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RUSH: I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about the Donald Trump that we’re seeing now.

I alluded to some of it yesterday when I told you what I really thought was going on, the way Trump’s dealing with Obama, say, at the Oval Office or praising Obama as a great guy or what have you. It’s about a number of things, but among them at the top is that Trump knows we’re precariously balanced as a nation. The people that lost this election are devastated and in stages of denial and anger that makes them volatile-ly dangerous. And they still hold the levers of power.

So there will be nothing done to provoke them. My theory. I think nothing will be done to provoke them. Trump knows that his presidency begins on January 20th, not before. He can name his cabinet, transition team, do some things in that nature, announce various intentions, but biding time here publicly and advancing the ball behind the scenes is the agenda, is what’s taking place here. And there will be some tolerance for media doing this or that. It’s all about getting to January 20th, folks, and then it’s Katy, bar the door.

Then it’s look out.


RUSH: Look, folks, I’m pretty sure I know what Trump is doing, why he’s doing what he’s doing, and what it is. If I tell you, and if I’m right, all I’m doing is alerting the opposition to it, which would not be good. So it is one of these that I have gotta find a way to speak it to you in coded language they won’t understand, or just shut up about it.

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