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Los Angeles Times headline:  “Our Next President Will Inherit an Extremely Polarized Electorate.”

According to a Los Angeles Times poll, both Clinton and Trump supporters agreed on something: Whoever the President is should be kept on a tight Congressional leash.

72% of Clinton supporters said they want Congress to act as a check and balance on Trump. Only 18% wanted their representative to “work with Republicans.” And 80% of Trump supporters wanted Congress to act as a check and balance on Hillary Clinton only 14% of them wanted their representative to “work with Democrats.”

A bipartisan polling team produced the survey. Anna Greenberg, the Democrat pollster, said the “polarization is so extreme” she doesn’t know if it can get any worse. The Republican pollster on the team, said no matter who won, the next President will take office with the highest unfavorability rating in recent history.

Here’s the bottom line. Americans want gridlock. Voters want their team to act as a real opposition party. They expect their guys to fight, to obstruct, and do everything in their power to ensure the new president fails. And Members of Congress who “fight the power” will be rewarded with re-election.

At the beginning of the Obama Regime, I caused a firestorm when I uttered four little words: “I hope he fails.” Meaning, I hope his agenda doesn’t get passed. Today, 8 years later, almost all of America agrees with me. It’s great isn’t it? You think they know it? 

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