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Well, as the Obama Regime ends, the homeless — invisible for nearly eight years — are newsworthy again.

In Washington D.C., right under Obama’s nose, the costs of dealing with the homeless are becoming a big problem. D.C. is paying local motels (get this now) $80,000 a night to shelter homeless people, because the shelters are full. But many of the homeless being sheltered aren’t city residents. They’re migrants from outside D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser and the D.C. City Council are fed up. This week, the mayor threw down the gauntlet.

“If we are serving everybody else’s residents, we can’t serve our own,” she told the council. “We have an obligation,” she said, “to serve our residents, but we cannot serve the entire region.” Council members agreed, and warned that the city could go broke trying to serve the needs of non-residents.

Now, Mayor Bowser, members of the city council, you want to deny help to people because they migrate into your city from elsewhere? You are devoid of compassion? These homeless people are coming to Washington in search of a better life. They want sanctuary in your city! Our country was built on the backs of people like this, yet you threaten to leave them in the streets to die because they crossed your borders?

Shame on you. Shame on all of you. You’re a bunch of nativists in D.C., after all, aren’t you! If you’re not from D.C., you don’t count, is that it?

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