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RUSH: Looky here, my friends.  Eugene Robinson, columnist, Washington Post.  He also… I don’t know if he still is.  Back in his days where we did not have our ban on audio from MSNBC, he was a regular panelist there, a strategist, a Democrat hack disguised as a columnist for the Washington Post.  The headline of his column that published yesterday: “I Do Not Wish Trump Success on His Agenda.”  I haven’t seen any angry tweets about this.  I haven’t seen anybody castigating Eugene Robinson for daring to suggest that you can’t get behind and support our new president like we were told we had to do in 2008.  I said, “I hope he fails;” I got hammered by the Drive-Bys for eight years.  But don’t… I’m not complaining, don’t misunderstand.  I enjoyed it.  Every time I got hammered, it was an opportunity to explain to a new group of people what I really meant — and now, after eight years, everybody agrees with me.  “I hope he fails.”  He didn’t, and that’s why he’s been sent packing.

He succeeded in implementing his agenda.  That’s what I didn’t want to happen.  Eugene Robinson essentially says, “I hope Trump fails,” and nothing.  Crickets.  Not a tweet.  Not a series of Facebook posts.  Nobody in the Drive-By Media is raking Eugene Robinson over the coals for this kind of partisan divide.  He says, “The people chose Hillary Clinton. But it’s the electoral vote that counts, not the popular vote, so Donald Trump will be president. And no, I’m not over it.  No one should be over it. …

“If a normal Republican had been elected, I could say the polite and socially acceptable thing, something like, ‘I didn’t support So-and-So but he will be my president, too, and I wish him success.’ But I cannot wish Trump success in rounding up and deporting millions of people or banning Muslims from…” Here again, these people believing literally while not taking seriously.  Anyway, Eugene Robinson: I do not wish Trump success on his agenda.

And he’s being hailed as brilliant and precise and all this.  What does he mean, “If a normal Republican had been elected”?  What is a…? In Eugene Robinson’s world, what is a “normal Republican”?  A Washington Generals Republican. A Republican that realizes he’s there as a pincushion. A Republican who realizes he’s there to be beat up and destroyed. A Republican who realizes he has no business being president, should not have been elected. A Republican who’s basically a RINO and a loser.

Everybody on the Democrat side can get behind that kind of Republican, but not a winner.

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