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RUSH: Beth, Vernon, Connecticut.  Welcome, Beth.  Great to have you on the program.  Hi.

CALLER:  Hi, Rush.  Thanks for taking my call.  I have a question about my iPhone battery.

RUSH:  Oh.  I am the expert on battery life.  What is the question?

CALLER:  Well, just waiting on hold for two hours, it drained down to 43%.

RUSH:  From a hundred percent?

CALLER:  And in the last few weeks it’s been draining very quickly.  Is there a difference between listening to Rush 24/7 live audio stream versus downloading the podcast?  Could that be draining the battery?

RUSH:  Yeah, you’re browsing internet.  It shouldn’t be burning that fast no matter what you’re doing even on a small phone like that. How often do you reboot the phone, power reboot and all of that?

CALLER:  Every night I just put it by the bed stand.

RUSH:  You actually turn it off and turn it back on?

CALLER:  Oh, no, I never do that unless I’m traveling or something.

RUSH:  Oh.  I guarantee you if you do that once or twice a week, that’s the first thing you do to clear up. You probably got a renegade process running there in the background refreshing something or not stopping when you close an app.  Power the phone down, reboot it, and it’ll fix it.  But look, screw that!  I give everybody calling today a new phone, so you have a 5.  Would you like a new iPhone 7 or 7 Plus?

CALLER:  Oh, that would be awesome.

RUSH:  Yeah, that’s the way to fix the battery life.  So what do you want, 7 or 7 Plus?

CALLER:  7 Plus, please.

RUSH:  Okay, what’s your carrier?

CALLER:  Sprint.

RUSH:  Sprint.  Sprint.  Okay, it’s gonna have to be black, if that’s okay.

CALLER:  Okay.

RUSH:  Shiny jet black iPhone 7 Plus. You are gonna be the envy of your neighborhood, nobody has these.

CALLER:  Wow.  And should I still power it down a couple times a week?

RUSH:  I do, yeah. 

CALLER:  I never thought to do this unless there was a problem.

RUSH:  I do all kinds of things.  My battery life on my 7 Plus just yesterday, I’d had 28 hours on the phone with eight hours of usage and I still had 70% of the battery left.

CALLER:  Wow.  I’m not getting anything quite like that.

RUSH:  The battery in the 7 Plus is gonna dazzle you.  Even if there was nothing wrong with your iPhone 5 battery, the iPhone 7 Plus, a day-and-a-half or two days more than likely.


RUSH:  You’re certainly gonna get a full day easily with no hassle. What you described is not gonna happen to you.  You’re not gonna go down 43% in two hours, isn’t gonna happen.  Anyway, hang on so Snerdley can get your address so we can get this out to you.  

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