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RUSH: At RushLimbaugh.com, I knew this was happening. You can just sense these things. November was our biggest traffic month of the year at RushLimbaugh.com. We had a record number of millions and millions and millions of page views, an increase of three million over October, and a lot of increases on mobile devices while, just a huge, huge number.We also added a record number of subscribers to RushLimbaugh.com all during the campaign, with November the peak month, and those subscriptions are still coming in, they’re still piling up. Thanksgiving week was a huge week with just a three-show week. And, since I’m calling attention to this, I need to remind you that we have the EIB Store and we have a lot of the products there. We’ve added the EIB Christmas ornament that’s now available. It’s el freebo with a subscription to Rush 24/7 or the Limbaugh Letter, which is now delivered digitally in addition to being published.

So that is continuing to just go gangbusters.

And I’m really proud of it because we’re proud of the website. It is a plethora of data and information. It’s its own encyclopedia set, when you get down to it. Just the daily content of every program. The transcript, the voluminous content on this program documented and preserved each and every day and researchable by everybody who goes to the website. If you heard me say something on a previous program, you can’t quite remember what it is, you can keyword search it and find the exact thing that I said on a particular day in the past.

I’ve thought about, off and on, another issue-oriented book, and the idea would be to cull some of the great monologues and points made. The editing effort would be monumental. It’s the one thing stopping me from doing it, the literal voluminous content at RushLimbaugh.com. I’ll stack it up against any media website in terms of actual substantive content. Not just what the news was, but what I thought of it on a daily basis, easily accessible with Dittocam, streaming of the program both via the Dittocam and the audio stream and the app that you can get at either the iOS App Store or the Google Play App Store. But I just wanted to thank you, ’cause it’s going great guns.

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