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On Election night, as it became clear that Donald Trump had “found a pathway” to victory, Van Jones of CNN went racial. After calling the idea of a Trump presidency a “nightmare,” Jones said: “This was a whitelash against a changing country. It was a whitelash against a black President, in part.”

The next day, the Washington Post ran a piece titled, “How Trump Won: The revenge of working-class whites.”

Van Jones’s communist comments are despicable, and the Washington Post’s narrative of racial revenge is just as ugly. Obama was elected President twice with the votes of Americans of every race including massive support from whites. So where does “revenge” fit into the equation?

Tuesday was a change election. Wages are stagnant and the economy has been sucking wind during Obama’s two terms. Obamacare is a bust. Illegal immigration is out of control. People are worried about their safety. Law enforcement is under assault.

People voted the way they did on serious, substantive issues: the economy, healthcare, immigration policy, and security. Liberals smear the voters of this nation when they trivialize these problems and dismiss their motivation as racial. It’s ridiculous. The status quo is unacceptable people want this country put on the right track. Voters decided Hillary Clinton wasn’t the person to do it, plain and simple.

Liberals complain the country is “polarized.” They are the ones doing the polarizing.

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