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In his first press conference after the Democrat Party’s latest election loss, Barack Obama said that he urged Donald Trump to “reach out” to those alienated by his campaign.

“I did say to him, as I’ve said publicly, that because of the nature of the campaigns and the bitterness and the ferocity of the campaigns, that it’s really important to send some signals of unity, and to reach out to minority groups, or women, or others that were concerned about the tenor of the campaign, and I think that’s something that he will want to do,” Obama said.

Mr. Obama, during the campaign, Trump repeatedly reached out to minorities and women. But so did your minions in the Drive-By Media. They reached out on a daily basis, doing what they always do to Republican candidates: paint them as racists, sexists, bigots, homophobes, and bullies.

Thanks to WikiLeaks, we learned that the Clinton campaign paid agitators to provoke violence at Trump rallies. The Clinton team worked hand-in-glove with the media to fan the flames of racial division, the War on Women BS, and hatred toward the working class.

Mr. Obama, the riots protesting the election outcome in Democrat cities are a direct result of the anger that Democrats like you and Hillary inspire and pay for. Yes, we know.

If anybody should reach out to calm the waters it’s you, Mr. Obama, and Hillary. So, please, spare us the lectures just once. 

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