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RUSH: Leanne’s in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.  Great to have you, Leanne.  Hi.

CALLER:  Hi, Mr. Limbaugh.  Thank you so much for taking my call.

RUSH:  You bet!

CALLER: First of all, I just want to quickly start off and say thank you for being a constant voice of reason for me.  You were my quote/unquote “safe place” always, even before I knew I needed one.  Primarily the reason for my call is I want to tell you that my son Michael, who’s 13, he’s an athlete and he is a math kid, but he would rather do anything else than read.  But he has read every one of the Rush Revere books.  And the other day, when I told him there was a new one coming out, his response was, “Yes!”

RUSH: (chuckles)

CALLER: And I’ve never heard him respond about a book like that.  And I have to wonder, in part, if it was because this past summer my husband and I took our two children to Massachusetts on vacation.  We went to Plymouth, we went to Boston, we walked the Freedom Trail, and I have to say the books came to life for us while we were there.

RUSH:  Aw, that is such magic!

CALLER:  It was.  It the rule was.  In the Plymouth Plantation they have historical figures, you know, that would be back in time, that play the role back in time. So we were talking to Governor Bradford about the commonwealth that they had back then and how it didn’t work, and we crossed the Charles River and went to the Old North Church. It was just an amazing experience, and I have to thank you for what you’re doing for our children ’cause I’m sure my son is not the only one out there that you have touched both historically and gotten them to want to read.  It’s amazing.  So keep them coming.

RUSH:  Well, I can’t thank you enough.  Those are just magic words that you have made those books come to life by going to all of these great historical places that we have written about in the Rush Revere books.  It does bring it all to life.  And it’s great that your son is living the experience.  This is the actual purpose we had in writing the books this way, was to take young readers like this actually to the events and make them part of them so that they would —


RUSH:  — remember it as though grow up rather than —


RUSH:  — have it recited to them as most things are taught.  Well, you’ve made my day.  Look, two things.  Would you like a brand-new iPhone 7 or 7 Plus?

CALLER:  Oh, my gosh, thank you.  That would be amazing.  Thank you.

RUSH:  Which one do you want, now?  Do you know the difference in the two?

CALLER:  I heard you talking earlier.  I actually am not an iPhone user so you might be converting me.  I think I’m just gonna go with the 7, if that’s okay.

RUSH:  Okay, so you want to go with the 4.7-inch screen, that’s the smaller of the two.  It’s a great phone.  You’re not going wrong with it.  Some people like the bigger screener.  The bigger screener is five-and-a-half inches. What kind of phone do you have now?

CALLER:  I have a Samsung, like an S5, so I imagine it’s pretty comparable?

RUSH:  Oh, yes, it’s definitely time to upgrade. (interruption) What was that, James?  Yeah, yours hasn’t blown up on you, has it?


RUSH:  Your house is still standing?

CALLER:  No, I have an S5.  I have such an old version, I got the pre-blow up version.

RUSH:  Okay, cool.  So who’s your carrier?

CALLER:  Verizon.

RUSH:  Verizon.

CALLER:  Verizon, yeah.

RUSH:  Verizon.  Okay.  Here are the colors in that.  I’ve got white on the front with rose gold on the back or black.

CALLER:  Black would be great.

RUSH:  Great, great, great choice.  Okay.  So you need to hang on so we can get your address at the end of the call.

CALLER:  Okay.

RUSH: The phone is gonna come unlocked.  Your SIM card in your current phone will not work in the new one ’cause the phone you have is too old so you’ll have to take this to Verizon but they can easily move your number to it.  The phone is unlocked.  It’s not attached to any carrier or contract.  You tell ’em it’s a gift, take it in the box and I’m sure they’ll happily set it up for you.  And I also want to send your son a whole package of stuff from the Rush Revere crowd.

CALLER:  Oh, my gosh.

RUSH:  Yes.  So you hang on —

CALLER:  Thank you.

RUSH:  — hang on out there, Leanne and we’ll get your address from Mr. Snerdley and you’ll have the phone tomorrow and the other stuff next week, okay?

CALLER:  Thank you.  Keep doing what you’re doing, sir.  Appreciate it.

RUSH:  No, it is I who am indebted and grateful to you.  You’ve given a great review of the Rush Revere Time-Travel Adventures with Exceptional Americans series, and I cannot thank you enough.  I really do appreciate it.  

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