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Democrat mayors across the country are rushing to the cameras to declare their loyalty to sanctuary cities. All told, there are about 300 Democrat-run cities and counties that have adopted this lawless “sanctuary” policy.

Chicago’s Rahm Emanuel reassured the illegal population they were safe and secure in his city despite the election. “Chicago has in the past been a sanctuary it will always be a sanctuary city,” he said.

Mayors of New York, Los Angeles, Seattle, Philadelphia, and San Francisco all said they’ll defy federal immigration law. They promised to keep illegal immigrants from being deported.

They were reacting to President-Elect Trump re-affirming his plan to enforce immigration law [gasp!], starting with those who have criminal records. You’d think that would be celebrated in Chicago, which is closing in on a record 4,000 shootings this year. And where the budget is such a mess they’re struggling to keep the schools open.

Speaking of budget: if Trump stops federal funding to sanctuary cities, as he promised, San Francisco alone could lose a billion dollars.

But to Democrats, federal money is secondary. Our laws mean nothing. As long as Democrats see illegal aliens as Democrat voters, the Party will stop at nothing to protect them. Since Democrats lost the white working class, illegals are their ticket to power!

It’s going to be an ugly battle, in an even uglier war! But for the first time in years, we’re actually going to fight the damn thing! It’s about time. 

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