president, who had an opportunity to become our first king.”

“Hope you all have a great weekend. Look, go out there, relax and do whatever you do that’s fulfilling and fun-loving and inspiring. Just be back here Monday. We’ll tell you everything that happened between now and then — and, as a bonus, we will tell you what to think about it.”

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