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My Morning Communications Breakdown

RUSH: Communication.  I have to go off on a tangent here for just a second, folks.  I have to share this with you.  Communication is what I do.  It is my business.  Communication in my business, and as you know, I’m the mayor of Realville, and so things to me are literal.  And I have spent — I wouldn’t even be bothering you but I’ve spent the last 20 minutes, 30 minutes in a miscommunication. 

Let me read something to you and ask you what you think. You’re talking to somebody at a website and you want to order some stuff, okay?  And you get this note.  You’ve ordered things on this website countless times, so you’ve got an order history, and you have some outstanding orders, some things you’ve ordered that haven’t yet been delivered. Okay, you got the setup now? 

I order things from a website, there are outstanding orders that have not yet shipped, and I may be ordering more of this stuff, but I don’t know yet, or I might buy it direct from the store, haven’t figured out what I’m gonna do yet.  So in the midst of this I get a note:  “I’m being told by my colleague that an order from your store is being shipped in one day.” 

I said, “Wait a minute, I haven’t ordered anything.  I haven’t got a shipping notice.”

What does that mean to you?  When you get a note: “I’m being told by my colleague that an order from your custom store is being shipped in one day,” what does that mean to you?  It means something is coming to you tomorrow, right?  No, it’s not what he meant.  And for the last 30 minutes I’ve been going back and forth, “Could you find the order for me?  I haven’t ordered anything that’s shipping tomorrow,” particularly this product.  It’s about a particular product here and I haven’t ordered any of these. 

And that’s not what he meant.  What he meant was, “I’m told by a colleague that if you order something today, it will ship tomorrow.”  And all along I have thought that I’ve been told that an order that I didn’t make is shipping tomorrow.  The reason I’m doing this, I could have been doing show prep the last 30 minutes.  I’ve been dealing with this, trying to figure out what the hell did I order?  In these days of credit card fraud, I mean, you can’t be too careful.  So I’m trying to figure out, “I didn’t order any of these, what do you mean they’re coming tomorrow?” 

“No, no, no, I mean if you order, we’re shipping really fast, we’ll ship it tomorrow.” 

I said, “Well, why didn’t you say “would be” instead of “is”?  I’m not getting it ’cause I didn’t order it.  That’s the whole point.  I’ve been trying to track down an order I didn’t make and that’s not what they were telling me.  They were trying to tell me that if I ordered something, it would ship tomorrow.  This place has a very, very slow shipping process.  Things in stock take two weeks before they even ship ’em.  And then they come from Lantau Island, Hong Kong, via Japan, via Anchorage, via South Korea, then finally Louisville or wherever and then they show up.  I know. 

My point here, I am a communication specialist, highly trained, highly educated, highly developed.  And it’s a learning experience, it makes me think, okay, how do I say things to you and how are you interpreting them?  I examine this stuff all the time.  I try to be as precise as I can.  In fact, it really gets frustrating.  

Media Continues to Lie About Trump Transition

RUSH: Remember, this is all coming to us via the media, and the media is practiced in lying and misstating and misrepresenting, like they’re doing with this Trump transition business.  They’re gonna keep at this. 

What the media knows is, the more they lie, the longer they lie, the more consistently they lie, the greater the odds are that a great number of people will believe it and that’s what they’re doing with this transition business.  They’re not letting go of the transition is in disarray, that Trump doesn’t know what he’s doing, that he hasn’t named anybody yet.  Of course, it’s barely been over a week!  Most presidents haven’t named anybody yet.  You know, George H. W. Bush had named two, I think, by one week after his election in 1988?

But there’s nothing abnormal here whatsoever.  The Trump transition team is well-oiled. It’s smoking hot!  The Trump transition team, they are preparing to drain the swamp.  Trump is making sure that everybody on his team is actually on his team.  He is making sure there are no lobbyists, and he is making everybody sign a form that they will not lobby for five years after leaving his administration.  He’s making explicitly sure that what he promised during the campaign is happening and going to happen. 

When they say they’re gonna drain the swamp, that’s what they’re going to do.  And the media can’t… They can’t get their arms around all of this, and they’re trying to portray Trump as they think he is: Neophyte, inexperienced, clueless, dangerous, bull in the china shop, doesn’t know what he’s doing.  That’s what they’re trying to spread out there.  And they believe that the more consistently they do it, the greater the odds that a greater number of people will start believing it, which is why we’re gonna keep focusing here to exposing the BS and the lies that they tell.  

Precious Snowflakes Worried Trump Will Come for the Transgenders

RUSH: I just got an email from a friend, “Rush, do you know…? Do you know that the popular vote win for Hillary is all from California?” “Yeah, I’ve only been saying this for a week! (chuckling) What am I doing here?  I have been telling you the popular vote for Hillary is gonna come from New York and California, but Trump…” I don’t need to repeat all this.  

So I’m sitting here pulling out… No wonder I’m losing my hair here.  I consider myself a communications specialist, and I’m wasting my time.  I need to dumb myself down. 

No, you do not know how frustrating this last one was. I’ll betcha there have been 25 emails back and forth trying to iron out an order that I thought had been placed for me that I didn’t place that’s shipping tomorrow. (crumbling up piece of paper) I really appreciate you indulging me, helping me get this off my chest.  It’s therapeutic.  If I were a young snowflake in college I’d be hidden in a closet crying about it, and worried that Trump was gonna come turn me into a transgender.  What do you think the transgender population of this country is?  What percentage?  One-tenth of 1%?  If that!  If that. 

And these people are acting like Trump’s coming for ’em.  Trump’s not even spoken about transgenders.  I don’t think Trump said a thing about transgenders in the campaign, but they are convinced that Trump’s coming for ’em. So there’s a couple stories about how transgenders are banding together to change their names and to change their sexual identity so that Trump can’t find ’em — and they are dead serious! I don’t… Just anything other than what they’re officially known so that Trump can’t find… (interruption) It’s Trump.  Trump is going to come find them!

(interruption)  Trump… Tru… (interruption) What am I saying?  (interruption) What are you asking? Have I not just finished telling you how I say what I mean?  Trump! They are saying Trump is gonna find ’em. Not Cruz, not Rudy, Trump is going to come find them. Trump’s gonna find ’em wherever they are and kick them out of the country or make ’em go to a sex change or addadictomy operation, whatever they think, and they’re scared to death! Many of them are on college campuses. 

Ho! (chuckling)  It is… (interruption) Of course you can’t believe it. You must! This is the point: 25 years ago we couldn’t believe it. Today, we have to believe it. This stuff is all true.  The one tenth of 1% of the population that is transgender is scared to death to Donald Trump is coming.  

Texas Shale Field Discovered

RUSH: Let me just give you some highlights of what’s coming up on the program today.  These young snowflakes on college campuses all across the country and the Millennials who are convinced we have to go to Mars to save our civilization, and we’ve gotta do this in 30 years or else we’re all cooked — literally cooked — because of climate change. The biggest shale oil discovery in the world has been found in Texas.  (chuckling)  I was looking at Dr. Spencer, Dr. Roy Spencer, our official climatologist at the EIB Network. I was looking at his website today, and he discusses…

He and I have a friendly back-and-forth on this climate change hoax.  He doesn’t believe it’s a scientific hoax. He thinks it’s a policy hoax, a political hoax.  He thinks that there is warming ’cause it happens all the time.  My point is manmade climate change is a hoax. It is a political hoax designed to grow government, raise taxes, limit freedom. I’ve been through all that.  Anyway, they are convinced, the climate change fearmongers are convinced that had if we continue with fossil fuels, we’re gonna cook.

So the discovery of oil sends ’em into a panic.  The more oil, the more we will continue to use fossil fuels.  Folks, there’s nothing out there that can replace fossil fuels, and there won’t be for decades.  It isn’t wind.  It isn’t solar.  Just stop and think of the obvious.  Think of a cargo airplane.  Think all of cargo airplane that’s manufacturing… What do Millennials love?  Uhh… (interruption) Well, no, not the iPhone. Well, I can use it.  Okay.  You Millennials who love your iPhones. 

You know how they get here from China?  They’re put on giant cargo airplanes — 747s, DC-10s, MD-11s — that are flown here from China or they’re put on giant, giant cargo ships, and you can’t power… You’re never gonna get an airplane off the ground with wind and you’re never gonna get an airplane off the ground with solar panels.  There is nothing. You’re never gonna power a great cargo ship with wind or solar.  Just isn’t gonna happen. 

We’re nowhere near it, and the more fossil fuels we discover is better for everybody.  It’s better for the economy; it’s better for prices; it’s better for commerce because oil is the fuel of the engine of democracy. Oh, and do they hate that! Oh, that just sends them into a rabid, uncontrolled rage when you tell them that.  So, “vast shale oil field in Texas could yield 20 billion barrels,” which is great news, but on college campuses and in the far reaches of the left, this will be greeted as an absolutely devastating piece of news.  

Another Columnist Hopes Trump Fails

RUSH: By the way, another column today.  Boston Globe, some guy named Cohen.  “I hope he fails” is the headline.  It’s everywhere now.  You see how I open doors.  I am a classic example of the pioneers taking the arrows.  In 2009 I said, “I hope Obama fails.” Everybody knows what I mean, but they act like they don’t, and now liberal after liberal after liberal says with impunity, with joy, with happiness, with pride, “I hope Trump fails.”  And nobody’s jumping on their case. 

Nobody’s accusing them of undermining the presidency.  Nobody’s accusing these people who want Trump to fail.  Nobody’s saying about them that they’re harming America like it was said about me.  No, these people are being treated as intellectual giants.  

CNN: Trump Developing Plan to Track Immigrants

RUSH:  Look at this, folks.  I’m looking at CNN right now and they’ve got Wolf Blitzer on, there’s a graphic the bottom of the screen says, “Source,” colon, “Trump team developing plan to track immigrants.”  No!  They wouldn’t dare.  CNN.  I don’t have to have volume up so I didn’t listen, but I don’t need to.  I can full well imagine the outrage and the anger and the shock that CNN is reporting here as there will be a team tracking immigrants.  Trump team plan to track — (laughing)  And the Trump immigration adviser says there’s not gonna be a Muslim registry, so CNN no doubt confused, angry, outraged.  The entire media is because they have to be knowing they’re failing right now in their efforts to delegitimize the Trump victory.  

Houston Texans Warned About Trip to Mexico

RUSH: For example, the NFL has a Monday night game in Mexico City, the Houston Texans and the Raiders are gonna be playing on Monday night in Mexico City, and the Texans sent a memo to the players.  “Houston Texans players are being advised by the team not to leave the hotel and not to order room service during their trip to Mexico City for Monday night’s game against the Oakland Raiders.

“The Associated Press obtained a memo distributed to the team on Wednesday that included a page of information concerning the trip. … A section of the memo under the heading ‘safety’ had a bullet point with: ‘DO NOT leave the hotel.’ It was followed by a line advising players to leave all ‘expensive jewelry at home,’ not to bring large sums of money and not to use ATMs.”

I mean, the image being created here is that they are going into the middle of a crime-infested, sick, diseased area, and you had better come in contact with nobody but other team members.  Do not do the ice, do not order room service is another, do not eat the food in the hotel.  Only eat your meals in the team meal room. 

You know, when teams go to London, I don’t think it’s true in all cases, but many teams take every bit of food the team eats for whatever number of days there, four or five days.  They take their own chefs.  And I’m sure they’re gonna do the same thing in Mexico City.  They ship all the food. 

Mexico apparently, one of the real commandments here is not to eat the beef, and the reason for that is that Mexico, in order to the spur the growth of steers, uses a hormone that if found in players disqualifies them.  It’s a performance enhancing drug type thing.  It’s called clenbuterol.  The memo even stresses this.  “Consuming large quantities of meat while visiting those countries may result in a positive test for clenbuterol. The memo told the players to ‘please take caution if you decide to consume meat, and understand that you do so at your own risk.’

“Clenbuterol has been banned in Mexico as a growth enhancer for cattle but is suspected,” that it’s still used by evil cattle ranchers.  Of course, by definition, all cattle ranchers are evil ’cause they’re destroying the planet.  The Raiders did not receive such a memo because of course the Raiders, they feed off poison.  I mean, they’re the Raiders.  And as such they come from the black hole.  There’s no way to poison ’em because they are poison. (laughing) Al Davis.  

Colin Kaepernick Isn’t Even Registered to Vote

RUSH: Folks, guess what?  Not only did this clown, Colin Kaepernick not vote in the last election, he’s not even registered to vote.  He’s never registered to vote.  Big social justice warrior, so concerned about the oppression of minorities in America.  I guess the most he’s willing to do is take a knee during the national anthem, but he’s never even registered to vote.  

Automakers Go All In on SUVs

RUSH: From Bloomberg News:  “Automakers Are Going All In on SUVs.”  So while Obama and the left are trying to force everybody into these silly electric cars and tiny little compacts and subcompacts in order to save the planet, Americans are busy buying SUVs.  You know, it’s actually kind of amazing, when you stop and think of all of the PR there has been against big cars, against Big Oil, against SUVs, that people are not listening.  They’re buying what they want. 

Look at the things Obama has been pushing that everybody is rejecting.  His approval number is still a matter of great mystery to me.  It’s not a mystery I don’t think that I can solve.  I mean, I can solve it, I can explain it easily.  They said his latest approval number is 57%, and yet everybody’s opposed to everything he’s doing!  The vast majority of people are opposed to everything he’s doing. 

“Automakers Are Going All In on SUVs,” and this is gonna cause quite a degree of upset among our young Millennials and college students who are going to think that the earth will now become uninhabitable ten years earlier.  Don’t doubt me.  You may think these are wild claims for the sake of humor.  They’re not.  They used to be, but they are not.  

Layoffs Hit Drive-By Media

First story, CNNMoney: “Media winter continues as layoffs hit Univision.” Univision’s laid off a lot of people. This is Jorge Ramos… Not him, but I mean his company.  The news arrives at a time of mounting economic anxiety in the news business.

“The Wall Street Journal began a significant round of layoffs this month, and has cut entire sections of the newspaper as part of cost-cutting efforts. Employees at the [New York] Daily News were informed last week of a ‘voluntary departure program,’ as the tabloid reportedly eyes $6 million in budget cuts.” And then there’s this.  Bloomberg TV is canceling With All Due Respect.  That’s the TV show hosted by John Heilemann and Mark Halperin. 

These are guys that follow the campaigns around and write a book about it afterwards, not having released any of the information during the campaign.  Oh!  I think some people are complaining about that to Megyn Kelly.  She’s got a new… I think it’s Megyn Kelly.  She’s got a new book out, and I think she’s being criticized for withholding a bunch of stuff from for her book rather than reporting it. I mean, the hypocrisy of these people.  But look at all the leftist news organizations that are firing people, downsizing people after the elections.

It’s like they kept the staffs up to do everything they could to stop Trump, and that didn’t work, and so now they’re downsizing.  “Bloomberg to End With All Due Respect as Company Reorganizes Bloomberg Politics — Bloomberg’s With All Due Respect politics program is coming to an end, and its ambitious Bloomberg Politics team will be rejiggered and woven back into the company’s overall Washington coverage, a source confirmed…” We used audio sound bites from this show now and then, so we’ll have to find a replacement.  But it’s not gonna be MSNBC.  

Massachusetts Authorities Searching for SUV

RUSH: You remember back in the days where the media would report in a traffic accident that the SUV was at fault?  “SUV drives off cliff.” “SUV powers through guardrail, drops two levels in parking garage,” SUV wipes out woman on sidewalk in Boston.” We made the no, the media was so attuned to destroying and promoting climate change, that the SUV became a humanized object.  Not the drivers.  The SUV as though it was acting on its own!  It’s happening again. “Fox News: Massachusetts Authorities Searching for SUV in Relation to Jogger’s Murder.”  Really?  The SUV committed murder?  “Massachusetts Authorities Searching for SUV…”  Not driver?  The car?

Trump to Meet with Kissinger, Romney and Fred Smith of FedEx

RUSH:  Okay.  Would you describe this as trying to heal the party?  Donald Trump is meeting with Romney.  Romney is gonna meet with Trump, as I understand it, about a possible cabinet position. He’s gonna meet with Romney over the weekend about a possible cabinet position.  (interruption) What?  They’re shouting at me that that’s crazy.  And then he’s meeting today, I think, with Dr. Kissinger and Fred Smith of FedEx.  By the way, FedEx showed up, right?  Good.  So Fred Smith and Dr. Kissinger, Trump’s meeting with, and meeting with Romney. 

Look, this is the first I’ve heard of it.  It may not be entirely correct.  I have to always throw that caveat out.  (interruption) Okay, okay, so it’s being reported everywhere.  Fine and dandy.  I just like to be very careful, you know, when I haven’t seen it myself and I’ve been told about it. I’ve been burned a lot of times, not purposely, it’s just happened.  So he’s meeting with Romney over the weekend about a possible cabinet position.  Would you call that attempting to heal the party?  You wouldn’t?  You’d call it nuts? 

Okay, Romney has done everything he can to defeat Trump except run himself.  Yeah.  You might say he’s done everything he could to destroy Trump.  I won’t get alarmed at that unless I hear he’s putting him in charge of health care.  That would disturb me, if Trump put Romney in charge of health care, even if he’s gonna dismantle it.  Some people are looking at it as healing.  Some are looking at it as Trump doing what he can to unify the party.  We’ll see.  Time will tell.  

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