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RUSH:  Watertown, New York.  This is Mindy.  Mindy is one of my all-time top ten favorite female names.  How you doing?

CALLER:  Great.  Thank you so much for taking my call.  I really just wanted to thank you personally.  I started listening to you on a regular basis back in June and July trying to make some sense of the whole political craziness.  You really opened my eyes to how much I’ve been spoon-fed the liberal agenda since I was a child.  It’s just crazy.  I was trying to find some cartoons for my children to watch, and anything on TV now is just horrid.

RUSH:  Oh, gosh.

CALLER:  So I started looking back to what I watched when I was little. With Netflix and the internet, you can get anything now, and I was appalled by how much of the liberal agenda was spoon-fed to us as children.  And we had no idea what we were being fed.  We went along with it ’cause that was life.

RUSH:  Of course.  I am just so glad you escaped it.  I am so glad you realize this.  Many people your age haven’t gotten to your point yet.

CALLER:  I gotta tell you, I’m a 32-year-old mother of two kids, and as soon as I have the money together, I am going to buy all your books to read to my children.  I am just so grateful for you opening my eyes and letting me see just how left the whole country has gone and the teaching system and the entertainment system.  I can’t even watch any news media anymore because it just makes me sick to my stomach.

RUSH:  Well, you’re ahead of the game.  I want you to hang on here, Mindy.  I want to get your shipping address.  I want to send you the books so that you don’t have to wait to afford them.  I like to do that.

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