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Today I bring you the tale of two angry women. Shannon Coulter, a “marketing specialist,” and Sue Atencio, a grandmother, are targeting the President-Elect’s daughter, Ivanka Trump.

The women have organized a boycott and are trying to convince big retailers like Nordstrom, and online giants like Amazon, to drop all of Ivanka’s products. To supposedly send some kind of message to her father.

The marketing genius behind the boycott, Ms. Coulter, says that “flexing” consumer power is a way to “lobby for an inclusive, big-hearted America over a hateful divisive one.” Ms. Coulter says: “College-educated women in particular are well aware of the epic consumer power they wield, and they’re flexing that power.”

With all that “flexing” going on, I guess she can’t look in a mirror. If she did, she might notice how exclusive, divisive, and mean-spirited her own attacks on Ivanka Trump are. So far, the boycott has worked with one retailer. The website “shoes.com” reportedly has dropped Ivanka’s products.

My guess is, Ivanka Trump won’t be too hurt by this boycott. If some retailers drop off others may well come on board. And I wouldn’t be surprised to see Trump supporters rallying to Ivanka’s bottom line.

That’s because so many Americans are really tired of these nasty liberals, with their constant whining, complaining, and classless attacks. As shown by these two angry boycotters, Democrats are sore losers!

Which is why they were just defeated. Again. And i’ll bet you both of them wear iron clad bras that are not expandable, and that’s what they’re ticked off. 

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