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“I want you to understand that you’re in the majority and you’re winning, and you never were in the minority. And this is a golden opportunity the likes of which nobody expected and we haven’t seen in a while, and it was a mandate election. Trump has a mandate.”

“I went to George H. W. Bush’s 80th birthday in Houston. That’s where I met Mikhail Gorbachev. You ought to see the pictures from that night, by the way. Gorbachev’s birthmark ended up on my forehead.”

“The Trump transition team is not imploding, folks. It is getting set to kick ass.”    

“What do you think the media thinks they have to gain by continuing to treat Trump the way they did during the campaign?”

“Seventy percent think the country’s headed in the wrong direction, and 70% think they cannot trust the mainstream media. The media continues to behave in ways that warrant that distrust, that earn it.”

Bill Press (a failed talk show host and a failed Democrat National Committee honcho) was on TV somewhere (a failed TV network), and he said he hopes Trump does fail. And this is the problem with Bill: He’s never been original. But he’s out there saying he hopes Trump fails.”

“Trump Derangement Syndrome has already reached escape velocity, and the guy hasn’t even been sworn in.”

“The greater conniption the left has, the better the decision is, and that’s what everybody needs to come to realize. The bigger conniption fit the media has or the left, the better the decision.”

“If Hillary had won, the transition would have been the greatest of all time and Chelsea would be portrayed as brilliant, no question about that. But she didn’t win.”

“I can’t think of anybody better to head over to the Department of Justice and drain that swamp than Ted Cruz. Ted Cruz could get that done in the first hundred days, the honeymoon period. I think that would be just terrific. Even though Harry Reid is leaving, they would have a conniption, which would be worth the price of admission.”

“Supreme Court Justicette Sonia Sotomayor, ‘the wise Latina,’ says the country cannot afford for the president to fail.  Why is it even on her mind?  Me.  That’s why it’s on her mind.”

“The Trump transition team is not imploding. What’s imploding is the media. What’s imploding is Obamacare. What’s imploding is the Democrat Party. What is imploding is Clinton Inc. That’s what’s imploding out there.”  

“The media is a front group for Democrats like environmentalists are a front group for radical leftists.”

“The reason Trump won is because he’s fighting what is constantly destructive. Donald Trump is fighting and taking on people who are constantly and purposely destructive.” 

“The amount of electoral power the Democrats have lost, particularly at the state and local level is astounding. They only control both legislature and governors in five states. They are in a world of hurt, particularly at the state level, and that means at the local level, and that means at the grassroots level.”

“I think the anti-Trump people, the left-wing Democrats — the evidence is all over the country — are deranged. They are unhinged. They are insanely angry here and unhinged and unsettled.”

“I can’t think of anybody better to head over to the Department of Justice and drain that swamp than Ted Cruz.”

“This is a seminal moment, this overwhelming defeat.  Even to me, and I have studied it each and every day, the depths to which the Democrat Party has sunk surprises and shocks even me.”   

“The Democrat Party coalition has now been outnumbered. The Democrats threw away their allegiance to white working-class voters. They basically discarded everybody who’s white that doesn’t have a college education. Well, that is a huge number of people.”

“Can you imagine if Larry Arnn ended up as education secretary? You put him in there at education and Cruz or Jeff Sessions as attorney general? The names I have seen floated are more solid and better in terms of conservatism than your average Republican nominee would put together.”

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