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RUSH:  Here’s the bottom line.  Now that Donald Trump is around to do the heavy lifting and now that Donald Trump’s around to do the heavy lifting and had coattails, let’s see how courageous Republicans in the House and Senate will be.  Only time will tell, ladies and gentlemen.  I think these calls for unity, they sound wonderful, but the way they’ve always ended up happening in the past is that we basically give away our victory for whatever peace that we believe can be had by doing so. 

Here is Ted in Muskegon, Michigan, who thought I sounded mad.  Hey, Ted, great to have you on the program.  Hi.

CALLER:  Well, I don’t have a Dittocam, Rush, so I can’t see you, but I’ll tell you, I tuned in yesterday hoping and expecting this, and I tuned in today, and I’m not getting it.  You are angry.  You’re mad.  You’re using words like “sick,” “tired,” “protest,” “anger,” “rage,” “lawyers,” “no desire for unity.”  I get it.  I know the midterm Republican landslide, the last two didn’t produce any results, and most Republicans in DC are as fake and establishment as the Democrats, but can we not, after ten years, hear your laughter, hear some kind of finally we’re at least on the right track with Trump. Something happy, laughter, positive, can you give us one solid day of that?

RUSH:  (laughing)  That’s what this show is each and every day.

CALLER:  Well, I’m a loyal friend and true, Rush.  I listen every day, but don’t think that words like “sick” and “tired” and “protest” and “anger” and “rage” and “lawyers” —

RUSH:  I’m telling you what the left is doing, and I’m sick and tired of it.

CALLER:  Fine.  I get it.

RUSH:  I’m not describing me.

CALLER:  I want one day of happiness. One day of something just really fun.  I’m happy, Rush, and I tuned in to you — I mean, I’ve been listening forever —

RUSH:  Right.

CALLER:  — since the LA riots.  I just want that.  Can we not get that?

RUSH:  Since the LA riots?  (laughing)  You’re making me laugh.  No wonder you want that.

CALLER:  Finally you’re final laughing.  I’m glad I’ve served a purpose for you today and maybe your other listeners who say, “Why isn’t he happy?”  Keep laughing.  That’s what we love, Rush.

RUSH:  I’m one of the happiest guys out there.

CALLER:  Can I keep you laughing?

RUSH:  What’s that?

CALLER:  I’ll continue to talk about the LA riots just to hear you laugh again.

RUSH:  The juxtaposition of you wanting happiness, you’ve been calling here since the LA riots.  (laughing)  I’ll tell you, I was giddy yesterday.  The program was giddy.  In fact, I got frustrated when the program ended.  I ran out of time sharing all of the good news.  We blew this in 1994, Ted.  We have blown this a couple of times, and as I say, I’m sounding warning bells.  When there’s reason to be happy, I will tell you.


RUSH:  We have the best chance that we’ve had in our lifetimes, folks, because of this election to beat back the forces of liberalism.  They’re trying to steal liberty, trying to steal freedom, and trying to transform America.  We’ve got the best chance we have ever had to keep them at bay for a generation, and I’m worried, I don’t want to squander it.  It’s that simple.


RUSH: Ladies and gentlemen, I am feeling wonderful and great, but I will never stop being ticked off at the left — and I don’t think anybody should stop being wary, suspicious, and constantly vigilant of these people. 

How many times…? Let’s look back at the last time when there was a major, major Republican victory.  It was the House of Representatives sweep the 1994 midterm elections, the first time we’d won the House in 40 years.  And in about two years that victory’d been squandered in the sense of producing victories.  I mean, we maintained control of the House but producing victories, balancing budgets, whatever was on the Contract with America agenda.  And I developed a theory.  I think that a mistake was made back in 1994. 

The Republicans who won — Newt Gingrich and the Contract with America — I think they misread what their victory meant.  I think they mistakenly concluded that their victory meant the country had gone conservative and, as such, they stopped explaining what they were doing and why.  Essentially, they stopped teaching, and it was easy for the left to lie about who they were and what they were doing — and it wasn’t long before the Republicans were starving kids in the school lunch program. 

Shortly after winning the House in 1994, by 1995 in that budget we were starving kids.  And the left was having kids write letters to members of the Republican House saying, “You’re starving me! I can’t learn when I’m hungry.”  There weren’t any budget cuts in the school lunch program.  We stopped teaching.  Folks, we have a… This victory is the greatest opportunity of my life.  The Democrat Party is the weakest it has been, and they know it.  They know full well what has happened to them since Barack Obama became president in terms of how their party has just been shellacked.

And I’m telling you, that makes me happy.  You don’t know how ecstatic I am.  They have lost all of these seats; they’re lost their power. Six million fewer Democrats showed up to vote for Hillary than voted for Obama in 2012.  We have the opportunity of a lifetime to put the brakes on the forces of the left that want to transform this country and destroy its health care system, destroy the education system, to chip away at individual liberty and freedom of every citizen by growing government.  We’ve got a chance to close the borders! 

We have a chance to end rampant immigration into this country by people who we don’t know. We don’t know whether they love the country or not. We have no idea. They’re not educated, they don’t speak the language, we make no attempt to assimilate them.  Issue after issue after issue that resulted in Donald Trump winning!  We have an opportunity to really win.  One of the problems I have, folks — and one of the things guiding me here — is I have seen victory after victory squandered.  We have people on our side who don’t think victory’s possible, who really don’t think it’s possible to beat back the left. 

They think it’s possible to stop them periodically, temporarily, but they don’t think it’s possible to beat them.  I know them.  I don’t want to have to name names, but you would recognize them all.  This program, as I said yesterday — aside from whatever else it must be to succeed within the broadcast business. The reason I do what I do outside of those requirements, is beat the left.  That’s what we’ve been trying to do. What I’ve been trying to do for 29 years here — well, 28 and counting — is beat the left by informing people who they are, by helping to create election results like we had on Tuesday. 

And don’t succeed all the time.  Plenty of failures in there to whatever extent I want to take the blame or credit for whoever wins or loses elections.  I try to distance myself from that sense because I’m not on the ballot, and I’m not in charge of anybody’s campaign so it’s difficult for me to claim credit or blame.  But I do devote practically all the energy I have here into educating people about those I think are the enemies of what we want our country to be. 

They have a different view of what they want this country to be, and it’s rooted in the fact that they don’t like this country as founded, and I do.  I love it.  And I think it’s a miracle, a God-blessed miracle that deserves every effort to preserve it.  We have the greatest chance that we’ve ever had.  And I’m just telling you, trying to share with you… You don’t have to work at remembering these things, but I do, if I’m to be considered good at what I do here.  And I can’t tell you the red flags when I see all this talk of unity, and then I see everything I predicted.

These protests that we know are bought and paid for. They’re not organic. They’re not legitimate.  When I say they’re not legitimate, I mean, there are people protesting, yeah, and they’re burning flags, yeah. But they’re being paid to do it, and it’s made to look like this country is fed up with Donald Trump already.  It’s made to look like this country is livid and outraged over the election result, when it isn’t.  The country is happy!  We are ecstatic over the outcome of the election.  It’s the left that it isn’t happy.  It’s the left that’s never happy.  It’s the left that’s trying to intimidate you and manipulate you, and I’m trying to help you spot it so you can resist it. 

I’m trying to alert you to their tactics, to tell you how they go about doing what they do, from lying about polling data, to misrepresenting over 80% of the people in this country and how they think and what’s important to them. Establishment versus ruling class. The whole business is meant to get everybody — or as many people as I can reach — to understand what we are up against.  I think our previous caller is ticked off that I’m ticked off at the left, if you want to know the truth.  I think he’s… That’s who I…

If I’m angry and if I sound angry, it’s because I’m angry at the left because I’m ticked off at this call for unity, and I get a little ticked off when I hear some Republicans start talking about, “Yeah, we need to come together now.”  We don’t need to come together!  WE BEAT THEM!  Did that sound mad?  Did that sound mad when I said that? (hysterical laughing  “We don’t need to come together right now because we beat their ass! (hysterical laughing) Isn’t it great? We beat their asses! Folks… (laughing) Folks, we don’t need unify! We need to blast them to smithereens! Ha! Ha! Ha! Yeah, isn’t it great?”

How’s that?  How’s that? (hysterical laughing) “Ho-ho, man!  I can’t… I’m just… (laughing) It’d be a wonderful thing just to finally hammer the final nails in the coffin of liberalism. Oh, yeah, man! Bring it on! Unity? Ha! Ha! Ha! Eat this! Swallow this! Screw your unity. You lost! Ha! Ha! Ha!”  How’s that?


RUSH: I’m beginning to think, Mr. Snerdley, that our first caller was a seminar caller.  I’m beginning now to think that it’s all part of the sham that they are running here to try to disaffect the actual energy that is there because of this victory and to misportray it and so forth.  I have no doubt now that this guy was a seminar caller.  Anyway, we have the audio sound bites of Axelrod, ’cause I’m not mad, I’m mad at the left, I should be, that’s what made him mad. 

The reason he’s a seminar caller is I was effectively exposing the left and that’s what he had to call and shut down, or try. (interruption)  I do.  And I’ll tell you why I do, it’s because I’ve had emails from others who say the same thing’s happening to them today, on Twitter, on Facebook, other radio shows, same type of thing.  You sound angry.  Can’t you be happy?  Can’t we be happy?  There’s a theme.  Nothing they do is real.  And all I’m doing here is exposing the left, I deconstruct them better than anybody else does, and that’s why this guy called to try to discredit my effectiveness in exposing who the left is.

Obama just now, the White House press secretary’s out there, the arrogance of these people — (laughing) — the arrogance, you know what Earnest said, he said that Obama was reassured by Trump’s tone in his election.  Yeah, like Obama’s God and is worried how the children are behaving and Trump was a little bit like an angry little bully in a sandbox until election night, Obama was reassured.  Well, you’re not the arbiter, as far as we’re concerned, of what’s assured and what’s not reassuring. 

This presumptive arrogance, this conceit, it’s just one of the — (laughing) — it’s one of the many characteristics of the people on the left.  They rub me the wrong way.  And in fact they make me itch, as I’m scratching myself, I laugh.  


RUSH:  Back to the phones we go, and it’s Orange, Texas, next.  This is Dean.  Great to have you on the EIB Network, sir.  Hello.

CALLER:  Hello Rush.

RUSH:  Hi.

CALLER:  I’m a retired police officer.  I’m a Trump supporter.  I am very happy about the outcome of election.  Having said that, you have every right and obligation to remain vigilant and the freedom to be as angry as you want to be when you see things that make you angry.  And this notion of unity that you’ve been talking about today is the heart of what I’m calling about.  And it’s not the left — I agree with you about all of the things that you said about the left, but it angers me so much more when I hear it from the right. 

I won’t name the show or the people.  It’s a show I watch every day.  It’s a right-leaning show with people that are intelligent, whose opinions I respect, but for the last two days they have been making a push, in the interest of unity, for Donald Trump specifically — not President Obama, but President Trump to pardon Hillary and all her cohorts for everything they’ve done from the beginning of the world to date.  The specific quote is, “This would be a magnanimous gesture.”  I am so sick of hearing this.  We did not elect — I voted for Trump, I support Trump, and we did not send him there to ignore corruption.  

I don’t want retribution or revenge or any of that.  I just want justice and the truth to come out, and that won’t happen if they pardon. I can’t do anything about what the current president pardons or does.  But this notion from the right that we have to kowtow to unify is insane.  It won’t be respected.  It’s never been respected.  They are not going to embrace him. I don’t care if Donald Trump pardoned everybody and gave college funds to their grandkids.  They are not going to put their arms around him.  He needs to do what he said he was gonna do and do the right thing and get the truth out to the American people.

RUSH:  I wholeheartedly endorse that.  On the pardon of Hillary Clinton, look, you might have some people on our side thinking about Gerald Ford pardoning Nixon and how people were upset about that. Ford said he did it to get this issue behind us, wasn’t a distraction anymore, and Watergate was already a divisive enough thing.

CALLER:  But this isn’t about Hillary Clinton.

RUSH:  That’s what I was gonna say, this talk for unity goes way beyond pardoning her.  This talk for unity, what these people are actually advocating is that we gave away our win.  That’s what irritates me about it. 

CALLER:  Absolutely.

RUSH:  Their attitude is that good manners in victory, you don’t act like you won and you don’t lord it all over people, and you show that it’s not that we don’t like you, we really do want to get along.  In other words, too many people on our side are literally content to be the Washington Generals.

CALLER:  You are absolutely correct.  And you said it earlier.  You said that we had a victory. In addition to being a retired police officer, I’m also a veteran, and I can tell you, militarily, if you win a victory, if you win a battle, there’s nothing the enemy can do to take that away from you.  The only way you lose it is if you give it away.  Once you’ve won they don’t have anything left to do.  The only way we can lose this is if we give it away.

RUSH:  Well, the reason why this matters to me is because I know the enemy. And I use “the enemy,” of course, in the political context; the opposition, the Democrat Party is our enemy.  We certainly are theirs.  That’s clearly how they view us.  They don’t want to get along with us.  They don’t want to unify.  But we have a unique opportunity.  First time in my lifetime the Democrat Party is as weak as it’s ever been.  We have scored a major, major — Donald Trump has — a tremendous, strongest party since the ’20s.

It’s overwhelming the opportunity here to straighten out things in this country.  It’s not about getting even with people.  It’s about straightening out the direction of the country and getting it back to the principles with which it was founded under freedom and liberty and all of the things that you and I hold dear, and it’s the greatest opportunity that we have ever had to do so.  And this talk about unity is nothing more than a giant obstacle put in the way. 

I’ll tell you when you unify.  I used this example earlier and I’m sure a lot of people shrieked.  When you unify is when they surrender.  World War II ended how?  When the Japanese surrendered, signed the surrender papers on the deck of the battleship Missouri.  We dictated the terms.  They surrendered.  They haven’t had a military since.  We dictated the terms, and we’ve been unified with Japan ever since.

CALLER:  Correct.

RUSH:  But we are never gonna get there if we don’t have people on our side that think we’re the good guys. If people on our side think it’s somehow not productive to think of ourselves as right and them wrong, if it’s somehow not helpful to think of us as being on the right side of history and them on the wrong side, if that prevails, then we’re gonna squander the victory. 

Now, all of this is said independent of Trump.  I have no idea what Trump’s gonna do, what he thinks about any of this. But I guarantee you he’s gonna have all kinds of people working on him to moderate his tone, to tone it down, to be more cooperative with the Democrats, under the belief that that’s what the American people want.  They want us working together. They want us comity and unity and everybody go kumbaya and getting along.  That’d be great if it’s ever happened.  It hasn’t happened.  It happens in time of war for a couple days, but after that it’s over, as the Democrats proved after 9/11. 

So no, you and I are on the same page here.  It’s a tremendous opportunity, and the Democrats have never been weaker, and it’s the American people that have made it happen. The American voter is who has rendered the Democrat Party into its current state.  The American voter has made it plain what he and she want!  They do not want Democrat Party rule anymore.  They don’t want Democrat policies prevailing.  They don’t want it.  Elections have consequences.  They mean things. 

There was a huge, huge turnout for Donald Trump, and it was specific.  Trump was doing sometimes five rallies a day, and people were often critical that he got sidetracked and started talking about personal things, but he had substance in every one of those rallies.  He had a series of issues that he addressed.  And my point is there is no way that people can say Trump’s election doesn’t have a mandate.  It does.  And the idea that there are people that want to squander it on our side fall prey to this unity. 

And what’s the pressure being brought to unify?  Protests, angry college students, distraught people needing therapy.  “Oh, my God, it’s really tearing some people apart.”  These protests are bought and paid for, and we know this.  Trump knows it himself.  The rallies that featured violence, his rallies were the result of Democrats in the Hillary campaign hiring the protesters, wearing T-shirts that were made for them to go out and made to look like Trump supporters going nuts and that’s who’s on the streets of Philadelphia. 

One night it’s Black Lives Matter.  The next night it’s Occupy Wall Street.  The next night it’s some other group.  It’s all the same people, it’s all the same money, and it has the same purpose.  The Democrat Party purpose today is to make sure that this Trump victory never gets implemented.  Every ounce of energy the Democrats are expending today and tomorrow and the day after is to make sure that there is no definitive evidence or meaning to Donald Trump’s win.  


RUSH:  Dori in the Chicago suburbs, you’re next.  I’m glad to welcome you to the EIB Network.  Hello.

CALLER:  Well, I’m happy to be here, Rush.  I’m a 75-year-old great-grandmother, wife of a veteran, and I live in the Chicago suburbs.  I have four adults, liberal Hillary supporter kids, that were so shocked and saddened, and this is our time, and now we can be happy because the eight last years have been sad for us.  I was afraid to put a sign in my front yard —

RUSH:  Yeah.

CALLER:  — for fear of retaliation.

RUSH:  Yeah.

CALLER:  And I speak for the silent majority white women.  I wanted to bring up the fact I’ve always been a Trump supporter, and Michael Moore put out a statement yesterday saying, “Hey, tell them she won the popular vote.”  Well, let me tell you what that popular vote was.  It was the illegals who voted with Obama’s approval.  It was the absentee fraud ballots, and it was the dead people.  And I am so happy today, Rush!

RUSH:  Don’t forget the 60,000 felons that Terry McAuliffe legalized to vote in Virginia.  Isn’t it fascinating that Hillary wins Virginia by 60,000 votes.

CALLER:  Isn’t it?  And that was her buddy.

RUSH:  But look, let me tell you, Michael Moore, he got hoisted on his own petard.  He’s out there, got this stand-up routine video where he basically is for Hillary, but he got his little interval in there where he explains how great Trump is at understanding the people of this country and how, if he’s elected, it’s — anyway, what they’re doing, one of the ways that they’re trying to deny — and it’s not deny — they’re trying to delegitimize this win, and they are gonna continue, and you pointed it out, they’re trying to point to the popular vote.

“Hillary won, you guys didn’t win anything. In terms of the numbers of people that voted in this country, more people voted for Hillary.” But the way to respond to that is she got those votes in states she didn’t even visit.  They’re automatic.  California, big population.  New York, big population.  She lost the states where she went to campaign.  This is what you tell your kids who are all —

CALLER:  Amen.

RUSH:  — dyed-in-the-wool leftists.  She didn’t convince the people she needed to convince.  She went to the states, those blue states that called her blue wall like Wisconsin, she lost those states where she went to campaign.  Popular vote, shmopular vote.  That’s not how our system works.  And if it were, they would be suing right now the Electoral College.  They know it’s not close.  This is all part of their effort to delegitimize the win.  And you’re right, do not let ’em do it with you.

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