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RUSH: Now, Reuters: “Conservatives bristle as Trump backs off Clinton prosecution.”  There’s another one.  “Trump walks back.” “Trump backs off.” “Trump changing mind.”  “Trump relaxing.”  Don’t believe it!  He hasn’t done anything yet.  He’s just talking to a bunch of people at the media that he knows don’t tell the truth about him. 

But in this story, there’s something of particular interest to me. “Conservatives who have reveled in the possibility of a Clinton prosecution were not pleased.  Breitbart News, the outlet once led by Trump’s chief strategist Steve Bannon, published a story on Tuesday under the headline: ‘Broken Promise?  Trump Doesn’t Wish to Pursue Clinton Email Charges?'”  Stop and think of that.  Ostensibly, we have the number one pro-Trump website, Breitbart News, now bitching and moaning about Trump? I think all this is perhaps a head fake.  But that’s not what I wanted to address. 

It’s what comes next.  “Radio personality Rush Limbaugh asked the 2 million people who like his Facebook page for reaction and received more than 2,000 responses.”  Now, I did yesterday, on this program, ask you what some of you thought about it.  We got a lot of people calling in about it.  I didn’t specifically mention my Facebook page.  But it’s interesting that Reuters went there and checked it out.  Two million people.  I don’t even mention Facebook and I’ve got two million followers?  And I never even talk about it. 

Can you imagine how many followers we’d have on Facebook if I promoted it?  I don’t even promote it.  You know how many people would kill for a thousand followers?  Here I’ve got two million and I don’t even mention it?  Half the time I don’t even know I’ve got a Facebook page.  I’m not a social media guy.  I have people that post things for me under orders, like Koko at the website and we got a Rush Revere Facebook page that’s exclusive, but we post a lot of things jointly at RushLimbaugh.com on our Facebook page. 

I never talk about it.  Two million followers?  That ought to be 32 million followers.  Make it happen, folks.  Get in gear.  What is this, two million?  That’s embarrassing.  Two million.  And then the next number, 2,000 responses.  Should have been 20,000 responses.  What are you looking at me that way for?  Do you think I’m — (interruption) What do you mean, you can’t believe I’m saying this?  You can’t believe that I’m embarrassed that I’ve got two million followers?  Well, it’s chump change compared to what we ought to have, and I don’t even talk about it. 

That’s my whole point.  You know, I don’t sit here and do a lot of self-promotion like half the other people out there.  I’ve got a Facebook page.  By the way, for those of you who found it, God bless you.  I mean, I’m not angry here.  I’m actually dreaming.  Can you imagine what we’d have there if I actually pushed this?  What do you think would happen, Snerdley? 

It would explode.  Two million followers and I never mention it.  And I’m thinking all these people out there that have a thousand followers and they got 10 people reacting and they think they’re cool.  Well, anyway, apparently, aside from all this, the 2,000 responses were livid.  Many of them, Reuters said, you were livid, the 2,000 of you that responded at my Facebook page. I can’t tell you what my Facebook address is.  I don’t know where to tell you to go to get to it.


RUSH:  Okay.  Let me clarify what may be some confusion on this Facebook business.  Cause I just got an email: “Wait a minute, somebody calling themselves Rush Limbaugh just posted something 29 minutes ago and you say that you –” No, that’s not what happens.  People at RushLimbaugh.com will joint post things.  We try to get things up as quickly as we can. 

originalWhen I made the point that Hillary, back on October 16th, in reacting to Trump not willing to concede the election when it was over, I pointed out the irony that it was Hillary now not conceding. Well, she’s conceded, but her army’s out there trying to overturn this.  Somebody at RushLimbaugh.com takes that comment and puts it up there as a Facebook post.  This is the way it’s designed. 

I don’t personally go there and post stuff on Facebook.  The people at RushLimbaugh.com do.  It’s called delegating the authority so we can get it up there immediately.  What I’m telling you is, I never promote it and I’ve got two million followers. Actually, Reuters got that wrong.  I was just informed it’s 2.2 million followers. 

Snerdley, he can’t believe that I’m — I’m just thinking it ought to be many more.  See, if I did promote it, if I did drive people there, if I steered people there — (interruption) All right.  We’ll do that.  Next week when we get back from the holiday, next week, I’ll spend a little time promoting the Facebook aspect of the operation.  It’s there.  And the stuff posted by me is stuff I’ve said, folks.  It’s just culled from the radio program.  It’s much faster that way, and it’s direct, and it’s  done that way.

It is me, it’s things I’ve said, but it’s taken here from the official radio program and the transcript of what I have said.  At the end of every day, there’s so much in these Stacks of Stuff that I haven’t gotten to content-wise, and I’m frustrated leaving here every day.  I can’t tell, I don’t bleed on you like this, but I can’t tell you how frustrated I get.  Every day I’m frustrated at the stuff that I haven’t been able to get to.  And I don’t spend much time plugging this or plugging that in exchange for trying to get as much content in as I can.  But we’ll focus on it next week and just see what happens.  


RUSH:  Somebody just said, “Well, why don’t you use Facebook to put all the stuff that you don’t get to?”  Well, that’s fine and dandy, but the stuff that I don’t get to is worthless without people knowing what I think about it.  


RUSH: So I went and looked at the Facebook post that Reuters cited that had 4,000 responses, and they were not all “livid.”  Reuters characterized them as “livid,” and there were some responses to my question about, “Are you upset that Trump says he may pull back on prosecuting Hillary?” There were some people not upset about it.  So, again, the Drive-Bys mischaracterize what’s on my Facebook page. 


RUSH: This is Tony in Lawrenceville, Illinois.  You’re next.  Great to have you, how you doing?

CALLER:  I’m doing fine, Rush.  How are you today?

RUSH:  Very well.  Very well indeed.  Thank you.

CALLER:  Okay.  I want to get to the point on the fact that if we don’t prosecute Hillary Clinton, aren’t we setting the precedent for every higher-up in politics that it’s okay to cheat America, which is basically what she did on the pay-for-play and the Benghazi and all this? I mean, this has to be done.  Everybody knows the difference between right and wrong.  It was wrong!

RUSH:  You think everybody knows the difference between right and wrong?  I don’t think they do anymore.  But that’s off the beaten path.  You know, there is an FBI investigation that’s still ongoing of the Clinton Foundation, and I think with Trump’s attorney general, I don’t think it’s gonna be shut down.  I wouldn’t put too much stock in what you hear about this investigation being canceled right now for reasons I’ve explained earlier during the program. 

Let me ask you something.  What about people who say that an investigation and an actual prosecution where Hillary Clinton, and maybe even Bill, are charged with whatever they find, what went on at their foundation and other things, do you think that that would cause even further divisions in the country and roil our society, r-o-i-l, in such a way that we could never put it back together?  Does any of that bother you, or do you say to hell with that and just do what’s right here and investigate her?

CALLER:  No.  I think it would be a bonus to the people of America.  I voted for Donald Trump.  I am a staunch Donald Trump supporter, and I think it would prove a point that it’s time to put an end to this nonsense in politics and let’s get America back on the track of real truth, real —

RUSH:  What is the nonsense, that the powerful can get away with things that the other people can’t?

CALLER:  Yeah.  I’m just a truck driver here in Illinois, but I believe that everybody should be treated the same.  And I was brought up that way.  And just because you’re a high figure in politics such as secretary of state, let’s say, if you did the pay-for-play and it was wrong, then you should be prosecuted for it.

RUSH:  What laws do you think she broke?

CALLER:  It’s against the rules to abuse the office.

RUSH:  What laws do you think that she broke?

CALLER:  Well, she did the pay-for-play thing.  I mean, that’s been established, right?

RUSH:  It does appear so.  I mean, it’s really curious half the uranium supply of the United States ends up in Kazakhstan while Bill Clinton gets rich and one of their guys in Canada, Frank Giustra, gets rich.  And then you see another guy with a 30 million donation here — Oh, by the way, another story here in the Stack about people abandoning the Clinton Foundation, their donors are leaving lickety split. “Foreign Donors Begin Pulling Out From Clinton Foundation.”  Why wouldn’t they?  They’re not gonna get anything for it.  They never donated to this foundation because they were giving to charity anyway.  Look, Tony, before you go, you’re a caller, every caller gets the offer today.  Do you want a new iPhone 7 or 7 Plus?

originalCALLER:  Oh, my God, that’d be great.

RUSH:  Okay, which kind?

CALLER:  The big one, the 7 Plus.

RUSH:  All right.


RUSH:  Right!  So what color do you want out there, Tony?  Any color in stock that I can provide.  There’s silver and white, gold and white, rose gold and white, or two shades of black.

CALLER:  Do you have the gloss black?

RUSH:  I do indeed. If you want the shiny jet black, then it’s yours.  Hang on and Mr. Snerdley will get the address to FedEx this thing to you and you’ll have it — well, it’ll be wherever you give us the address on Friday.  And it’s either gonna have an AT&T or T Mobile SIM card in it.  Doesn’t matter, it’ll work on AT&T.  Take it and the box to the AT&T store with your current phone, tell ’em you want to move the number to the new phone, tell ’em it’s a gift and it’s unlocked and they’ll set you right up. 


RUSH: Laura in Michigan, you’re next.  Great to have you.  Hi.

CALLER:  Happy Thanksgiving, Rush.

RUSH:  Same to you.

CALLER:  Thank you.  I just wanted to say that I’m just so disappointed in the turn that Trump has taken in dropping the special investigation.  I feel like he’s going to play politics instead of doing what’s right.  Now that he’s been elected, it’s like he’s saying, “I’ll do what I want rather than what you supported me for.”  So he’s not staying true to his word.  I feel like he’s trying to make nice with the D.C. government instead of them trying to make nice with him.  And also, if he continues to be wishy-washy, I’m not voting for him again in four years, and I think he will run again in four years because it will take a few hours to turn things around.

largeRUSH:  Oh, it’s gonna take more than that.

CALLER:  Yeah.

RUSH:  But look, I think you’re a little premature yet.  We talked about it.  Go to RushLimbaugh.com today and look at what I’ve said about all this today and you’ll be comforted a little bit.  I think when the press reports Trump’s walking this back and walking that back, he’s not.  They are lying to you again about things he said and hasn’t said. 

Now, look, you have a chance for a new iPhone 7 or 7 Plus, but I’m out of time so you’ve got to tell Mr. Snerdley what kind you want, we’ll take it from there, give him your address, ’cause every caller today gets one.  I have to go.  I’m out of time.  Don’t hang up, Laura.  

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