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“The fact is — and we’re seeing the evidence play out on TV — the establishment knows they actually don’t control whether or not Trump wins. There is palpable fear today on the side of the establishment over this outcome tomorrow.”

“If the Clinton campaign thought they had the White House wrapped up, Hillary wouldn’t be anywhere today — she doesn’t have the stamina or the energy — and they would have surrogates in red states. They would be going for a clean sweep landslide. That’s not the case.”

“Hillary Clinton brings three decades of baggage, dishonesty, scandal and no end in sight to any of that. You question her qualifications and her achievements, and you realize that she’s being rammed down our throats by the Democrat Party strictly for ambition.” 

“Now, in every case the Hillary win is within the margin of error. They don’t make a big point of telling you that. My point is I think the polls are still being used as weapons and that’s a departure from my previously stated theories and beliefs. And I finally asked myself, I mean, if we don’t trust the news every day from these people, why would we trust their polls?”  

“Take a look at where the Clinton campaign is going today. They’re going to states that they should have locked up.” 

“Even when Hillary Clinton does draw a crowd there isn’t any real energy to it and she has to have other people in order to draw that crowd. She needs Jay Z. She needs Beyonce. She needs limited clothing on Beyonce. She needs other people to help her draw people out.” 

“I’m having a tough time ignoring all this enthusiasm for Trump and the lack of enthusiasm for Hillary and the Democrats. I couple that with the sorrowful state that our economy is in and Obamacare. And there’s no reason there should be enthusiasm. Common sense. No reason to be enthusiastic about the Democrats. None.” 

“What does your gut instinct tell you tomorrow’s outcome is going to be? Folks, I don’t know. I don’t know whether I have one. I don’t know whether I’ve got a gut instinct. I can’t separate that from my hopes and my desires. But I’ll try. I’ll try.” 

“The Democrat Party is a party that wants our borders wide open so that people with very little education — no skills whatsoever — and who don’t even speak the language are able to flood our job market. If that’s what you want, Hillary Clinton is your vote. If you want more of the same, which is going to make sure we continue our decline and a downward spiral, then it’s Hillary Clinton.” 

“If you are a person trying to decide between two people who you think are essentially negative propositions, understand that one of them has fingerprints all over much that is wrong in this country, is actually attached to it. And that would be Hillary Clinton. You have another candidate who is a legitimate outsider who hasn’t had one thing to do with whatever you think is wrong in America today.” 

“The only reason Hillary wants to be president is ambition. She’s not qualified to be. She hasn’t done anything to earn the job within even the political world, other than be married to a guy who has achieved as president.” 

“Whether Trump wins or loses, folks, there’s a civil war coming on the Republican side of the aisle. It will take a different form or direction depending on whether he wins or loses, but it is going to happen and it’s going to be big.” 

“By voting for Hillary Clinton, you are voting to essentially continue the malaise and the confusion and the misery and the unhappiness that you have felt for I don’t know how many years. I assume it’s all of Obama’s and maybe even longer than that.”  

“If you want to vote a known quantity, somebody that’s been in her politics all her life and doesn’t have a whole lot to show for it other than these things gnawing away at you that you know are just not right, then Hillary Clinton is your girl, is your vote.” 

“If you want this country to be unified, if you’re tired of the acrimonious arguments, you need to know for certain that Hillary Clinton is not even interested in that. I could go further and tell you the Democrat Party’s not interested. They don’t care what you think.”  

“Democrats only care what they’re able to make you do. They’re not interested in the true democratic nature of things. They don’t really trust elections. That’s why they play so many games.” 

“If you’re independent, if you’re able to go through life without needing a politician to help you, the Democrats look at you as a potential threat.” 

“The cynic’s view is that nothing’s real, everything’s faked, everything’s organized, everything is scripted, everything is choreographed and this was the latest. Anyway, when I made that known, everybody out there in the conservative blogosphere and the Drive-By Media tried to attach that view to me on the basis that it was nothing more than just rag-tag conspiracy-type thinking. Now it’s happened.” 

“If the Clinton campaign thought they had the White House wrapped up, Hillary wouldn’t be anywhere today — she doesn’t have the stamina or the energy — and they would have surrogates in red states. They would be going for a clean sweep landslide. That’s not the case.” 

“There’s no reason for early voting. Do you know early voting does not happen in California and New York? They don’t need to. Democrats own the state. There’s no reason to early vote there. That’s why you ought to be suspicious.” 

“It’s the fastest three hours in media, folks. We say more in five seconds here than your average show will say in an entire hour.”  

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