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“The Trump transition team is well-oiled. It’s smoking hot! The Trump transition team is preparing to drain the swamp. Trump is making sure that everybody on his team is actually on his team. He is making sure there are no lobbyists, and he is making everybody sign a form that they will not lobby for five years after leaving his administration.”

“What the what the what the media knows is, the more they lie, the longer they lie, the more consistently they lie, the greater the odds are that a great number of people will believe it.”

“You’re never gonna get an airplane off the ground with wind and you’re never gonna get an airplane off the ground with solar panels. There is nothing. You’re never gonna power a great cargo ship with wind or solar. Just isn’t gonna happen.”

“A lot of us think we defeated communism. We did, but we didn’t. We defeated the Soviet Union, but not communism.”

“Communism still has a very large mansion in this country. It’s found on college campuses. It’s found in Hollywood. It’s found in any number of places that have the power to manipulate minds and influence opinion.”

“The worst feeling is leaving here at the end of the program and going home and thinking I left so much good stuff on the desk that I didn’t get to. Of course, you don’t know because you don’t know what’s on the desk. But I know, and it frustrates me.”

“The iPhone is one of the greatest technological marvels in consumer electronics ever.  The amount of research and development and precision and technology in an iPhone, I guarantee you, 99% of people who use them have no idea.  Not that they should.  They just use them.  That’s what they’re for.  They just work.  But the technology in these things is mind-boggling.”

“You’re never gonna get an airplane off the ground with wind and you’re never gonna get an airplane off the ground with solar panels. You’re never gonna power a great cargo ship with wind or solar. It just isn’t gonna happen.”

“You know, if I were Hillary, I might think of suing the media and their polling units. Why did her campaign think they were so ahead? Why did anybody think Hillary was up five or six points? Why did anybody think the election was over before we voted?”

“I think Donald J. Trump got every intention of revising how everything happens in Washington, in terms of how it happens, how fast it happens, the routes you take to make things happen. If I’m right, it’s gonna be fun to watch ’cause people’s heads are gonna be spinning trying to catch up with him.”

“I think establishment types and political professionals, both in and outside the government — media, all kinds of people in Washington — had better get ready for the breakneck pace that Trump is going to try to bring to this.”

“You’ve heard of the word indefatigable? That’s Trump.  He’s 71 years old, gets up at five in the morning, he sleeps four hours a night, and he doesn’t stop. Donald Trump has never smoked and he has never consumed adult beverages.”

“What do you think the transgender population of this country is? One-tenth of 1%? If that! And these people are acting like Trump’s coming for ’em. Trump’s not even spoken about transgenders. I don’t think Trump said a thing about transgenders in the campaign, but they are convinced that Trump’s coming for ’em.” 

“The media is trying to portray Trump as they think he is: Neophyte, inexperienced, clueless, dangerous, bull in the china shop, doesn’t know what he’s doing. That’s what they’re trying to spread out there. And they believe that the more consistently they do it, the greater the odds that a greater number of people will start believing it, which is why we’re gonna keep focusing here to exposing the BS and the lies that they tell.”  

“Manmade climate change is a hoax. It is a political hoax designed to grow government, raise taxes, limit freedom.” 

“I would take Schaffer some cigars now and then to give to Letterman, and Schaffer would ask, ‘What, are they poisoned? Are they gonna blow up?’ I said, ‘No. No.’ So he took ’em and I got thank-you notes from Letterman. Those stopped after my first appearance.”  

“I have vastly developed powers of observation. I have a highly tuned curiosity. You combine the vast powers of observation with keen curiosity and that equals profound learning.”

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