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RUSH: Trump’s thank-you tour is starting in Cincinnati. His supporters in the White House, his Regime, they’re not calling it a victory tour. That’s what the media first characterized this as, a victory tour, and the Trump communications people, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. This is a thank-you tour. And then I saw a story last night that Trump’s team had bought $2,700 worth of advertising on an oldies station in Cincinnati to advertise the thank-you tour coming to Cincinnati.

Now, when you advertise on an oldies station — by oldies we’re talking fifties and sixties, top 40 — so you’re advertising to 55, 65-year-old people. Why are they advertising this? A $2,700 ad buy on an oldies station in Cincinnati. And then I found on the audio sound bite roster a piece here from Tom Llamas from ABC Good Morning America today reporting on this, and here’s what his take is.

LLAMAS: That Cincinnati rally will be the first public event for the president-elect since winning the election. And we all know how much Mr. Trump loves those big crowds. We just checked; there’s still tickets available, but there’s a report out this morning that team Trump had purchased radio ads promoting the event to make sure every seat is filled.

RUSH: Okay, what’s your take-away there? Take-away is that, “Hey, Trump’s gonna go to Cincinnati and it’s not sold out. Hey, Trump’s gonna go to Cincinnati, thank-you tour, one of those rallies during the campaign and they’re having to advertise to get people to show up?” That’s the guy’s point. “Hey, you know what? Maybe Trump isn’t that popular. They’re having to advertise to get people there? Come on. Maybe we’re all living a lie here about how popular Trump is.”

That’s the impression they’re trying to convey. We’ll see how many people show up and we’ll see what the tenor is. I happen to think it’s gonna be a rocking place. I think it’s gonna be pretty raucous in there. (interruption) You think overflowing? You think, oh, satellite video stations outside the venue for people that can’t get in? (laughing) That’s true! Snerdley just said, “You just did a $27,000 commercial. The oldies station might have gotten $2,700 bucks, but you just gave them $27,000 worth. They’re guaranteed to sell out now that you mentioned it.” I hadn’t thought of that, but you’re absolutely right. So it is probably now a guaranteed sellout.

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