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RUSH:  Would you look at this?  I didn’t even know that this was planned, but Hillary Clinton has cancelled the fireworks display tomorrow night.  Apparently Hillary was going to set off a two-minute firework display between 9 and 10 p.m. tomorrow night out there in the Hudson River right across from the Javits Center where her massive rally tomorrow night’s going to be held.  It was a two-minute fireworks display and TMZ says that she’s called it off.  They don’t know why.  Nobody knows why.  Called it off. 

Anyway, folks, great to have you here.  It is still fluid.  It is still hopping.  But let me tell you something, folks, I’ve been wrong about something.  I’m pretty sure I’m wrong about it and I want to clear it up.  I’ve been right about it in the past, but what I think I’m wrong about, I have been telling you that, as we neared the election, the polls would change to more accurately reflect what the polling units actually think is going to happen. 

They’ve not done that.  They continued.  The major polls that everybody talks about, NBC, ABC, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Monmouth, you name it, all show Hillary Clinton anywhere up from three to five points.  Now, in every case the Hillary win is within the margin of error.  They don’t make a big point of telling you that.  My point is I think the polls are still being used as weapons and that’s a departure from my previously stated theories and beliefs.  And I finally asked myself, I mean, if we don’t trust the news every day from these people, why would we trust their polls? 

But then that gets into another discussion about, well, at some point you have to because so many elections in the past, a number of polls have been right.  But some have been dramatically wrong as well.  The thing is, the purpose of all of this today in the Drive-By Media is to try to convince you it’s over.  The objective is to dampen down Trump support and turnout at the polls.  So much of this election has not gone the way the Hillary camp projected or wants it to go. 

And if you take a look at where Hillary and Trump are today, I mean, why in the world is Hillary going to all of these blue states that she should have locked down?  She’s even going to North Carolina late tonight for a rally, if she can stay up that late.  I mean, it’s North Carolina, Wisconsin, Michigan. They’re giving Iowa to Trump.  Trump’s up seven in the Des Moines Register there.  The early voting has not turned out to be what everybody expected it to be. 

You might be hearing that early voting is putting Hillary over the top because of a late-breaking turnout of Hispanic voters.  And that’s assumed to mean it’s pro-Hillary because it’s assumed that every Hispanic hates Trump because of what he said the day he announced his campaign.  But notice all of the assumptions being made.  I still think we are at a stage where nobody really knows. 

Folks, I’m sorry, I’m succumbing to something else, too.  You look at the size of these Trump rallies.  In Minnesota, one of the Powerline guys was reporting, he was out driving around yesterday and maybe on the way to church, I forget exactly the specific reason he was out, but he encountered a line of human beings a mile and a half long to get into a Trump rally.  He encountered a parking lot that had never existed before where all of the cars that brought those people to the Trump rally.

It’s this way everywhere Trump is going.  The crowds are massive.  They are lining up for hours to get in.  Meanwhile, Joe Biden is drawing 200 people in Pennsylvania.  Tim Kaine drawing 30, 35 people wherever he goes.  Hillary Clinton is drawing 10,000 people but she needs Jay Z and Beyonc� in very little clothing in order to get that 10,000.  She’s got Springstein going to Philadelphia tonight.  Why wasn’t Jay Z and Beyonc� and Hillary in Philadelphia on Friday, why wasn’t that enough?  Springstein is going in there tonight. 

What’s Springstein going to tell them?  What in the world is Springstein going to sing?  Hey, keep voting Hillary and maybe you can keep living in your parents’ house while maybe they can continue to afford Obamacare as the prices skyrocket because you sure as hell can’t afford it.  What’s Springstein’s message going to be?  Well, we know what it’s going to be.  It’s going to be that Trump’s a reprobate and so forth.  


RUSH: Folks, you want to hear another cynical view?  I’m going to appropriate something that Julian Assange said in an interview that aired with him. Well, it didn’t air, it was on the Web somewhere Saturday night. 

Julian Assange said, in his mind, that there’s no way that Trump can win because the entirety of the establishment is not on his side.  He doesn’t have one element of the establishment on his side.  And Assange, giving his experiences, took that to mean that the establishment — these were his words — would not allow Trump to win.  And the theory is that the establishment controls everything. 

You’ve got… It’s interesting to listen to somebody like Assange list who he thinks the establishment is.  The number one membership in the establishment was arms manufacturers, and then arms dealers, and then banks, and then unions.  He went down the list, and he pretty much nailed it.  And if you look at things that way — if the establishment is that all-powerful, and if they do represent the most powerful interests of every important political realm — it’s a logical question to ask: “How in the world would they allow Trump to win?”

But the fact is — and we’re seeing the evidence play out on TV — they know they actually don’t control that.  There is palpable fear today on the side of the establishment over this outcome tomorrow.  Do you know that there is even a group that is planning on publicizing exit polls all during the day tomorrow starting at 8.00 a.m. Now why would anybody want to do that?  Why would anybody want to start broadcasting exit poll data? I mean, the traditional release times for exit polling data– the ones that really have any substance — are 2:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m. 

There may be an 11.00 a.m. to 12 noon.  These are Eastern times.  But the 2:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m. exit poll waves are the ones that people look at, and they have been dramatically wrong in recent elections.  Not 2012.  But they were dramatically wrong in 2004.  So they have been.  So there’s a group planning on doing that.  Here’s the UK Daily Mail.  “That Sinking Feeling:  Clinton Has Lost Her Lock on the 270 Electoral College Votes Needed for Victory as Ohio, Utah and Part of Maine Move to Trump.” 

And there’s a lot of concurrence with this theory, that Hillary has lost her lock on 270 electoral votes.  Kellyanne Conway is out there saying: We have got six different ways that we, the Trumpsters, can get to 270.  “Hillary Clinton has dropped below the threshold of 270 Electoral College votes needed to win the presidency, according to CNN,” as well. “Battlegrounds Ohio and Utah have shifted towards Trump, as has the second congressional district of Maine… New Hampshire has also inched away from leaning Democrat and is now classified as a battleground.”

Now, they say that “Clinton can now rely on 268 electoral votes,” and Trump can rely on 204. Nate Silver is out there.  He’s the gospel to people on the left.  And he’s getting into knock-down, drag-out fights with Millennial… You know, I keep saying things that remind me of other things I want to say that end up being interruptions and distractions.  He’s in a knock-down, drag-out with a Millennial reporter at the Huffing and Puffington Post. 

And this Millennial reporter at the Huffing and Puffington Post is a classic example of modern-day Millennials that have come out of the American public education system — higher education — that just don’t know anything.  


RUSH: You take a look at where the Clinton campaign is going.  They’re going to states that they should have locked up.  In fact, folks, I would venture to say if Clinton had this locked up, she wouldn’t be anywhere today.  Surrogates would be everywhere, as many places as they could go.  But I would dare say that even if they thought they were winning and winning big, they wouldn’t waste a whole lot of time and money in a whole lot of different states, particularly blue states. 

What they would be doing is what they told us they were doing last week and the week before.  They would be heading into red states trying to win the down-ballot races, the House, the Senate, the dogcatcher offices and that kind of thing.  They would be going for a clean sweep landslide.  If they thought they had the White House wrapped up, Hillary wouldn’t be anywhere — she doesn’t have the stamina or the energy — and they would have surrogates in red states.  That’s not the case.  Now, people ask me, as I’m sure people ask you, “What do you think is going to happen?  What do you really think?” 

People assume — and I don’t blame them. People assume that I might hold beliefs different from what I would publicly pronounce here.  People will take me aside and say, “Tell me what you really think.”  I say, “What do you mean?”  “Well, for example, if you think Trump is going to lose big, I know you would never say that on the radio because you wouldn’t want to be a downer.”  “No, you’re wrong.  If I actually thought that, I would tell my audience. The relationship I have with the audience is everything to me.  I wouldn’t purposely mislead.” 

“You wouldn’t? You wouldn’t hedge anything just to make sure they don’t get depressed?”  “No. If I really thought it was a Hillary blowout, why play games with it?”  I’m not holding anything back is the point.  Folks, I’m like everybody else: I really don’t know.  I could go through my thought process with you.  I could tell you what I think are the pros and the cons.  But I don’t know how much weight to give each pro and each con.  I’ll tell you the main thing I’m having trouble getting past — and I’m fighting this because we are constantly told you cannot judge things by what you see. 

But I’m telling you, the sheer numbers of people that are going through a lot of inconvenience to see Donald Trump? I haven’t seen this in a long time in politics, and it’s been this way since he entered the race.  It’s not something that’s just popped up in the last three to four weeks.  It has intensified in the last three to four weeks.  But it’s always been there.  To go to a Trump rally is an all-day or in many cases all-night thing.  You don’t just decide, if you live in a town where Trump is going to be, to get in a car and bop over there, because there’s going to be so many people that you have to leave early. 

You’re going to end up parking not very close to the venue.  You’re going to have to do a lot of walking through whatever weather there is, and you’re going to have to get there an hour and a half to two hours before the rally even begins, before Trump even begins, and then you’ve got to stay there during the rally, get all excited and hopped up.  And then it’s over and the same process begins getting out of there.  You’ve got tens of thousands of people leaving, many of them on foot, clogging up the streets.  It’s an all-day thing or multiple-hour thing. 

It’s not like picking up the kids and going to the store for a couple of things and going back home.  And when you see lines of people a mile long in places like Minnesota, when you see practically every airport hangar where Trump does a rally… I mean, every place you see, the pictures of all of these venues, whether he goes to a town of 6,000 people, which he does, whether he goes to a town of a couple of million, whatever, it is jam packed.

It is easily 10,000 or more and the Drive-Bys don’t report it or try to tell you that the pictures you’re looking at are panorama shots and they vastly distort everything.  “They make it look much bigger than it is.”  And they tell you Trump’s lying about the number of people.  They’re in the arena but they don’t show you.  But I don’t think it is deniable that reams of people, gobs of people are showing up at these Trump rallies, and they know what they’re going to get.  It’s not as though they’re showing up for drama and surprise and shock. 

They know what they’re going to get.  They just want to get there and they want to be there and they want everybody to know they were there.  They want to make these events huge.  They want everybody… They want to be part of making everybody see how big this is.  And then I look at the same circumstances over on the Hillary side and you don’t see any of that.  Even when she does draw a crowd there isn’t any real energy to it and she has to have other people in order to draw that crowd.  She needs Jay Z.  She needs Beyonce.  She needs limited clothing on Beyonce.  She needs other people to help her draw people out. 

And it’s just not a big deal anyway when she does.  She’s not exciting.  She’s not anything anybody particularly cares to want to see.  This is not new.  She did a book.  Nobody showed up at her book signings.  The woman just doesn’t engender any kind of excitement whatsoever. 

Now, we know that she’s going to get tons and tons of votes.  This is where you start getting the other side of this.  We know, for example, that she could have literally zero personal excitement and enthusiasm for her in New York and California and she’s going to win every one of those electoral votes.  She would never have to go there even to get those electoral votes. 

So just the makeup of our demography and population with the numbers of people who just automatically vote for anybody with a D next to their name on the ballot, that’s a huge obstacle.  And it has nothing to do with how much enthusiasm there is for Trump or not for Hillary.  Tim Kaine is not drawing a crowd.  Biden had a crowd of 200 the other day. 

You know, I keep reading things like this.  It’s on both sides.  You can read the Never Trumpers, you can read Republicans that don’t like Trump, and you can hear them say that if John Kasich were on the ballot he would be leading Hillary by ten points.  There literally is no evidence for this, but it’s out there.  Or they’ll say if Jeb Bush were on the ballot or anybody but Trump. Hillary is such a bad candidate, they say.  She’s so awful.  She doesn’t have any believability.  She has high negatives.  Any serious candidate would be beating her by 10. 

Well, that’s a whole bunch of what-ifs thrown in.  These guys they’re talking about would be up over Hillary by 10 couldn’t even win the Republican nomination.  Who is to say that if Kasich or one of these other guys got the nomination that there would be any excitement on the Republican side for that nominee?  I submit to you there wouldn’t be any. 

And then on the other end of the spectrum there are people who say, on the Democrat side who are not happy with Hillary, some of the Bernie people, if Biden were the nominee, it would be a landslide.  The thing would be over.  Really?  How do these people think?  How do they arrive at these kinds of things, all these what-ifs.  Joe Biden hasn’t ever won.  He hasn’t won a primary.  He’s never been in a presidential — where’s the assumption that Joe Biden would be leading Trump by 10?  These are the games that media and establishment types play with all of us.  By the same token John Kasich would be leading Hillary by 10 or any other establishment Republican would be leading Hillary by 10.  Where?  Where is that written? 

Mitt Romney was not going to beat Obama.  How is Mitt Romney going to beat Hillary?  If Kasich could not get the Republican nomination how in the world could Kasich beat Hillary Clinton?  I’m sure some of these people have got their scientific data and analysis to share to show that that’s possible.  It’s all gobbledygook to me.  We’ve got the nominees we’ve got.  We have the evidence we have.  And that’s all we have to go on.  The polling data, when you look at it, look at the LA Times poll today.  Trump’s biggest lead ever in the LA Times poll today.  And in the same LA Times there are a couple of reporters that have nothing to do with the poll that are writing Hillary is going to win with 350 electoral votes. 

So in the LA Times you have their poll that shows Trumps leading by eight, biggest lead ever.  And then somewhere else in the paper, a couple of guys doing their own analysis give Hillary 350 electoral votes.  What are we to do with this?  We’ve got all five of the big polls out today — Hillary plus three, Hillary plus five.  But if you look at the internals of many of these polls, you find things that don’t make any sense, even including in the Fox poll.  I’ll give you some details in a second.  I’m running short on time. 

And each one of these polls that show Hillary up three or up five, they don’t tell you that’s all within the margin of error.  I’ve always believed you can figure out what’s really going on by watching where the candidates go, and Hillary being in blue states today, that does not say landslide to me.  But it could.  Folks, it could.  This is the thing.  It could mean that Hillary, they already think they’re winning big and they’re going in there for the biggest, biggest landslide they’ve ever had, and they figure the best way to get it is to turn out the vote in already blue states by drumming it up to turn out even more. 

Could be any number of explanations for these things.  We just don’t know.  But I’m having a tough time ignoring all this enthusiasm for Trump and the lack of enthusiasm for her and the Democrats.  I couple that with the sorrowful state that our economy is in and Obamacare.  And there’s no reason there should be enthusiasm.  Common sense.  No reason to be enthusiastic about the Democrats.  None.  

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