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It was the famous 3 a.m. phone call. But not what Hillary Clinton had in mind. She had to call Donald Trump — to concede. To give up, to cave, to admit she got blown out! 

The call brought an end to the 2016 presidential race: Trump against an enormous army. The drive-by media unleashed a vicious, relentless, slanderous assault against him. They were joined by Wall Street billionaires, Silicon Valley tech gurus, Hollywood-entertainment elites, sports celebrities along with pundits, power brokers, and donors from both political parties.

Yet by the time the dust settled, Trump had expanded the electoral map. His victory was decisive. States that hadn’t voted Republican in ages joined the Trump train. All that, as polls predicted a Trump defeat, just hours before the American people had their say. So many people were so wrong, and in the process they destroyed their business creditably. 

This isn’t a time for gloating. At least not much. We don’t have time. We face daunting challenges:

�Our economy is stagnant. Joblessness is rampant.

�The borders are unprotected, because political elites think the people pouring into America represent votes. The hell with National security.

�Major cities are trapped in a cycle of crime and violence.

�Government agencies have been corrupted. Instead of serving the American people, these agencies are used to punish political opponents, reward political donors.

�Obamacare has thrown our healthcare system into near-collapse.

�The cost of college education is an albatross of every graduate because of the debt.

�Terrorism abroad and at home threatens our safety.

�For too many, achieving the American dream has become impossible. It’s something that used to happen.

It is time to remember, and reclaim, what made America the greatest nation in the world. And make it great again. So after we gloat for a couple minutes, we need to roll up our sleeves and get going on this.

Remember at every stage, the democrat party, the establishment and the elites around the world are going to be doing everything they can to undermine the attempt to rebuild this country. They’re going to do everything can to sabotage what every Trump tries. So everybody be on the look out. From Supreme Court nominations to getting rid of Obamacare to whatever else, the effort to delegitimize Trump’s election and Presidency will start soon. If it hasn’t already.

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