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On Monday, 40 Millennials held a “sit-in” at the Capitol Hill office of Senator Chuck-U Schumer the incoming Senate Minority Leader. The protestors, calling themselves “All of Us 2016”  and they targeted Schumer because he’s a Wall Street Democrat. And they blame Wall Street Democrats for Donald Trump’s election.

Hey, they’re liberals. Don’t expect logic.

Their leader, Waleed Shahid, told reporters they’d meet Schumer or get arrested. Waleed said Democrats failed to protect the people from Donald Trump, so “it’s time for us to launch a democratic revolution and take over this party.” They demanded Schumer resign his leadership position, in favor of Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren, Fauxcahontas.

As they recorded each other with their smartphones, the group chanted: “Chuck Schumer grow a spine, your job is on the line.” A large banner read: “Wall Street Democrats Failed Us.”

Soon Capitol Police arrived. Apparently, the cops did not get the memo that young liberals protesting the election of Trump are supposed to be coddled.

They weren’t treated with kid gloves, like snowflake college protesters are. They weren’t taken to a “safe space” and given Play-Doh or coloring books to ease their anxieties. They weren’t given therapists. They were booted out. Those who resisted, 17 of them, were arrested.

Minority Leader Schumer may not have an anti-Wall-Street spine, but he does have a two-word chant for people occupying his office: “Chuck You!”

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