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RUSH: Here is Stacey in New Orleans.  Great to have you on the program.  Glad you waited.  You’re next, Open Line Friday.  Hi.CALLER:  Hey, Rush, great to talk with you.

RUSH:  Thank you very much.

CALLER:  I have two questions for you.

RUSH:  Okay.

CALLER:  I’m wondering if you’ve seen any of the footage of the immigrant population who have taken residence on the streets in Paris? 

RUSH:  Taken residence — oh, streets of Paris.  Oh, yes, I have seen.  Places where the cops won’t even go any more, yes.

CALLER:  I think the one I’ve seen most recently is the 19th Arrondissement mall, which is about the north edge of Paris, and there are mattresses and clothes and debris strewn everywhere.

RUSH:  Is it just the 19th?  I thought it was the 14th Arrondissement mall as well.

CALLER:  The one I’ve seen is the 19th.  But that’s not the only place.

RUSH:  Whatever, it’s so effectively now taken over, the police will not even respond to calls there. 

CALLER:  Yeah, and it’s just amazing to me to see that — I haven’t seen it anywhere else on the news — but to see that there was no plan for these people.  They’ve literally taken them in and they have nothing —

RUSH:  Have you followed what is going on in Germany?  It is an absolute disaster.  Angela Merkel opens the borders and brags about the fact that she wants 800,000 illegal and immigrant refugees per year, because the German birth rate is below population replacement levels.  So you have got a labor force problem.  And it’s totally out of control.  The most recent story I saw was early this week.  It was from a UK newspaper.  Might have been The Guardian, I’m not sure which.  It’s not being reported on in this country because it would not be helpful to the pro-immigration, open-borders crowd in this country.  But it’s the same premise. 

What people don’t understand, the reason why you have a tough time convincing people, when you run out and tell people that are not particularly politically oriented, who don’t pay attention to politics every day and who have been sucked in by the premise, “Hey, we’re a great country.  There are people around the world suffering, if they want to come here to better their lives, why shouldn’t we let them?”  That’s a very seductive argument.  It’s used on unsuspecting people who are unaware of the real motivation behind people who want mass immigration and open borders. 

So here they’ve got it in their minds that it’s the compassionate thing to do.  It’s what powerful people with plenty and abundance do.  We share it.  Why in the world would we want to not treat these people nicely and so forth?  But what you’re faced with then is, you’ve got to tell them why the pro-immigration, open-borders forces are really doing it.  Then you get into politics.  And if the low-information crowd that thinks this is just a wonderful humanitarian thing to do, if they don’t have a political-understanding foundation, you are running an obstacle course trying to change their minds about it.  And that’s where we find ourselves in this country, because the real reason — and let’s take the Democrat Party first. 

The real reason that left-wing Democrats, which is about all there are anymore, are so in favor of open borders is this.  The Democrat Party politically, for its enduring power and thus survival, needs a permanent underclass of people dependent on government.  And the fastest way to get them is to bring them here from poor nations when they’re young, when they’re uneducated and unskilled and can’t work and thus they arrive totally dependent. 

And if this happens with a Democrat in the White House, they are going to grow very accustomed to the government of the United States taking care of them.  As they learn who the government is, i.e., it’s Obama and Democrats, they become Democrat voters.  And that’s the reason they support it.  It’s not compassion.  It’s actually the opposite of compassion.  They want poor and uneducated, low-skill people to come into the country and stay that way.  That’s the trick.  They want them to stay ill-educated.  They want them to stay lower middle class to poor. 

They don’t want them earning a lot of money.  They don’t ever want them becoming independent.  It’s hideous.  It’s the exact opposite of compassion, why the Democrat Party is in favor of open borders.  And the more of those circumstances that exist, the better.  The less English they speak, the better.  The more dependent on government they are, the better.  Because the Democrats then look at them as really just a giant, unregistered voting block waiting to be registered. 

And you can easily poison those people’s minds against Republicans.  All you have to do is say they don’t want you here.  They don’t want you to have welfare checks.  They don’t want you to have healthcare.  So you cement them as Democrats for the rest of their lives.  “Gee, Mr. Limbaugh, that sounds awful cynical.”  It may sound cynical but it is the reason. That is why it’s not compassion. 

It’s not charity.  Well, it is that.  But it’s not a desire to share America’s wealth with the poor and the impoverished of the world, because when they get here, the objective of the Democrat Party is to keep them poor and to keep them ill-educated.  That’s the objective.  The Republicans want them here because their donors do.  Those people equal cheap labor.  And the people who get hurt in all this are people who become educated and develop skills, who then have an ability to command a certain wage but they’ll never get it because the immigrants over here will get the jobs because they don’t have to be paid as much. 

It’s hideous.  And we find ourselves opposing it and when we do we are castigated as heartless and cold and unfeeling, when in truth we’re standing up for the humanity of everyone, the American citizens who are here.  And we are trying to do our best in seeing to it that these newly arrived immigrants, if they’re left to be Democrats, they’re always going to be poor.  They’re never going to be fully educated, by design.  It can’t be compassion why the Democrats want them here. 

And the whole… I don’t know if we call them the program or what. But the numbers of people crossing the border are not subsiding.  I mean, they’re continuing to come across in droves even during the campaign while nobody’s looking as focused as they have been.  

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