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Obama’s Agriculture Secretary was deeply worried after Trump won the election. So he called Joe Biden, he said “Joe, we need to speak more directly to the folks in rural America.”

The Washington Post was amazed, because they ran a long story on something like, “Democrats Talk to Farmers!”

Here’s the gist. Poor, lonely Tom Vilsack has been complaining for years that Democrats were ignoring voters in the heartland. But nobody would listen to him. Now, the chickens have come home to roost.

Vilsack compares the Democrat Party to a tree “that looks healthy on the outside but is in the throes of slow and long term demise.” He says Democrats don’t even know how to talk rural voters. Democrats tell people they have “a program” to fix their problems without realizing that’s a big negative to people in the heartland. People in the heartland want to take care of themselves, they don’t want to be be “dependent” on the government or democrats. 

After Democrats lost to Bush 43, they were told they didn’t connect with “values voters.” So for a few weeks, they started thumping their Bibles and talking “values.” Then they got tired of it. And resumed who they are: Big Government Liberals.

To Democrats, America’s heartland is “flyover” country. They don’t know them , or like, the Americans who live there, or their values. This election won’t change that!

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