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“Fidel Castro built concentration camps and prisons at an unprecedented rate. He filled them to capacity. He incarcerated a higher percentage of his own people than most other modern dictators, including Stalin — and when his jails became filled to the brim, he simply released them and put them on boats and sent them out into the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. He condoned and encouraged torture.”

“You know this fake news business with the Democrats? I warned everybody, and it’s gonna continue every day for the next four years. Everything that you see will continue, from this Jill Stein recount to all of this this attention to fake news. The Washington Post has made a fool of itself with a massive story on fake news, as though there has never been satire or parody or lies in the media.”

“Do you know this Jill Stein babe has raised more money for this recount than she raised for her campaign? The more money she gets, the more money she says she needs. It’s clearly a scam.”

“The way the left is reacting to the death of Fidel Castro up against the incontrovertible facts of who he was, you want to talk about a disconnect. In fact, I don’t think it is a disconnect. I think the left, the power brokers, the leaders, I think they actually did admire the guy.”

“I have never in my life ever been in a situation like this where I literally doubt everything I see in the news. You know this fake news business, the Democrats, I warned everybody, and it’s gonna continue every day for the next four years.”

“See, the Democrats can’t lose on their own. There always has to be some trick. It’s impossible for them to be rejected, even though they’ve lost over 1,200 seats since 2008, since they ceased to be a national party.” 

“There’s nothing about Cuba, other than cigars, worth recommending to anybody. And yet the American left is enamored.”

“The left is really not a national party. They have been decimated. But they’re lying to themselves and telling them they actually outnumber us, and they overwhelm us, and they’re more powerful than we are and it’s just The Electoral College that made this an oddball result, so Trump is not legitimate.”

“I think this is what they think Castro’s power — I’ve always said, the people have asked me, how do these actors and people and these leftist politicians, how come they admire people like this? I said, ‘They envy their power.’ And I think there may be a lot to that.”

“The secretary of state has to carry out the policies of the president of the United States. That, to me, is the only criteria.” 

“I note that the bad guy at the Ohio State University was killed by somebody with a gun. Yeah, somebody with a gun got the bad guy and potential victims, the terrorized at Ohio State, did not call Black Lives Matter. Real life lessons as observed here on the EIB Network.” 

“All of these fake news stories designed to tell Democrat voters that they actually won, that it was just the quirks of our democracy and maybe some chicanery and the Russians and fake news which led to Trump’s victory, that it’s totally illegitimate. And then you go out, ‘Send us some money!’

“Democrats are writing checks left and right. Democrats are being scammed by the people responsible for their loss.” 

“The left can’t accept rejection, they can’t accept defeat, and they’re gonna spend the next four years telling themselves they didn’t lose, that Trump is illegitimate, and they’re gonna have the media just dumping all over the Republicans each and every day, and who knows what role Obama’s gonna play in that, but he will be playing one.”    

“From everything I’ve been able to learn, Kellyanne Conway is not going to be part of the administration. She has turned down press secretary, other positions. So she may even now not be an official member of the Trump team anymore.”

“Democrats are telling themselves they won everything. Mere aberration. And you know the old saw. When you have a problem, the first thing to do in addressing it is to honestly identify it. These people can’t even bring themselves to that area. I think they’re headed for even tougher times than they even imagine.”

“The Democrat Party has had a friendly, supportive relationship with every communist regime on this planet in my lifetime. And now all of a sudden their buddies, the Soviets, i.e., Putin and the Russians, have abandoned them and are now sabotaging them for the purpose of election. These people are deranged. I think they’re out of their minds. They’ve literally lost their minds.”

“The very people calling Trump deranged and a lunatic and dangerous and silly and stupid for alleging voter fraud are actually the ones pursuing it: Our old buddies the American left and the Democrat Party.”

“Secretary of state, look how important it is. Look what we got with four years of Hillary Clinton, an utter disaster. We have a Middle East on fire because we put somebody in that job, Obama did, totally unprepared, ill-equipped, and incompetent.” 

“In Obama’s world, the American nuclear arsenal is the threat. If America would get rid of our nuclear arsenal, then the rest of the world would realize we don’t threaten ’em, that we’re not the bad guys, and that they can all breathe easier. That’s dangerously incompetent and borderline insane.”

“Democrats have no semblance of substance in anything that they are talking about now, and they’re bringing along their deranged, lunatic fringe, which is their base, right along with ’em, and it’s contributing to this whole idea of a divided country with no hope for crossing the gap or bridging the gap.” 

“Hillary had no more business discussing events in the Middle East, I don’t care whether it was the Israelis and Palestinians or whether it was whatever was going on with the Muslim Brotherhood, she was totally, totally out of her league.”

“Fidel Castro imprisoned, tortured, killed, executed his own people for the crime of pursuing life, liberty, and happiness. He conducted a 50-year war against human nature. The left, which includes Barack Obama, has romanticized what should be itemized, condemned, and defeated.”

“Communism is an evil thing, folks. It is an ugly, evil, vile, inhumane thing, and Castro was one of the world’s most dominant communists ever.”

“Hillary Clinton hasn’t been in her league since she stopped being first lady. This is a woman who has survived on reputation alone, resume enhanced reputation that was built and promoted by the Democrats and the media. The woman hasn’t got any practical experience, certainly no success stories.”   

“I think the Washington Post is establishing itself as the safe-space for Donald Trump deniers.”

“A man, a legend, a way of life, Rush Limbaugh behind the Golden EIB Microphone, executing assigned host duties flawlessly.” 

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