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RUSH: What else do we have before have to take next break?  Chuck Todd, F. Chuck Todd, NBC, was on MSNBC yesterday, and he said that it sure looks like the Democrats are trying to quietly sideline the Clintons.  He pointed out that considering the Clintons dominated much of the air supply in the Democrat Party for the last 30 years, it’s notable that they seemingly have evaporated in the past week, that they’re nowhere. 

What Chuck doesn’t say here, folks, that this confirms, is the Clintons were out selling access.  Hillary and Bill Clinton with their foundation were selling access, selling American policy, in exchange for big dollar donations to them, their foundation, them personally.  And now that Hillary hasn’t been elected, all that money’s been donated for what?  I mean, nothing.  What are the donors gonna do now to get their money back, if they can?  But what Chuck Todd means here, the Democrats are throwing the Clintons overboard, sure looks like the Democrats are trying to quietly sideline the Clintons, it means the Clintons have zero value right now. 

They have nothing to sell.  The Clintons were of value to the Democrats as long as they had something to sell or as long as they looked like they might return to power or as long as they were at front and center of the movement of money around the globe, which is what the Clinton Global Initiative is about, being involved in the flow of money around the world, the Clintons taking whatever they can get for themselves at the same time.  Hillary was a defective political product propped up by an extensive team of fixers, but they don’t need her now. 

And they don’t need by… The way to look at this — it’s an amazing thing. The Obamas are gone — well, the Obamas are leaving, but he’s not gonna vanish. But the Clintons are gone, the Bidens are gone.  Think of it! In one week, a little over a week now. Go back to the day of the election, the day before, the week before, and look what would have been the case had they won.  Obama ascendant. Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton ascendant. Biden ascendant. The Democrat Party ascendant.  Look at just one election, what it has exposed. 

The dire straits the Democrats have actually been n iall these eight years, and how somewhat phony their claim to massive popularity and total devotion.  It was all not true.  And now, even F. Chuck Todd at NBC is lamenting the passing of the Clintons.  They’re no longer visible.  You just can’t see ’em out there. By the way, Hillary did show up for a speech last night.  You know, this is incredible.  You’re not supposed to mention these things, but I’m sorry. 

You know, I have vastly developed powers of observation.  I have a highly tuned curiosity.  You combine the vast powers of observation with keen curiosity and that equals profound learning.  Mrs. Clinton showed up last night at the Children’s Defense Fund.  People hadn’t seen her since the day after the election.  As I say, you’re not supposed to say these things, but my friends, if you can catch the video, you just need to look at it for a minute and a half and catch a still shot. 

The difference in Mrs. Clinton’s appearance from, say, the last week of the campaign or even the day after the election to last night is striking.  Gone was this Princess Diana haircut or whatever they were trying to make it look like. Gone was… There was no makeup.  The hair was flat and just hanging there.  It had not been styled.  There obviously was no makeup.  Obviously.  I know you’re not supposed to say these things.  Saying these things is considered to be misogynistic and anti-women.  It’s not.  I’m making an observation. She’s a human being. 

She had a vastly, dramatically different appearance.  I had a still shot here.  I can’t show the still shot to you on the Dittocam.  I couldn’t get close enough for you to see it, anyway, no matter how I zoomed in, but it’s striking.  The eyes… It’s just striking, the difference.  I mean, it’s so much phoniness.  The Mrs. Clinton we saw last night’s the real Hillary Clinton.  Tired.  She admitted that she’s been wanting to crawl up with a book and pretend that nothing in the last six months ever happened. She told ’em this last night. She told ’em how tough it was. She didn’t want to be there last night but she felt a duty to the children to show up.


RUSH: Mr. Snerdley just told me that he doesn’t buy this for a minute.  He thinks Mrs. Clinton’s appearance last night was strategic and purposeful.  He said, “Everybody’s blaming her, gunning for her, talking about how she blew it. So it’s quite natural that she comes out and acts like the poor beat-up victim, suffering mightily, evoking sympathy from people.”  That’s pretty much what you think, right?  “Because she’s plotting her future.”  I said, “What do you mean?  She’s 69 going on 80!  What future?” 

“She thinks she’s got another ten years.  This election’s over, but she’s plotting. These people, they’re the Clintons, Rush. They never go away.”  I can’t deny that, but… (interruption) All right. We’ll put it in the mix.  I have to admit the Clintons plot, that very little is real.  Snerdley’s theory is she wanted to look like that last night for the express purpose of, “Oh, how suffering it must be! How difficult it must be. Poor Hillary. She worked so hard and to be savaged by some brute like Trump who’s now trying to find all the transgenders and move ’em to Mexico! Oh, my God, how bad could it be?”

And then there’s this.  The Huffing and Puffington Post.  Somebody there named Sam Stein.  “The Clinton Campaign Was Undone By Its Own Neglect And A Touch Of Arrogance, Staffers Say.” Not Sam Stein.  Sam Stein just the vessel here.  Clinton “staffers.”  This always happens after a loss. The passage of time goes by, and then the staff starts whining and moaning and leaking so that they don’t get the blame for it.  Staffers — nameless, faceless staffers — they always end up getting the blame from debacle like this.

So these people supposedly leaking and what they’re saying is that Hillary was arrogant. The campaign thought they had it in the bag, didn’t even go to Wisconsin, didn’t even take Trump seriously. They thought they were gonna win five or six points.  You know, if I were Hillary, I might think of suing the media and their polling units.  Why did they think they were so ahead?  Why did anybody think Hillary was up five to six points?  Why did anybody think the election was over before we voted? Why did anybody think that?

The Clintons clearly did, and so did their staff.  Grounds for a lawsuit. Quote, “They had staff on the ground and lots of volunteers, but they weren’t running a massive program because they thought they were up six, seven points.”  Democrats… It’s like I’ve been saying: They ran a conventional, inside-the-Beltway political blueprint campaign against an unconventional opponent that nobody knew how to program for.  And then they bought hook, line, and sinker the leftist media, the leftist spin and believed it all.  Not that they needed that. 

I think they’re arrogant enough to think they had it in the bag, anyway; that Trump couldn’t possibly be supported by anybody.  In fact, we kept hearing about the massive ground game that Hillary had — the massive, coordinated, well-oiled machine the Clinton ground game was — and this story says, “In key battleground states, calls for help weren’t taken seriously…” Sounds like Benghazi.  Clinton campaign offices were asking for help from the campaign.  They said, “What difference does it make now?  We got it in the bag!” 

Calls from Benghazi.  “We need some help!”

“What difference does it make now?” 

She left a lot of people hanging ’cause she thought it was in the bag.


RUSH:  Jacksonville, Florida.  Scott.  Welcome.  Great to have you.  Hi.

CALLER:  Mannheim Steamroller Pat-a-Pan mega dittos from Jacksonville, Florida.

RUSH:  Thank you very much, sir.  I appreciate that.

CALLER:  And I do have a tech question on the end.  You know I am on my slow-as-molasses iPad 2 last night minding my own business, and I see Hillary Clinton at this event, and she says, “You know, I felt like staying in bed, staying with my dogs,” and, Rush, the way she looked, it looks like she just rolled out of bed.  I mean, no makeup, didn’t run a brush through her hair.  And I was respectfully disagree with Mr. Snerdley.  I don’t think she did this on purpose.  I think that’s just the way she was and she didn’t care.

RUSH:  Well, you may be right.  As I have pondered this, and knowing the Clintons as I do, it is entirely possibly that this could have been part of a strategic behavior designed to create, evoke sympathy.  I mean, she loves making herself a victim, and she went out and started complaining, “Oh, it’s been so hard! (sobbing) So hard!”  And if she’s gonna go out and complain about how hard it has been and how she didn’t even want to come to this thing, it would help that along if she looked like, as you say, she just got out of bed. 

And the Clintons are strategic in this way.  The one thing that argues against this is people just don’t understand a woman not making an effort, of her stature.  I mean, you just don’t see it.  And so, you know, you could go either way here on that.  Anyway, I appreciate the call.  I’ve gotta run.  

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