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RUSH: “Arizona Electors Bombarded with Requests to Change Their Votes.” Are any of you worried about this?  Are any of you concerned about this?  Story from the Phoenix affiliate KSAZ Eyewitness News.  “Donald Trump won Arizona, but could that change when the Electoral College convenes in December? An effort is underway to get some of the state’s 11 members of the Electoral College to vote against Trump.”

In 29 states the electors chosen by the party are required to vote for their winning candidate.  Arizona’s not one of those states.  The electoral can vote however he or she wants, and because of that, some people see an opportunity.  Can you imagine if this had happened after Obama? 

My favorite technique, one of them is, reverse the roles here, Obama wins and the Republicans immediately start sending massive amounts of emails to the electors saying, “Don’t vote for Obama; you’ve gotta vote for McCain.”  Imagine what the media would do with that?  The media is celebrating this, and the electors are interviewed here. 

“Idaho Trump Electors Report ‘Barrage’ of Harassing Messages Urging Them to Change Votes.”  There’s obviously an organized campaign started by community organizers, and I really wouldn’t doubt that Clinton campaign people are behind this.  I wouldn’t doubt it at all.  Whether or not it’s Clinton campaign, it’s Democrats, Democrats behind this flooding electors, flooding them with mail and email, threatening, demanding that they vote for Hillary. 

Speaking of mail, look at this from the Washington Post.  “Kids are writing to Donald Trump, asking him to be a kind president.”

“Dear Mr. Trump:  Please do not say mean things.”  Signed, little Johnny.  It’s pathetic.  These organized campaigns are pathetic.  What the Washington Post — here, let me just read to you.  “In the wake of a bitter presidential race whose aftermath has brought only more vitriol –”  No, it hasn’t.  There is so much excitement and happiness out there.  The vitriol is taking place among a very infinitesimal percentage of the population. 

This is classic.  This is exactly what the media does.  It’s just like what happened in Indiana with the religious freedom law or whenever you have, say, bakeries refusing to bake a cake for a gay wedding. If you listen to media you would think the whole country is outraged at the bakery and want them strung up.  So the election of Trump has increased the vitriol.  No, it’s increased the childishness, the immaturity, and the embarrassing display of really underdeveloped human beings that identify as Democrats. 

“In the wake of a bitter presidential race, many parents have found it difficult to draw out any positive aspects of the election to teach their children.”  That is just a crock.  The vast majority of parents are happily explaining to their kids what happened if their kids don’t already know.  But not according to the Washington Post.  “The day after Election Day, Molly Spence Sahebjami tried to do just that. The Seattle mother started a Facebook group called ‘Dear President Trump: Letters from Kids About Kindness.’

“The idea? To have children write letters to President-elect Donald Trump ‘about the importance of being kind to other people, even if they’re different than you are,’ according to a description on the group’s Facebook page.  Sahebjami, who lives in a state where voters overwhelmingly supported Hillary Clinton, said she knew many who disapproved of Trump’s vulgar language.”

You know what this reminds me of?  This is an exact replay of the budget battle of 1995 where the Democrats accused the Republicans of starving kids with their school lunch cuts, gonna be massive cuts in the school lunch program, and kids were gonna starve.  And the Democrats were out there pushing this narrative.  And somebody organized a letter writing campaign.  Teachers and so forth had their kids in class actually write letters to Newt Gingrich and members of Congress, “Please, I can’t study when I’m hungry!  Please, I can’t learn when I’m starving!  Please do not starve us!” 

And the media dutifully reported this as though it was happening in a mass basis all over the country.  And the Republicans caved to it.  This is where it all started, in the modern era of starting.  The budget battle of 1995 is where it all started, the caving.  Anyway, the school lunch program was not cut.  It was actually increased.  It just didn’t increase as much as the Democrats wanted it to, so they called that a cut and had little kids writing letters about starving. 

And of course the natural reaction to this, let’s say that you are Mr. and Mrs. Molly Spence Sahebjami, and you are in Seattle, the famous Sahebjami couple, and you have three kids that go to approved government public schools.  And one day you learn that the school lunch budget is gonna be cut.  What do you do?  You actually think your kids might starve rather than maybe feeding them lunch yourself?  This is the thing that missed everybody. Okay, there weren’t any cuts, but what if there were?  What if we simply ran out, what if we couldn’t afford it, what if it doesn’t happen anymore, it’s a hypothetical, would never happen, would parents just stand idly by and let their kids starve?  Are people that helpless? 

Have people become that dependent, that if the school lunch program suffers some budget cuts that they’ll sit by and let their kids go hungry, if that were to even happen.  This is what they loved to portray.  They loved to portray helpless dependent people driven to near insanity the very thought that a government program will have a penny less this year than it had last.  

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