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RUSH: The day would not be complete without an audio sound bite referencing me, and today’s comes from NPR, a program that aired this morning.  The host is a guy named John Hockenberry.  He’s taking calls from listeners about the election.  And a guy named Dave from Newark, New Jersey, called in.

DAVE:  I think liberals who are going on this whole “not my president” thing are really no better than when Rush Limbaugh said in 2009, “I hope he fails.”  You can’t root against the president.  We lost.  Get over it.  It’s time to put on our big boy pants and get to work.

HOCKENBERRY:  Good point there, Dave, from Newark, New Jersey.

RUSH:  “Good point there, Dave, from Newark, New Jersey.”  We gotta be better than Rush Limbaugh.  Except I didn’t say I hoped America failed.  I hoped Obama failed in implementing his agenda.  As it turns out, he didn’t.  He succeeded wildly in implementing his agenda.  I also got an email: “Rush, don’t you feel a little hypocritical?  You gave Obama all this grief for his stimulus bill that was for rebuilding roads and bridges, but when Trump announces his plan, which even spends more than the Obama plan, you don’t seem to have a problem with it.” 

Well, here’s the difference.  I knew from the get-go that Barack Obama wasn’t gonna spend a dime on roads and bridges.  I knew from the get-go that that’s how Obama sold the idea.  Who would ever be against rebuilding roads and bridges and schools and all that?  I knew that that money was to be spent to grow government, and it turned out that over 75% of the stimulus was given to union employees during the recession to guard against them being unemployed, because a union member unemployed doesn’t pay dues.  And when a union member unemployed isn’t paying dues, then the money donated to the Democrat campaign coffers is not as large. 

The whole thing’s a money-laundering scheme. So Obama authorizes about $800 billion in stimulus spending, 75% of it goes to union members, who pay dues, and that money comes right back to the Democrats.  I would say of the $800 billion that was allocated for stimulus, a couple hundred million ends up with Democrats going through unions and dues and then union donations from the dues money.  And then other Democrats were paid off who had helped Obama get elected.  Big donors were given things like that Solyndra.  But I knew from the beginning they weren’t gonna spend money on roads and bridges, and we haven’t.  But I think when Donald Trump talks about how embarrassed he is at the state of some American airports, he’s truthful. 

And I think that if he’s got a stimulus plan, and if the thing gets passed, if the Republican Congress authorizes it — and it’ll be interesting to watch the Democrats, what they do on this.  ‘Cause Trump does have a big, big stimulus plan. Well, not a stimulus.  He’s got a big roads and bridges repair project plan, and the Democrats, they could not wait to vote for and authorize Obama’s.  Let’s see what they do in the Senate and in the House when Trump’s plan comes up.  Let’s see if they oppose it.  I have no doubt that they’ll oppose it. 

Some of them are gonna be tempted to go along with it, though, because they think the people benefiting from the money will be union types, construction and so forth, we’ll see, but they’re gonna be attempted to oppose Trump on everything just for the principle of it.  So we’ll see.  They’re gonna be in a bit of a dilemma on that.  

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