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RUSH: As to what I’m doing to prepare for various outcomes… (sigh) There’s some preparation, but, you know, folks, since I really can’t predict the future; nobody can. I’m better at it than most when it comes to things like this. Take some givens, okay?  It’s given that I’m going to be here.  I have made that decision.  I’m going to be here.

It’s not time to panic.  When it’s time to panic it means it’s time to give up, and I don’t know about you, but I’m not prepared to give up.  So I’m gonna be here.  So, given that I’m gonna be here, what am I gonna do with it?  Then you get into, “Okay, what am I gonna do with it if Hillary wins?  Then what am I gonna do with it if Trump wins?  If Hillary wins, what’s gonna happen, independent of what I’m gonna do?”

The country isn’t gonna unify, the country’s not gonna come together. The country’s just gonna be as roiled as ever, if not worse.  There’s so many aspects to this, in terms of preparing for it.  But — and I haven’t gone deep into this, as I really don’t do that, either.  It’s not that I’m a reactionary.  I’m just a literalist.  I’m the mayor of Realville, and I deal with things as they happen.  I don’t live in a fantasy world where I get to pretend things happen as I want and then I’m gonna deal with ’em accordingly.

So in many ways, I’m just waiting to see like you are.


RUSH:  Of course we’re gonna be here tomorrow.  Remember, Donald Trump, from the get-go, has never wavered. He always said he was gonna win and win big.  In his world, he always has.  See you tomorrow, folks.

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