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RUSH: Can I make a point?  If you’re going to… Let’s say in this election… I want to talk to those of you, and I know you’re out there, that are not crazy about either of these two people.  You’re not crazy about Hillary because of the obvious reasons. 

She brings three decades of baggage, dishonesty, scandal and no end in sight to any of that.  You question her qualifications and her achievements, and you realize that she’s being rammed down our throats by the Democrat Party strictly for ambition.  The only reason Hillary wants to be president is ambition.  She’s not qualified to be.  She hasn’t done anything to earn the job within even the political world, other than be married to a guy who has achieved as president.  So you’re not crazy about Hillary.  On the other side, you don’t know what to make of Trump. 

I mean, the guy said some things you can’t believe.  He does some things you can’t believe.  He’s got this history that’s nothing like you expect people in politics to have, people that you are used to voting for.  And some of you are intrigued by that, and others are off put by it.  Some are scared by it.  The bottom line is, you’ve got two candidates here, and to those of you that are not really jazzed about either one, let me pose something for you to think about.  One of these candidates has a track record of utter disaster. 

Hillary Clinton started in the early days of the 1990s with her own health care proposal that fell flat.  It’s now been realized under the name Obamacare and it is a disaster, and it’s exactly what she wanted back in 1993 and ’94.  We have the Benghazi circumstance where Americans are dead.  We’ve got the Middle East on fire after her foreign policy initiatives were implemented.  We have the scandal.  We have a serial liar, somebody who cannot tell the truth. But as you assess the state of the country today, if you’re honest with yourself, you know that this is not how things are supposed to be. 

We’re not on an upward mobile track here economically.  They might tell you the unemployment rate is at a low since 2008.  They might try to tell you the economy’s going great, but it isn’t.  You’re not earning much more than you earned 10 years ago.  You’re really, really worried about your kids’ futures.  You don’t know what kind of opportunity they’re going to have.  They’re graduating from college, if they’re even fortunate enough to do that, with so much college debt, student loan debt that it’s going to take them years to pay that off and even start getting ahead.

There’s just a number of things that alarm you, and the thing to keep in mind as you assess these two candidates, is that there’s one of them that’s got nothing to do with any of it.  If you are a person trying to decide between two people who you think are essentially negative propositions, understand that one of them has fingerprints all over much that is wrong in this country — is actually attached to it — and that would be Hillary Clinton.  You have another candidate who is a legitimate outsider who hasn’t had one thing to do with whatever you think is wrong in America today.

Not one thing.  By voting for Hillary Clinton, you are voting to essentially continue the malaise and the confusion and the misery and the unhappiness that you have felt for I don’t know how many years.  I assume it’s all of Obama’s and maybe even longer than that.  If you’re voting for Hillary Clinton, you’re voting for a continuation of this.  You’re voting for the party that has implemented the policies that have created student loan debt that’s inserviceable. 

You’re voting for the party that’s made an absolute mess of American foreign policy and has destroyed the stature of the United States as a world superpower.  You are voting for a party that believes people should recognize that the country’s better days are behind us.  In terms of superpower, you are voting for a party that believes it was never justified that the United States be a superpower because we are immoral and unjust from the days of our founding on, that we are a superpower only because of what we’ve stolen from other nations and how we have imprisoned other people and how we’ve forced our way of life on other people. 

That’s who the Democrat Party is today. 

The Democrat Party is a party that wants our borders wide open so that people of very little education — no skills whatsoever — and don’t even speak the language are able to flood our job market.  If that’s what you want, Hillary Clinton is your vote.  If you want more of the same, which is going to make sure we continue our decline and a downward spiral, then it’s Hillary Clinton.  If you want to vote a known quantity, somebody that’s been in her politics all her life and doesn’t have a whole lot to show for it other than these things gnawing away at you that you know are just not right, then Hillary Clinton is your girl, is your vote. 

Donald Trump has nothing to do with it. In the tale of two negatives, if you look at this this way, you can’t attach — you cannot attach — anything that is bad or going wrong in the country to Donald Trump.  He hasn’t had a thing to do with anything.  All Donald Trump is saying is that he wants to reverse all of this.  He wants to stop it.  He wants to change the direction, “Make America Great Again,” and that’s what you have to decide.  Does he mean it?  Can he do it?  What are the odds of either one of these two improving circumstances for this country, and by association you? 

I don’t think that is a tough choice, but for some people it is.  But I think if you look at it this way — if you look at it resume-wise, if you look at it experience-wise, if you look at it just from the standpoint of excitement — what might it be like for a genuine outsider to win the presidency, somebody that doesn’t have the traditional political tie-ins and commitments — connections that come first before you do.  He’s assuring you that you will come first with him and his administration.  I don’t think that… If you’re one of these people that is looking at this as a choice of two negatives, I don’t think there is a choice.

You’ve got a known quantity that is dishonest, that is flirting with criminality seemingly every month, that is going to cause this nation to never be unified. If you want this country to be unified, if you’re tired of the acrimonious arguments, you need to know for certain that Hillary Clinton is not even interested in that.  I could go further and tell you the Democrat Party’s not interested. 

They don’t care what you think.  They only care what they’re able to make you do.  They’re not interested in the true democratic nature of things.  They don’t really trust elections.  That’s why they play so many games.  I don’t think there’s any choice.  It’s a non-question, which is why I wanted to present it to you this way.  And I’m doing this sincerely from the bottom of my heart.  We’ll never be unified as a nation.  We’ll never come together under Hillary Clinton. 

Now, the Democrats may never come together under Trump either, but Trump is going to try to reverse the direction of this country and have it be something that everybody wants to be proud of and be part of and therefore it will grow and prosper.  And the Democrat Party, that’s not — I mean they say it is.  It’s not their agenda.  They don’t succeed when you do, unless your success is directly tied to whatever benefits they’re giving you.  But if you’re independent, if you’re able to go through life without needing a politician to help you, the Democrats look at you as a potential threat.  

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