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RUSH: Here is Bob in Grand Rapids, Michigan as we get started on the phones on Open Line Friday.  Hi, Bob.

CALLER:  Hey, Rush, I’m here in Michigan and while I know that yard signs are anecdotal and subjective, compared to 2012, when there was no Romney signs here in Michigan, I even asked my wife, I said, “Does Romney even offer signs?”  Because there was Obama signs everywhere in 2012.  But this year, especially in the last week or so, I’m telling you, it is 30-to-1 Trump signs and they popped up like mushrooms.  I mean, they’re absolutely everywhere.

RUSH:  I hear this from people all over the country.  The yard sign is a thing people look at and assign a lot of weight to.  I get e-mails from people constantly telling me how many yard signs — I’ll tell you where I’m really getting them is Pennsylvania.  People in Pennsylvania are telling me they’ve never seen yard signs for any Republican like this.  I don’t know what to make of this.  Because I don’t know how much of it is legit. 

Folks, I’m not trying to de-emphasize it.  What surprises me about Michigan, we keep hearing that Hillary has this amazing get-out-the-vote operation, GOTV, that she spent money on it.  She’s got this organization that is unparalleled, and by the same token Trump’s got nothing.  Trump hasn’t put any money in the get-out-the-vote operation.  He’s relying on free national media covering his rallies.  Republican National Committee, they haven’t really spent a lot of money and time helping Trump in this area. 

Well, okay, but if Hillary has this massive get out the vote operation, I’m telling you, yard signs are part of what they do.  Yard signs are what get out the vote operations do, in part.  They don’t just wait until election day and start making phone calls.  They work the phone banks even beforehand, but they create the illusion with all the money. They make these signs and they don’t wait for people to come ask for them.  They drive around town and put them up.  And if there aren’t any Hillary signs in places it makes me curious.  

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