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RUSH: Trump’s having dinner with Romney.  Two things about this.  We have found out now — it has been officially confirmed — that Kellyanne Conway was not going rogue, that she was indeed doing Trump’s bidding by trashing Romney the way she was.  I tell you, Newt Gingrich had a great line today. 

He was on Fox, and the infobabe was a little distressed at all of the seeming chaos that surrounds Trump and his transition.  And Gingrich got a perplexed look on his face, and he said to the infobabe (paraphrased), “This isn’t chaos.  What you’re seeing is energy.  What you’re seeing is somebody who’s rolled up his sleeves and is going to work every day and is not paying attention to the way it’s always been done: Snail’s pace here, snail’s pace here.

“He’s got things he wants done. He wants people in positions. He’s making it happen, and he’s making sure that the people that end up in these positions appreciate it and know what is expected.”  And one of the cherries about the Kellyanne Conway business, which I happen to think may be… Well, it may have some truth to it.  This was a very public spanking of Mitt Romney, was it not?  I mean, it even included the rumors that Romney was going to have to make a public apology to Trump before Trump would name him secretary of state. 

And Kellyanne Conway was just hammering Romney by tweeting and Facebooking and reporting that nobody she knew wanted him.  So the speculation began:  “Has she gone rogue?  Is she upset with Trump?  Is she trying to stop Trump from making what she would think a mistake, or is she doing what Trump wants to do while he doesn’t do it himself?  And if that’s the case, what’s the purpose?”  Well, here this… Try this for the purpose.  Trump has just demonstrated that he is perfectly fine with trashing anybody who goes off the reservation in public. 

In other words, it could be — the theory is — it’s a message to other Republicans on Capitol Hill, “Look, you want the Romney treatment? Then go do what Romney did; diss me.  Go out there and rip me to shreds, fine and dandy, but this is what’s gonna happen.  I’ve got an army that’s gonna go out and ruin you.  I got an army that’ll not ruin you, but go out and destroy you.”  And given how people are afraid of things said about them in the media, that could well be the case. 

Anyway, so Romney’s going in interview number two tonight with dinner after Trump is supposedly very impressed with Petraeus.  So what’s this?  They’re still toying with Romney.  Because Trump’s out there personally telling everybody how impressed he was with Petraeus and yet here comes Romney trooping in for dinner number two.  And the news is out… Whether this is true or not, what everybody thinks now is that Romney’s begging, Romney’s groveling… (interruption) Well, I wouldn’t go so far as dropping to his knees.

But begging. You know, on his knees, begging.  The point is that Romney went out and he dissed Trump like nobody did all during the primary campaign.  Now he really, really — or maybe he doesn’t. I think he does want it, but they’re portraying Romney desperately, oh, will do anything for this.  And Trump’s just toying.  All kinds of messages being sent here.  I’m just thinking, if you’re gonna go and recruit people for your Regime who have dissed you, why not go out and get Alicia Machado? 

You know, steal her from the Hillary camp, put her over at the weight loss division at Health and Human Services or something.  There’s gotta be a place for Alicia Machado in this.  Gingrich also said to the Fox infobabe, said, “This is not chaos.  This is energy.  This is creativity.  Washington hasn’t seen things like this.”  

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