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RUSH: I need to offer a mea culpa.  Yesterday on this program I was informed by two different people that George W. Bush and his wife had voted for Hillary Clinton.  So I ran with it.  Now, I didn’t make a big deal of it.  I actually mentioned it when I had a caller. It came up as the answer to a question. I answered a question the caller had and explained how the establishment works. You know, why would somebody vote for Hillary, why would a Republican, and I gave my explanation about members of the establishment stick together. 

So I got home yesterday, I got an email from somebody in George W. Bush’s office, actually an instant message saying, “Don’t know who told you this, but he didn’t and Laura didn’t vote for Hillary.  They didn’t vote for either.  They didn’t vote for Hillary, and they didn’t vote for Trump.”  Didn’t tell me who they voted for.  I said I’m sorry, I’m terribly sorry about this, and I said I’ll correct this instantly here on my website and I called Koko at the website and we got it corrected. 

So I wanted to make sure I mentioned that for anybody lingering that had heard it.  I was not critical of President Bush for doing this. I further went and said I could understand it given some of the things that were said about him and 9/11 and his brother Jeb.  To me, it would have made total sense.  There was no criticism of President Bush.  I just took the occasion to explain why to people who might not understand it. But it turns out it didn’t happen, so I wanted to correct that.  

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