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RUSH: Did you hear what Van Jones said?  I have a question.  I’m sure this question is gonna be controversial as it can be, but I’m gonna ask it anyway.  Van Jones at CNN… We even have the audio sound bite.  Let me find this.  I didn’t know… Number eight.  Listen to Van Jones.  He is the resident communist — well (chuckles), one of many resident communists — at CNN.  He was in the first Obama administration until he was shamed out of it, and he was on their special coverage last night talking about Trump being on the way to winning.  This is what he said…

JONES:  This was a whitelash. (pause) This was a whitelash against a changing country.  It was a whitelash against a black president in part.  And that’s the part where the pain comes.  And Donald Trump has a responsibility tonight to come out and reassure people that he is going to be the president of all the people who he insulted and offended and brushed aside.

RUSH:  So you see how this works?  “Trump has got to mend fences.  Trump has to approach us.  Trump has to come to us, the offended, the aggrieved, the disadvantaged. Trump has to approach us. Trump!”  Donald Trump has just schooled everybody on how you win.  It is everybody else who should be approaching Donald Trump.  But here’s my question, folks.  Van Jones of CNN says that this is a “whitelash.”  What is he complaining about?  He’s complaining that white people voted their interests?

To Van Jones and to a lot on the left and the Democrat Party, white people voting their interests is dangerous and not legitimate.  That fact alone, as far as Van Jones is concerned — and probably many others on the left — disqualifies Trump’s victory.  In their minds.  And it’s what scares the heck out of them to boot.  A whitelash. Why is it not legitimate to honestly discuss “the white vote”?  White people are still the majority in America.  There are massive demographic shifts taking place, but white people are still the majority. 

Somebody needs to tell me why it’s wrong for white people to vote their interests when it’s not wrong for African-Americans to unify and monolithically vote their interests. Women monolithically unify; vote their interests. Muslims monolithically unify; vote their interests. Gays and lesbians unify; monolithically vote their interests. Feminists unify; vote their interests monolithically.  That’s how the Democrat Party wins.  All of these different constituency groups think, act, and vote alike — and when they do it, they call it “progress.”

They call it “overcoming.” They call it other things that I, frankly, find despicable.  But when white people do it, it’s not permitted.  When white people do it, it’s not good.  When white people do it, it’s bad.  So exactly when did it happen that all white people became bigots?  When did it happen?  Because it has happened.  In the minds of the left in this country and in the minds of the Democrat Party, that is exactly the case.  And white people — and they’re the ones that said this. I didn’t say this, by the way.  Van Jones called it a whitelash.  All the commentaries last night on TV said, “White people came together and voted against Hillary!”

They’re the ones claiming it. 

Why is it illegitimate for white people to do exactly what every other group in the Democrat constituency does?  Is it because we really are not going to have a majority system?  Is that what the Democrats really oppose, a majority system?  They want to turn the country into the tyranny of the majority and have the minorities and all of the additions of all the minorities dominate and rule?  Because otherwise this doesn’t make any sense.  White people and Christians are the two the groups that it is politically correct to slander; it’s perfectly okay to slander.  Donald Trump won because he was the only candidate unafraid to appeal to them and face down the consequences of doing so.  


RUSH: This election was not affected by a bunch of white people deciding to take their country back because of their race.  It had nothing to do with that, but the Democrats believe firmly that it was.  Van Jones calling it a whitelash.  I have a little bit more time to develop this. 

I want to ask this question again, folks.  Why is it perfectly fine for the Democrats to assign to every constituency, every group a monolithic groupthink:  All women are for abortion.  All women are feminists.  All blacks are a part of Black Lives Matter.  All union members are socialists and hate capitalism.  They do this!  This is how they look at people.  The first thing they do is put people in groups and then treat everybody in those groups as mind-numbed robots. 

For example, as far as the Democrats are concerned, all American Muslims think like CAIR.  All Hispanic voters are for lawlessness.  All Hispanic voters are for open borders, they tell us.  All Hispanic voters are for amnesty.  It’s not true.  They tell us that all women are pro-abortion, and on and on it goes, group by group by group, except when it comes to white people.  When white people behave, in the eyes of Democrats, exactly as their other groups do, then all of a sudden it’s not permitted.  Now it’s called a whitelash. 

I just have a simple question.  Why is it not legitimate to discuss white people and their interests?  Why is it wrong for white people to vote their interests?  The only way that can be the case, the only way that it can be wrong for white people to vote their interests is if you believe every white person is a bigot, if you believe that every white person is a racist.  And I am here to tell you that that is the message the Democrat Party and the American left attempt to convey as they run around and continue to do everything they can to tar and feather and impugn and diminish every majority group in this country for the express purposes of tearing it down. 

But this election had nothing to do with white people wanting their country back on racial concerns.  This election had nothing to do with white people being mad at other people who are not white and simply showing up to express their anger and outrage and try to take away power from people who are not white.  It had nothing to do with this.  This election was about the direction of the country. 

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