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For eight years, the U.S. economy has barely had a pulse. Over 90 million Americans aren’t working. Worse, this sick economy has been accepted as the “new normal.”

We’re about to find out if the American people are ready to turn the page or not. We’ll learn if voters want our immigration law enforced and our national border security taken seriously. Or if they want the “new normal” of lawlessness to continue.

We’ll discover if voters will take this chance to fix the massive injuries to our healthcare system caused by Obamacare. Pushed through by this President and his Democrats with a bundle of lies. Americans liked their plan, but couldn’t keep their plan. They liked their doctor, but couldn’t keep him or her. Now they face skyrocketing premiums. Massive job losses. Higher taxes. And though Obamacare is collapsing before our eyes its tentacles are still everywhere.

We’ll see if Americans want to turn the page on the racial polarization inflicted on us by the left. Cop killings have become the “new normal.” Rioting has become a regular ritual in some of our cities. The empty promise of “hope and change” has brought us nothing but division and danger.

Finally, we’ll see if Americans are ready to turn the page on the most corrupt family in our political history. The Clintons. Soaked in deceit, lawlessness, and greed.

By day’s end, we’ll learn if the American people have finally had enough. 

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